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Every day, millions of people drink coffee because of it interesting taste and refreshing nature. However, there is more to coffee than its tastes. Considered among the healthiest beverages, this antioxidant-rich elixir has many health benefits. Do you have low energy levels in the morning? Instead of drinking a sugar-laden chocolate drink to get your body started, consider drinking coffee instead. Research has found that it boosts energy levels by up to 30%. It also improves memory, fights most cancers, and has an impressive fat-burning ability. Prepare and drink a cup or two of quality coffee to enjoy these benefits and more.

Top 5 Bestseller Coffee Makers

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What is the secret to cooking delicious and nutrient-rich coffee at home? First, you need roasted coffee beans. Amazon sells some of the best brands in this niche. Visit the store and buy the one that you like. Next, you need a quality coffee maker. This is where most people fail. While traditional pots warm water well and extract coffee to some degree, they cannot match the commercial coffee makers in stores. Most models are fast. They also have spacious designs and self-sufficient systems that deliver restaurant-grade results. Research and buy the best to improve how you make coffee at home.

What To Look For In a Coffee Maker

All coffee makers work the same, right. If you have this thought, think again. Even though most models utilize the same principle of coffee making, they vary in design, size, and the quality of coffee that they make. They also vary in price, features, and therefore, their suitability for use in homes and or restaurants. To weed through available products and get value for money, here are a few attributes to look at the next time you are shopping.


What is the capacity of the coffee maker you are planning to buy? Some people choose the largest coffee makers in stores. Others choose the smallest ones to save money. For the best experience, however, the size of your coffee maker should be just right. Look at the size of your family, for instance. Will the coffee maker you are planning to buy satisfy their needs? If they drink up to 10 cups of coffee per sitting, make sure that it will satisfy their needs.


Companies use diverse materials to make coffee makers. Keep this in mind the next time you are shopping. Once you have settled on the correct size, look for a coffee maker made of a durable material such as stainless steel. Tough glass such as borosilicate or a good conductor of heat such as aluminum is also ideal. They are durable, naturally BPA-free, and do not leech flavors nor lower the value of coffee as plastics often do. You have a better coffee brewing experience this way.

 Ease of Use

Never buy a coffee maker that you will have a challenge using frequently. Even though elaborate models look good in kitchens, simple coffee makers often work the best. They are easy to set up (usually plug and use). The onboard controls they come with our easy to use, while their automated systems often do a better job than cooking pots. With an original model, you will have a fun time every day.

Power Consumption

Most coffee makers use electricity as a source of power. However, electricity costs money. To streamline your spending while enjoying quality coffee at the same time, look for a power-efficient coffee maker that will satisfy your needs. Such accessories often minimize wastage. They are also safe for the environment. This benefits people further.


Never sacrifice safety when choosing cooking accessories such as coffee makers. However, with the plethora of advanced products now available in stores, you can achieve both on a budget. Simply research and choose a product whose system conforms to the recommended electrical standard. It should also have a sturdy and tip-proof base, a cool touch housing, and boil-dry protection to name a few. Most cooking pots and some of our best stovetop kettles often lack such features.


Most individuals use coffee makers only once or twice every day. Buying a big and space-cluttering commercial model for home use is a poor decision. For best results, check the available counter space in your kitchen and use it as a guide when choosing your next coffee maker. If you have a small kitchen, for instance, a smaller and efficient coffee maker will serve you the best.

We have looked at several attributes to keep in mind when choosing coffee makers. To better your experience, we have also looked at the 10 best coffee makers that meet this threshold. Read on for an analysis of their features and key reasons why you will never regret buying one for home use.

Top 10 Best Coffee Makers

BUNN VPR Commercial 12-Cup Pour-Over

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Coffee is a delicious and nutritious beverage that most individuals enjoy for breakfast. To cook yours well and have an enjoyable time at home or in your office, BUNN VPR is one of the best coffee makers to use. Durable, easy to use, and with an impressive 3.8-gallon capacity (14.4 liters), you will never regret having one around. For those with large families and who want a quality coffee maker or everyday use, this model is one of the best. You do not have to wait for several minutes for it to brew coffee. It is super-fast. Moreover, it does not burn coffee as some comparable brands often do.

The quality of the material used to make a coffee maker is a reflection of its performance. Constructed from stainless steel, BUNN VPR Commercial performs better than its competition for many reasons. Because stainless steel heats up fast and distributes heat evenly, coffee extraction is optimal. The material is also durable and lacks irritants such as BPA or phthalates that often lower the quality of beverages. Finally, after use, you do not need special equipment to clean it well. Ordinary water, soap, and a soft sponge are all that you need.

Featuring a compact body with a sturdy base that prevents it from tipping over, BUNN VPR Commercial is a perfect household accessory. Because it does not clutter personal space, you can use it in your small kitchen without lowering its performance. You can also travel with it effortlessly and cook delicious coffee on demand indoors or outdoors. Finally, the setup is straightforward. Unlike some brands that require you to read large instruction booklets to use them well, this model has a convenient plug-and-use design. If you have a compatible wall outlet, simply plug it in to have a ready-to-use coffee maker in seconds.

With BUNN VPR Commercial 12-Cup Pour-Over, you do not compromise personal safety whenever you are brewing coffee. Its durable and fun-to-use design has many safety features that come in handy always. Because its electrical system conforms to the required North American standards, for instance, forget about this coffee maker blowing on your face. It is safe for everyday use in all environments. It also has a tip-proof design with a cool-touch body that improves safety further. You do not have to worry about burns as you prepare coffee in the morning. Finally, by deflecting hot liquids away from hands, the Splashguard funnel that this coffee maker comes with improves safety. Expect the best experience with an original model.

BUNN VPR Commercial 12-Cup Pour-Over coffee maker comes with all the mandatory accessories that you will need to use it. The long power cord offered, for instance, works well with most electrical outlets. You also get a filter and two glass decanters for serving and keeping brewed coffee hot.


  • 12-cup capacity
  • Portable design
  • Easy to clean
  • Plug and use
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Cool-touch surface
  • Built-in Splashguard
  • Sturdy and tip-proof design
  • Meets North American electrical standard


  • Heavy in weight

Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker

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In homes, the quality of the coffee people get depends on the type of coffee makers that they use. Even though pots and quality stovetop coffee makers work well, for instance, Braun KF7150BK outmatches them in numerous ways. Fully automated, for instance, it makes coffee preparation a breeze. Once you have set it up a required, for instance, and added the necessary ingredients, it takes care of coffee preparation for you. It regulates temperature automatically, for instance. The indicators that it comes with also tell you when it is ready to cook and when coffee is ready to serve.

Forget about the yucky coffee that you pay for in your local restaurant every day. For an affordable one-time fee, you get a quality coffee maker that will soothe your palate with the delicious coffee it makes. Featuring a pure brewing system, for instance, its performance in homes, offices, and restaurants is impressive. It cooks fast, for instance. Coffee extraction is also optimal. Finally, because of its consistency, users enjoy flavorful coffee every time they use this machine. This is unlike pots and traditional coffee makers that cook delicious coffee today and a yucky batch the next day.

In homes, most sought-after accessories have programmable systems that you can customize to deliver quality results. Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense offers a similar experience. With its programmable timer, for instance, you can easily customize how it makes coffee. If you wake up early in the morning, for instance, and do not have enough time to brew coffee, this machine will do it for you. You can set it to cook your preferred coffee two hours before you wake up without sacrificing safety or quality. Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense also has a brew-strength selector that comes in handy. Whether you like bold or regular coffee, it cooks both types of coffee well. Finally, you get customizable cup functions (one to four) and an auto on/off feature that eases its operation.

The best tea and coffee makers are the easiest to use. Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense, for instance, is a versatile model with a large digital display that eases its operation. Whilst preparing for a coffee-making session, for instance, you will easily know when it is on and ready to cook. You can also monitor progress easily and know when to serve coffee, courtesy of its large screen. The well-placed control panel it comes with eases its operation further. It is easy to reach. Its controls are also user-friendly and designed to better the experience of users further. Finally, you get easy-to-read buttons and bright indicator lights that eliminate guesswork from coffee making.

With traditional pots and kettles, serving coffee is often a messy process. Spills, for instance, are inevitable as people struggle with their poorly balanced designs. Buy Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense to take care of such problems naturally. Featuring a well-built anti-drip system, for instance, spills and messes are non-issues. You can easily pour coffee into pitchers or cups with no problems. You can also pause and pour coffee as its brews without spilling and or sacrificing safety in any way.


  • 24-hour programmable clock
  • Brew strength selector (regular and bold)
  • Reliable anti-drip system
  • Classic design
  • Visible indicator lights
  • Well-designed control panel
  • Easy to use buttons
  • Bright digitized display
  • Pure brewing system
  • Customizable cup functions (1-4)


  • Has only one warmer
  • Low capacity design

Moccamaster KBGT Coffee Maker

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Low-quality coffee is not only yucky but also harmful to health. It upsets the stomach, for instance, which is often a great inconvenience to students and office workers alike. To avoid such problems while enjoying quality coffee at the same time, buy a quality coffee maker such as Moccamaster KBGT. Even though cheap it’s a durable and feature-rich design that takes coffee preparation to the next level.

Unlike some coffee makers that depend solely on heat to cook coffee, this model uses efficient vacuum technology. Because of its high-powered design, it cooks faster than most standard coffee makers. This is beneficial to students and business executives. The technology is also quieter. Used in homes or offices, you will never irritate other residents of workers whenever you are brewing coffee. Finally, featuring a durable metal housing (with a drip-stop feature) coffee extraction is optimal. Flavor and nutrient loss, on the other hand, is minimal. This makes it an ideal coffee maker for day-to-day use.

Moccamaster KBGT, like other coffee makers, is an electricity-powered machine that uses an electrical element to generate heat. This is where the comparison stops, however. In place of the standard electrical elements some coffee makers have, it has advanced copper one that works better. In terms of longevity, for instance, this element lasts longer than its competitors do. You will cook coffee for months without worrying about it overheating and malfunctioning. Heat distribution is optimal, while its auto shut-off feature is invaluable. By shutting it off automatically after each brewing cycle, it lowers the risk of overcooking coffee. It also improves its safety and thus its suitability for use in offices and homes.

Even though compact, you get a high-capacity device that brews up to 10 cups in just six minutes. For individuals with large families, this is desirable. Instead of cooking many small batches of coffee to satisfy the demands of your family member, you can do so in one large batch. Its speed, on the other hand, appeals to most time-conscious people. Whenever you are preparing for work, you no longer have to forgo coffee because of your slow brewer. Replace it with Moccamaster KBGT to get delicious/flavorful coffee in a snap. Simply position its jug the correct way for this coffee maker to start brewing.

Recommended for day-to-day use, safety is one of the major strengths of the Moccamaster KBGT coffee maker. If you are conscious about wellness, do not hesitate to buy one for personal or commercial use. First, because all components are chemical-free, you do not have to worry about irritants such as BPA and phthalates. Its body, on the other hand, is sturdy (tip-proof), cool-touch, and SCAE, SCAA, and ECBC-approved. This means that you get value for money with each coffee maker that you buy.

You do not need deep pockets to own and use Moccamaster KBGT. Priced well in stores such as Amazon, you can find a well-made original coffee maker on a budget. Maintenance is also easy. Wash it after use and store it as required to spare yourself the expensive repair costs some models attract. Finally, you get a five-year warranty for each Moccamaster KBGT that you buy. This protects your investment even further.


  • Quiet vacuum brewing technology
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Can brew 10 cups in 6 minutes
  • Tip-proof design
  • Cool-touch surface
  • Durable copper element
  • Auto shutoff feature
  • Durable metallic housing
  • SCAE, SCAA, and ECBC-approved


  • No Splashguard
  • Available in only one color

iCoffee RSS500-MOZ Mozart Single Serve Coffee Maker

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Even though unsuitable or use in large homes, single-serve coffee makers are excellent accessories for students and bachelors. They are super-efficient. Most models are also easy to use and have high-performance systems that brew delicious coffee always. If you are shopping for one for day-to-day use, iCoffee RSS500-MOZ Mozart stands out. It is aesthetic. Components are long-lasting, while the advanced spin brew technology that it uses takes coffee making to the next level. By steaming, spinning, and stirring coffee at the same time, it brews delicious coffee on demand in less than one minute.

When shopping for coffee makers, some individuals choose complicated models with the hope that they make better coffee. In the coffee-making niche, simplicity works best. Consider buying a convenient coffee maker such as iCoffee RSS500-MOZ Mozart to take care of the process fast and professionally. Moreover, because of its one-touch brewing technology, you do not need special skills to operate this coffee brewer. You simply connect it to an electrical outlet, add the necessary ingredients, and switch it on to cook delicious coffee at home or in your dorm room. With an original model, you get a dial technology for customizing how much coffee it makes (4-12 ounces in 1/2-ounce increments).

To cook coffee, you need the best ground coffee beans and water. Unlike standard pots that require you to measure water whenever you are cooking, this coffee maker has a built-in reservoir that does so automatically. With a capacity of around 72-ounces, its spacious design supports numerous brewing sessions. The material used to make it is BPA and phthalate-free. Finally, because this reservoir is removable, you can clean it easily. You can also refill it easily whenever it runs out of water. ICoffee RSS500-MOZ Mozart is durable and has a removable drip tray that accommodates mugs of various types and sizes.

Do you have a small kitchen or dorm room that you use to cook often? Instead of the larger coffee makers that often clutter personal space, iCoffee RSS500-MOZ Mozart will serve you better. Compact, for instance, fits and works well in small spaces. The heavy-duty plastic used to make it is durable, while its support for all K-style cups appeals to most owners. In addition to standard coffee mugs, for instance, you can use it with K-cups, one cup, and private label cups without spills or messes.

Are you conscious of personal safety? Coffee makers, as other electrical devices, have their share of cons. With quality models such as iCoffee RSS500-MOZ Mozart, however, safety is never an issue. Its element, for instance, is durable and has an automatic shut-off technology that prevents it from overheating. Its cool-touch body is safe to handle, while its energy-saving design brews perfectly while keeping power costs low. Buy yours today to improve how you brew coffee at home.


  • Advanced Spin Brew technology
  • Energy-saving system
  • Auto shut-off system
  • Has removable drip tray
  • Fits most mugs and cups
  • Space-efficient design
  • Cool-touch surface
  • Mess-free dispensation
  • 72-ounce water reservoir


  • Low capacity design

OXO Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker

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Most people like the OXO brand because of the functional and feature-rich accessories in its arsenal. If you are struggling with coffee making, for instance, OXO Barista Brain is a popular 9-cup model that benefits both beginners and professionals. Because of its spacious design, it works well in homes, offices, and restaurants. The quality of the coffee that it makes, on the other hand, has earned it many positive reviews in articles shared on the Internet. Buy yours to get a dependable accessory with the following desirable features:

Coffee makers are only as good as the brewing technologies they use. Like Moccamaster KBGT’s vacuum brewing technology, OXO Barista Brain uses an advanced microprocessor-controlled brewing technology that offers value. Fully automated, for instance, it brews delicious coffee fast. It also works well with most coffee grounds and uses an efficient pour-over extraction technology that produces smooth and flavorful coffee. To individuals that like their coffee strong, this coffee maker never disappoints. Finally, SCAA-certified to brew perfect coffee every time, buy this product worry-free. You are getting the best of the best coffee makers in the market.

Coffee makers use heat to warm water and extract the goodness in coffee in a short time. OXO Barista Brain has a premium electrical element that streamlines the process to make sure that you get the best cups of coffee every day. This element lasts long. It is also powerful and designed to retain the perfect temperature for extraction (197.6-204.8 Degrees F) automatically. You do not have to adjust heat manually, as most stovetop coffee makers often require. The risk of overheating and or burning coffee is also low. Coupled with the advanced rainmaker showerhead it comes with; expect full flavor extraction whenever you are brewing.

Because OXO Barista Brain has a programmable system, you can brew most types of coffee at home or in your workplace. This is not as complicated as its sounds. With the help of some advanced features, you will do so fast and efficiently on demand. The single dial offered, for instance, enables you to customize the number of cups (2-9) that it makes per session. You do not have to cook a whole jug that will go to waste in the end. OXO Barista Brain also has a 24-hour start timer that you can use to customize how it brews coffee. The timer is accurate and triggers automatically once set.

Finally, OXO Barista Brain has a backlit LED display with both freshness and status indicators. When brewing coffee, therefore, you no longer have to experiment with its settings to get the best quality. You will easily know when it is ready to cook. You will also know when your coffee is ready to serve.


  • Built in water tank
  • Stunning LED display
  • Programmable 24-hour start timer
  • Automated electrical element
  • Makes 2-9 cups (customizable)
  • Rainmaker showerhead
  • SCAA-certified system
  • Microprocessor-controlled technology
  • Easy to use controls
  • Stunning modern design


  • Flawed descaling technology
  • Lacks water filter

BUNN NHS Velocity Brew Home Coffee Maker

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A blend of Bunn’s velocity and speed brew coffee makers, BUNN NHS Velocity is a versatile coffee maker for home use. Ranked among the fastest 10-cup coffee makers in the market, its performance is desirable. At home or in your office, for instance, you will brew a full pot of delicious coffee in just three minutes. This benefits most groups of individuals. Avid coffee lovers that drink many cups of coffee per session, for instance, like its productivity. Students and workers, on the other hand, no longer have to show up late for school or work because of their slow coffee makers.

Do you have a small family? Do you drink one or two cups of coffee per session? Even though BUNN NHS Velocity makes up to 10 cups (50 ounces) of coffee per session, you can easily customize its system to make a little as four cups (20 ounces) without compromising quality. This way you can stop wasting coffee and electricity by brewing copious amounts that you do not need. Finally, because BUNN NHS Velocity has an internal heater that keeps water hot and ready to brew, you can get hot coffee on demand. After a tiring day at work, you do not have to wait for long for it to heat up and brew coffee.

Even though overpriced, some coffee makers extract coffee poorly. As such, people get watered-down and yucky coffee that often fails to quench their thirst. Expect a very different experience with BUNN NHS Velocity Brew. The advanced multi-stream spray head comes with showers of hot water over coffee grounds evenly. This guarantees faster and better extraction of coffee whenever it is in use. Over the years, therefore, you will enjoy the stronger and better-tasting coffee that this one-of-a-kind coffee maker produces.

Are you tired of coffee stains that lower the value of your countertop whenever you are serving coffee? Blame your existing coffee maker for your heartaches. Advanced coffee makers such as BUNN NHS Velocity Brew have quality designs that better the experience of users. Because of the drip-free carafe that it comes with, for instance, serving coffee is no longer a chore. It has a spout that arcs coffee well into cups or mugs and wicks droplets back into the carafe. It also has a proprietary lid that fits tight to minimize the risk of spills and or messes further.

BUNN NHS Velocity Brew has a flat bottom funnel and filter that improve flavor extract. By improving the interaction between coffee ground and hot water, you get faster and better results. Its flat base is also stable, while the three-year warranty offered for it covers all defects (physical and electrical). Finally, BUNN NHS Velocity Brew has 24-hour customer service. You can share your problems on demand and get real-time solutions from professionals.


  • Complete flavor extraction
  • Convenient swivel lid
  • 10-cup capacity
  • Detailed manual
  • Three-year warranty
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Stable flat base
  • Funnel and filter
  • Multi-stream spray head
  • Drip-free carafe


  • Power-thirsty
  • Dated look

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Maker

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Talking about the top 10 best coffee makers by Wirecutter, Bonavita BV1900TS is a valuable product with an efficient feature-rich design. If you enjoy coffee and want to get professional results every time, buy yours today. With an original, for instance, you get a durable accessory with a convenient one-touch brew system. Once you bought your preferred coffee and set up its system, you can make delicious coffee with the press of a button. For safety and better-tasting coffee, this system has an auto-shutoff feature that prevents it from overcooking.

Even though simple, Bonavita BV1900TS’s power is admirable. The 1500-watt heating element that it uses, for instance, heats up in seconds. You do not have to wait for long to enjoy a cup or more of coffee. The element is also durable and has an adjustable temperature (195-205 degrees Fahrenheit), which extracts coffee optimally. Forget about the bland coffee served in your local restaurant. With Bonavita BV1900TS at home, you will enjoy delicious and flavorful coffee every day.

To brew potent yet delicious coffee, most chefs wet freshly roasted ground before brewing. This degasses the coffee. It also eliminates the bitter taste that most people hate. You can easily achieve the same effect with an original Bonavita BV1900TS in hand. Featuring an advanced pre-infusion mode, this coffee maker does this automatically. During your sleepover party, you will get compliments because of the quality of coffee served. Master this system and use the best coffee beans to have the best results.

For even better saturation, Bonavita BV1900TS features a larger showerhead that soaks beans uniformly. Extraction is also uniform, which improves the quality of the coffee that people get. Instead of gambling with some unproven coffee makers, therefore, buy this model to have the time of your life. It is easy to use. The stainless steel-lined carafe that it uses is durable while its flat-bottomed filter basket keeps coffee smooth. Unfortunately, you have to descale this coffee maker after every 100 uses.


  • 1500-Watt element
  • Flat-bottomed filter basket
  • Stainless steel-lined carafe
  • Large showerhead
  • Advanced pre-infusion mode
  • Sturdy design
  • Auto shutoff technology
  • Adjustable temperature (195-205 degrees F)


  • Requires frequent descaling

BUNN BT Velocity Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Maker

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The BUNN line of coffee makers is a reputable one with many quality products for personal and commercial use. BT Velocity, for instance, is a recommended home coffee maker with a durable double-walled design. It withstands abuse well. Its vacuum insulated design, on the other hand, retains heat better, which improves its performance. When in use, for instance, it extracts coffee well without burning and or compromising its flavor or nutrition.

Apart from its premium design, its capacity is a major draw. At full capacity, you will be able to brew up to 10 cups of delicious coffee in just three seconds. For those with tight schedules or who have short tea breaks in their offices, this is an excellent coffee maker to have. It is easy to use. You can also customize its system to make as little as four cups of coffee without sacrificing quality. Buy an original for the best experience.

Because of their poorly designed systems, some coffee makers under extract coffee. For people who like their coffee strong, this is often a let-down, considering the hefty amounts charged for some brands. Buy BT Velocity to solve this problem. Featuring a unique showerhead, it spread water evenly over coffee grounds, which enhances its flavor. It also degasses beans and optimizes flavor extraction during the brewing stage.

All parts are chemical-free. Made of stainless steel, for instance, its hot water tank (internal) lacks irritants such as BPA and phthalates. The double-wall carafe offered is also chemical-free and has a dishwasher-safe design that you can clean easily. After use, remove it from your coffee maker and toss it into your dishwasher to remove all gunk and residues.

Do you enjoy delicious coffee but hate the hefty costs associated with using coffee makers? BT Velocity might be the solution for you. Apart from brewing delicious coffee on demand, it has a power-efficient system that keeps maintenance costs low. The 800-watt heater its users, for instance, does not use a lot of power as the high wattage models found in some coffee makers. It is also durable and has an internal thermostat that regulates heat output and thus power consumption well. Finally, because its water tank has a double-walled and vacuum-sealed design, it retains heat longer. This eliminates the need for frequent reheating and thus, saves power.

Built to exceed the required North American electrical standards, BT Velocity is a safe-to-use day-to-day coffee maker. It will never explode on your face. Overheating and short-circuiting are non-issues, while its quality parts and materials last long.


  • Brews 4 to 10 cups in 3 minute
  • Double-walled water tank
  • Durable Stainless steel parts
  • 800 watts of heater
  • Internal thermostat
  • Unique showerhead
  • Dishwasher-safe carafe
  • 10-cup capacity


  • Lacks a warmer plate

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Thermal Automatic Coffee Maker

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Valued by many coffee lovers, Cuisinart DGB-900BC is a durable coffee maker with an efficient automated system. Recommended for everyday use, it has a feature-rich design that has improved how people brew at home. With an original, for instance, you get a programmable 24-hour timer for setting when it brews coffee. This can be early in the morning, at night, or any other time that you prefer. It also has a grind-off function, an auto-shutoff technology, and a Brew-Pause feature for serving coffee as it brews.

The quality of its carafe is impressive. Made of stainless steel, for instance, it is durable and has a naturally BPA-free surface that does not leech nutrients. Its insulated double wall design keeps coffee hot for longer, while its spacious design makes up to 12 cups of coffee per session. If you have a large family, therefore, or drink several cups per sitting, Cuisinart DGB-900BC will satisfy your needs.

Are you tired of chlorine and other chemicals in water lowering the quality of the coffee you make? You do not have to install a third-party water filter in your faucets to solve this problem. With Cuisinart DGB-900BC, you get an all-in-one coffee maker with a permanent gold-tone filter and a charcoal water filter. In synergy, they filter out dust and debris from the water. They also filter out elements such as chlorine to brew fresh and flavorful coffee.

For those conscious about personal safety, this coffee maker meets the recommended North American electrical standards. Generally, this means that you can use it with most electrical sockets without safety issues. It also means that its components are professional-grade. This makes it an ideal coffee maker for day-to-day use in homes and restaurants. For added safety, you get a cool-touch surface and a sturdy tip-proof design that works well on countertops and tables.

Cuisinart DGB-900BC has numerous add-ons that better its performance. Its eight-ounce bean hopper, for instance, is large and functional. At full capacity, it can hold up to half a pound of coffee beans. You also get an automatic burr grinder (built-in) and a grind and strength selector that you can use to fine-tune volume and intensity on demand. Finally, each package has an instruction book and a measuring scoop.


  • Auto shutoff technology
  • Double-walled carafe
  • Stainless steel components
  • 8-ounce bean hopper
  • Built-in burr grinder
  • Grind and strength selector
  • Safe design
  • Gold-tone and charcoal filters
  • Fully automated system


  • Poor labeling
  • Carafe drips when full

Bonavita BV1800 Coffee Maker

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For the best coffee brewing experience at home, Bonavita BV1800 is currently the best coffee maker to use. A reputable product in stores, most individuals like it for its affordability. Coffee lovers, on the other hand, like the quality of the coffee that it makes. You will do too with an original model at home. Fitted with a 1400-watt heater, Bonavita BV1800 is a powerful product. It heats water to an ideal temperature for coffee making fast. The element also distributes heat well and has a power-efficient system that keeps power bills low.

Do not waste money on one of the low-grade coffee makers that make watered-down coffee. Even though simple, Bonavita BV1800 has an innovative showerhead design that maximizes extraction. By saturating coffee grounds well before brewing, extraction is optimal. It also degasses beans well. This improves the flavor and the quality of the coffee it makes.

Bonavita BV1800 has a high-capacity design that makes up to eight cups of coffee (40 ounces). If you have a small to medium-sized home, therefore, you can easily meet the needs of your residents without brewing coffee many times. Even at full capacity, the quality of the coffee that it brews is outstanding. It is smooth. It is also flavorful and has the strong kick that most individuals crave.

Because of their poorly insulated systems, some coffee makers cool coffee a few minutes after brewing. This is not the case with Bonavita BV1800. Because of its insulated design, it keeps coffee warm for up to two hours. This eliminates the need for frequent reheating, which often lowers the value of coffee significantly. It also saves power and thus the money people would have spent reheating coffee often.


  • Powerful (1400 watts) heating element
  • Auto shut-off technologyEight-cup capacity
  • Well-insulated carafe
  • Power-saving design
  • Innovative showerhead design
  • Cost-effective
  • Two-year warranty


  • Lacks a timer
  • Inconsistent


Coffee, like tea, is a delicious beverage that millions of people enjoy every day. In the morning, for instance, most people prefer it to cocoa or chocolate because it is a stimulant. It soothes fatigue well. It also improves mental clarity and helps individuals to go about their day-to-day activities with zeal and vigor. Coffee is also an antioxidant-rich elixir that helps to fight cancer, obesity, and mental conditions such as stress if consumed regularly. To brew a delicious cup or two effortlessly at home, we have reviewed 10 of the best coffee makers to use. Forget about the pot or stovetop coffee maker that you planning to buy. These electricity-powered coffee makers are durable. They are also affordable and easy to use.

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