Best Bypass Pruners

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Best Bypass Pruners

People are now accepting farming as a hobby. They rely on it for relaxation after long working days in the office, and others do it to increase their income. However, whether you are doing light gardening or maintaining a sizeable luscious garden, you will need the basic gardening tools.

You need these tools because the beauty and life of your plants highly depend on them. Hand pruners are the most basic and perhaps the most used. This guide will help you buy the best bypass pruners for use in your gardening.

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How to Choose the Best Bypass Pruners

With the right pruning shear, you should not expect tingling fingers, hand cramps, or dull aches chalking up your arm. You will no longer struggle with those blades that become blunt faster than the conversations between you and your mother-in-law.

After you have experienced the ergonomic design, the registered strength-multiplying technology of the bypass pruners, and the sharp steel blade, you will no longer touch bad pruners again.

Bypass pruners are not only the most popular but also the most versatile pruning shears that the market offers. They boast two curved blades, which easily close past each other when closed to give a sharp even cut without damaging the fibers of your plants.

Bypass pruners are suitable when cutting dry wood, greenwood, and small plants. However, you should ensure that the dry plants are not too thick or tough if you need clean cuts. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a bypass pruner.

The size

During your selection process, you have to remember that size is significant. Manufacturers’ design bypass pruners for holding with one hand. Therefore, if the pruners are very large, you will have a hard time when pruning your plants. That holds true for the bypass shears that open wider when cutting. If you have small hands, you need a small pair.

The only problem with very small hand-held pruning shears is that they cannot handle heavy-duty jobs well. They are suitable when pruning potted plants, small saplings or herbs, and flowering plants. If you are among the many individuals of the average size, you will not have problems using most bypass pruners.

The weight

Go for bypass pruners that will not feel too heavy on your hands, including after a very long gardening session. An overly heavy pair of bypass pruners will cause wrist strain and hand fatigue, mainly if you will be using it occasionally. Actually, you can get pruners that weigh below three ounces and others that weigh above 14 ounces.

You have an idea of how heavy the tools appear. Lastly, remember that light models might not be as durable and sturdy as heavy models. Therefore, go for a bypass pruner that is well built and of comfortable weight.

The materials used to make the handle and blades

Most manufacturers use steel to make blades. They might also use another material and coat it with titanium to prevent tarnishing and rust. A blade that is titanium or hardened steel is unlikely to dull or get nicks fast. Speaking of the handles, manufacturers use metal or plastic to make them – some use wood. For increased comfort, some producers may pad the handles with foam. However, padded handles are not durable.

The color

Bypass pruners are available in a broader range of patterns and colors. However, manufacturers only color the handles. Even though you should concentrate on quality when buying the shears, color is also essential. A quick example: you can easily spot a pair of bypass pruners lying in your garden if it is brightly colored. Again, cheerfully patterned shears are pleasant to take.

Availability of the replacement parts

Like with other gardening tools, some parts of the bypass pruners will wear off and require replacement. At such times, you will need the right replacement. By selecting higher-quality pruners, you will be confident that the spare parts will be readily available at such times. Even though you will pay more money at first, you will save more in the future.

The Shape

You should enjoy pruning tasks. Therefore, garden pruners with the right ergonomic shape are essential – they will give you a comfortable working experience. The pruners should not be hard on your fingers and wrist. They should also give you the control you need.

The lock mechanism and spring

The spring mechanism reduces strain when cutting. The spring can be wire spring or coiled metal, but you should ensure that the manufacturer has attached them correctly to the pruner’s handles. Improperly fitted springs are likely to pop out accidentally pruning.

Any model that features a spring should also have a lock mechanism to prevent damage to the blade. Select the lock mechanism that is easier to use and one that will remain unlocked when opened.

Top 7 Best Bypass Pruners

Corona ClassicCUT Forged Bypass Hand Pruner

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The Corona Bypass Hand Pruner is made to last. The manufacturer designs the bypass pruner to cut branches of 1-inch diameter precisely. Even though it is more expensive than others of a similar classes are, it is a good choice for people who do a lot of pruning work.

Because of its narrow profile and sleek design, you can reach through any tight space easily. The blades feature a sap groove that helps the user keep the pruner clean and prevent its sticking.

The manufacturer cushions the handles to allow comfortable use. To prevent blisters, you might need a pair of gloves. Some users recommend cleaning the tool with rubbing alcohol after every use to clean it, while others recommend the purchase of the Corona Blade Sharpener if you need cleaner cuts. However, that will highly depend on how often you use the tool.

Key features

  • Can cut branches of up to 1-inch diameter
  • The sap groove prevents the blade from sticking during pruning
  • You can resharpen it and still retain its strength and hardness
  • The manufacturer has hand matched the hook and blade for precision
  • The notch tool closes when not in use for the user’s safety


  • The manufacturer has designed the pruner so that it is easier to replace worn-out parts, re-sharpen and clean
  • The blades are sharp and cut clean
  • The narrow profile allows the pruner to fit in any tight space
  • The tool can precisely cut through any 1-inch thick branch


  • The tool is not easy on the hands
  • If you have arthritis, these is not the best hand pruners for arthritis, and you might struggle with the tool

Customer reviews

Actually, most customer reviews on Amazon show that the product works perfectly on branches with ½ inches diameter. The 1-inch size is suitable when cutting and pruning thick branches and is ideal for people with larger hands. Also, users claim that the tool is easier to use and store.

Around 72 percent of the users have rated the product as five stars while 7 percent rank it as 1 star. That might be for a reason. If you regularly do pruning in your garden, you should try the product.

Pexio Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears

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Even though you might be holding a very long list of bypass pruning shears in your hand right now, the Pexio Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears is among the first tools to consider during your shopping.

The product comes with the most recent titanium-coated blades technology that guarantees sharpness when cutting. The absorbing pads prevent it from slipping during pruning tasks. Moreover, with the lifetime warranty, you will not worry about damages.

The key features:

  • Drop forged handles and body
  • Ergonomically designed handles that are non-slip, strong, comfortable, and lightweight
  • The manufacturer uses Premium Titanium steel with Ultra-fine Polishing Technology to make the blades.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sap groove design that prevents sticking to the pruning shears by channeling off the sap

Pros :

  • Bypass pruner makes clean cuts faster
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty
  • The non-slip handles are lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable
  • The sap groove design helps prevent the blades from sticking


  • It is more expensive than other pruners of the same class are

The customer reviews

Most customers on Amazon liked the product’s performance and build quality. The product can cut any branch or stem with a diameter below 1 inch, and therefore the user cuts twigs efficiently and comfortably. Most of the customers use them on rosebushes and blackberry vines.

Over 95 percent of the customers have given this product a 5-star rating and only 1 percent have given it a 1-star rating. That shows that customers are happy with the product. You might need to try it too.

Corona BP 7100D Forged DualCUT Bypass Hand Pruner

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The Corona Bypass Hand Pruner is among the classic bypass models on the market designed to take lesser space when stored and to be a perfect fit for individuals with larger hands. The design of this model makes it easier to use because it is not bulky and cuts branches that are one inch thick.

The manufacturer uses coronium steel alloy to make the tool, and you can therefore easily sharpen the blade – that is important if you need to cut effortlessly and to get clean cuts. However, the make of this pruner makes it more prone to chipping. If you happen to cut thick or tricky branches, the bypass pruner might break – that is not a big problem with the lifetime guarantee.

The rubber handles do not slip. However, due to the tool’s slim design, you might need to use gloves when pruning plants to avoid getting blisters. The bypass pruners feature a wire spring mechanism, which is safe and does not pop out. The lock system allows you to keep them safe after cutting.

The key features:

  • The quality tool provides long-lasting performance
  • The Patented DualCut blades and the notched hook design offer both precision and power when cutting
  • It can cut branches up to 1-inch diameter
  • The manufacturer uses high-carbon steel to produce the cutting blade


  • Features a practical lock mechanism
  • The non-slip handles make the pruning work easier
  • Feature solid, sharp steel blades
  • It is affordable
  • It is easier to store after work
  • Easily cuts 1-inch thick branches
  • Has firm spring mechanism


  • Not ideal for small-handed individuals
  • The blades are prone to breaking and chipping
  • The handles cause blisters

Customer Reviews

Most customers are generally happy with the product but dislike the handle, which does not last for long. The plastic wears out faster and sometimes; it engages when pruning. You might need to protect it.

Around 50 percent of the customers on Amazon have given the tool a 5-star rating and only 16 percent gave it a 1-star rating. It is a worthy purchase for people who prune from time to time.


Razor Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears/Secateurs

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The manufacturer forges the Razor Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears/Secateurs from the most substantial steel available on the market – the SK5 Steel. The quality razor-sharp blades can cut 25 mm long without damaging the branch. Among the most important features are the ergonomically designed handles that showcase an anodized finish.

The manufacturer designs them to prevent hand strains and to make the pruning work faster, more enjoyable and easier. You will also have an easier time caring for the tool because the producer coats the blades with Teflon coating, which is non-sticking. The blades are rust-free and the sharpness lasts longer.

The key features:

  • Hard and sharp non-stick steel blade
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic rubber grip
  • Durable, reliable, and long-lasting garden pruner
  • The weight stands at 0.95 pounds
  • The product measures 0.79 x 2.36 x 8.47 inches
  • Free extra blade
  • Free replacement


  • The thumb lock is easier to use
  • The tool provides straight, cleaner cuts
  • The rubber grip is non-toxic
  • The handle’s ergonomic design prevents hand fatigue


  • You will need to apply more pressure when using the locking mechanism

Customer reviews:

On Amazon, users are happy with the product’s clean and smooth cuts and the fact that the manufacturer provides spare parts. The tool cuts through any wood branch below 1 inch with little effort. Others claim that the sharpness reduces the effort the user needs to cut a branch.

Over 85 percent of the users have given this tool a 5-star rating and only 1 percent have given it a 1-star rating. That indicates that the tool is heavy-duty and pleasant to use. It is an excellent tool to try.

Qimh 8” Pruning Shears Bypass SK-5 Steel Blade Hand Pruner Garden Shears

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If you need the most suitable cutting capacity, you might need to go for the Qimh 8” Pruning Shears Bypass SK-5 Steel Blade Hand Pruner Garden Shears, which can cut up 0.48 inches (12mm) thick branches. They are suitable when cutting light branches and stems, but that might vary depending on the tree species.

To make a heavy-duty blade for the general pruning tasks, the manufacturer uses SK-5 high carbon steel which is waterproof, hard, and anti-fouling. In other words, the tool will not rust and will last for many years. The pruners save strength and do not hurt branches.

Moreover, for people looking for a comfortable hand feeling, the tool comes in handy. The handles display humanized, and scientific design and their structure is of environmentally friendly materials.

The key features:

  • The pruners can cut branches of up to 0.48 inches in diameter
  • Features heavy-duty blades for general pruning tasks
  • The manufacturer uses ILAFON, which is a double layer of abrasion-resistant high-grade non-stick coating to make the tool suitable for professional work
  • Features cushion-shock absorber system,  easier open safety lock that makes gardening work easier and convenient
  • Measures 11x 3.9x 1.5 inches
  • Weighs 10.1 ounces


  • The blades are durable
  • The product comes with an additional metal spring
  • It is sturdy and sharp


  • It is more expensive than products of a similar class are

Customer reviews

Most customers like the fact that the product is heavy-duty and comes with an additional metal spring. The product makes pruning easier. Others like the sturdy and sharp blade.

Therefore, over 93 percent of the users have given this product a 5-star rating and only 3 percent gave it a 4-star rating. Also, just, 2 percent gave it a 1-star rating to show their dislike. You might need to try the tool during your next pruning job.

Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruners General Purpose Medium

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The quality construction and simple style of the Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruners General Purpose Medium are among the best. The product’s slimmer style is refreshing compared to others like the Felcos, which might be ergonomic but bulky. Its lock system is seemingly correct and robust, and stores the blades out of the way. Actually, the product is functional one-handed.

The spring feature, which is very common in Japanese-style pruners, is superior. Some individuals believe that rust can develop under severe conditions, but not with the Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruners General Purpose Medium because the manufacturer uses stainless steel to make the blades.

However, you will need to use water and mild bleach solution to clean the tool after the day’s work. With the 202 mm, the product is 20 mm larger than the model 101 and 8 mm smaller than the model 104.

The key features

  • The product weighs 8 ounces
  • The product measures 10.2 x 2.9 x 0.8 ounces
  • Features a long-lasting blade that you can sharpen
  • Has a superior spring system that is common on other Japanese pruners


  • It is easier to use
  • You will not worry about damages
  • It is comfortable on the hand
  • Has a great design


  • It might rust if not cleaned and stored properly

Customer reviews

Most users like the quality construction and simple style. Its slim style is refreshing compared to that of other similar products. However, some claim that the handle slips when pruning.

Over 90 percent of the users gave the pruner a 5-star rating on Amazon while another 3 percent gave it a 1-star rating. That means that the product is of excellent quality. It is an excellent tool to try.

Flora Guard – 8.5Inch Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears

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The manufacturer uses SK-5 steel to make the garden pruning shears, Flora Guard – 8.5Inch Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears, which makes them durable and sturdy. When pruning, you will never worry about the blade wrecking or bending.

The anti-corrosive coating (ILAFLON) has provided the pruner with excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosive capacity. Moreover, the finely ground blade is not only razor-sharp but easily cuts to save labor and leave a smooth and beautiful cut behind.

The spring is invisible. The manufacturer adopted the design to make the pruner more beautiful and concise. Due to its strength, the spring makes the pruning work more comfortable and efficient.

Even more, the handles boast an ergonomic design. They are anti-slip and comfortable. The safety lock will prevent accidental injuries when cutting branches of 0.75 inches in diameter.  

The key features

  • The manufacturer uses high carbon steel to make the blades, and they are therefore durable
  • The anti-corrosive coating features prominent anti-rust and anti-corrosive capacity
  • The finely ground blade is razor-sharp and hence labor-saving
  • The invisible spring design is appealing to people who like beautiful tools
  • The handles are ergonomically designed and therefore comfortable.
  • It can cut branches of 0.75 inches in thickness


  • Easier to use
  • It is comfortable on the hand
  • It is durable
  • You will not worry about rust when using it during severe weather conditions


  • It is expensive

Customer reviews

A large number of users like the quality construction and simple style of the product. Others like the lock system, which is correct. The product does not rust under normal weather conditions.

Over 90 percent of reviewers gave the product a 5-star rating, and another 1 percent gave it a 1-star rating. The product is long-lasting, and you will not worry about losing. After purchase, you might like its convenience.

Bypass Pruners vs. Anvil Pruners

An anvil pruner works more like a knife where the blade passes through the plant material and stops on the cutting board. On the other hand, a bypass pruner works like a pair of scissors. Two blades pass each other during the pruning process.

At a quick glance, you might not notice any difference between the two, but the difference is vast. An anvil pruner is more likely to crush plant tissues, but when used correctly, a bypass pruner is unlikely to cause any damage to plants.

Anvil pruners work better than the bypass pruners do when cutting deadwood. However, for most people, that is an uncommon job. Mostly, you will be pruning live plant material.

How to use Bypass Pruners

To make a cut that is closer to the bud, you have to hold the bypass pruner closer to the bud. Ensure that none of the pruner’s parts touches the bud when pruning. Proceed with the cutting. Remember that you should hold the bypass pruner so that the blade contacts the stem or wood that you want to leave on the plant solely.

Therefore, you might need to turn your hand depending on the bud’s relative position. By following the rule, you will cause less or no damage to your plants.

No. Most bypass shears feature blades that you can sharpen. So, you should not replace the blades or throw the pruners away immediately after they become dull. Use a hand file or a knife sharpener to sharpen the blades. Alternatively, you can engage a professional to do the sharpening. Most hardware stores provide the service.

No. Manufacturers design bypass pruners to cut through thin plant stems and soft slender branches. Most bypass pruners cannot tackle a branch with a diameter exceeding one inch. To cut large branches, invest in large, two-handed pruners.

After you are through with the pruning work, wipe the pruners and dry them before storing them. Store them in a dry place such as in a garage or tool shed. Always close the blades or lock them before you store the pruners.

Final Thoughts

All the bypass shears have one common thing: they are usable in the garden to trim grass and shrubs. When buying a bypass pruner, you should think about the type of bushes or grass you want to prune. Also, select a tool that is comfortable in your hands.

Check the weight, cost, and design. Remember that getting the best bypass pruners is very hard because every bypass pruner has its pros and cons. Be sure to find the one that works comfortably in your hands to do the job.

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