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Top 10 Best Flat Top Grills

Best Flat Top Grills
Best Flat Top Grills

Known to be the kind of versatility, the best flat top grills are easy to manage AND cook the plate of pancakes to eggs to frying up the kebabs towards preparing the burgers and the steaks.

Depending on the size to accommodate the larger group of visitors storming into your home, you are provided with a variety of options to choose from.

We got you covered with our good list of 10 awesomely-performing flat-top grills from serving two people to up to a dozen or more.

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Use anywhere you got, from indoor to outdoor, and would not mind wherever you got it.

To satisfy your outdoor cooking repertoire, the flat top grill adds a fantastic experience in cooking delicious meals for you.

Stick with us and get to know the awe-inspiring series of flat-top grills added to your back patio to relish the outdoor seating experience.

Varying by the prices and the size to decide how much of the group of people you would be accomodating, we go different types of the grills compiled into the dedicated list.

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Okay, that is not something you would be having within your home but look at the price!

That clearly shows if you happen to have the frequent gathering of around 8 to 16 people, this restaurant-style flat-top grill is an awesome collection to own for your personal use.

Spacious flat top grilling sizing to 470 sq. inches with the griddle that is perfect for cooking the line of meals starting from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Get from eggs, grilled cheese, steak, pancakes, burgers, kebabs, and what more?

Integrated with the shelf placed on the bottom with two side shelves to prep up the foot and store.

Comes with two controllable heat zones with the burner emitting the heat of over 15,000 BTUs and made with pure-class stainless steel producing 30,000 BTUs together and having you to seamlessly lower and higher the heat not to burn what you are cooking.

Just push the button to ignite the grill electronically, saving you from running into the constant headache to look for the lighter every time.

Installed with the propane-fueled tank of over 20lbs to fill it up that is nicely tucked on the left side of the shelf for the secured placement.

And four industrial-grade caster wheels make it super convenient to transport the grill around the backyard by removing the griddle and fold-up legs to lower the weight further.

  • Best professional quality flat top grill
  • Durable construction
  • Highly affordable


  • The surface may get rusty and requires deep cleaning every time.


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36 inches long, this flat-top grill from Royal Gourmet GB4001 is not for the fainted-heart folks who take the cooking as a fun source to spend time.

Black-colored and installed with four burners, the heat can be somewhat unacceptable for the person standing right in front of the grill and doing all the meals cook nicely. Still, thankfully, all of these four burners made with stainless-steel tubing are independently controllable, containing the heat power of up to 13,000 BTUs for each totaling 52,000 BTUs to cook everything and anything in no time.

Bigger and spacious cooking space of more than 792 square where the length of the grill itself ranges from 36” in length and 22” in width with the flat griddle plate thickened to 4.5 mm made of the pre-seasoned surface to get cleared from the burned leftovers with ease.

The Control panel is made of the stainless-steel, ensuring the durability to touch the sky, and the upgraded electronic ignition system just takes a spark by pushing the button every time to get it lit up.

And the fixed side-tables come with holding the accessories with the increased stability that would never let the stuff slide and fall.

What good it got the detachable grease cup that allows it to enjoy the hassle-free cleanup so that every inch of the oil slides down into that cup itself.

  • Four controllable burners
  • All four lockable casters
  • Stainless-steel-made control panel


  • A little high in the price


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The portable solution, the grill coming right from Royal Gourmet PD1300, goes to be seated over the dining table NOT just to prepare the meals but keep them warmed up to serve in the hottest version.

Not that spacious but can serve up to 4 people’s group with its 325.9 sq. in. of cooking space and the overall dimensions are not that larger to give a problem placing right on the table as it goes from 24.1” in length and 13.5” by width and being made the griddle top of the pure porcelain-enameled making it compatible to get cleaned by the paper towel as well as the warmed soap water for the deep cleaning.

Loaded with the Piezo-based ignition system and the control panel made of durable stainless steel to last and live years of operation every time you aim to use it. Go from everyday use to taking it serving the rare events, and there would not be any of the degradations spotted anyways.

To further make the whole cleaning experience super convenient, the grease cup placed on the side would collect all of the oil while cooking, so when you are done, it would not resemble as it was ever used.

Hook up the 20 lbs of the tank as it operates using the LP gas, the tank would sit on the tabletop or over the ground.

Perfect griddle for camping, hiking, and serving outdoor parties; Royal Gourmet PD1300 is lightweight and affordable to do all the basics of cooking done right from the convenience of the table to get the warm meals sliding directly to the plates.

  • Grease cup placed on the side
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Accommodates 15 pancakes in one go


  • Not for the massive gathering


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Pretty much delivered as assembled, Blackstone 1825 weighs just around 120 lbs, and the dimensions to over 62.50” by length and 36” to height, and 22” in width, which gets fit anywhere in your backyard. Yet, it may require a lot of dedicated places to get it appropriately seated indoors.

Equipped with the bottom shelf and a side shelf providing the users a removable cutting board, holding the paper towel, and the trash bag hooks along with the rear grease management system, which eliminates all the mess, you can find yourself stuck when cooking.

Comes with four independently controlled each having the heat power of 15,000 BTUs stainless-steel burners totaling 60,000 BTUs to lower down the flame or increase depending on what you have been cooking for the meal.

NO need to use either charcoal, kerosene, or matches because it just takes a push of a button wired up with the battery power eliminating all the hassles to focus on preparing the meals ONLY.

Spacious cooking space of over 720 sq. in. in the shape of flat-top grilling, it can conveniently prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner with tasty meals from your home.

Made the griddle top with rolled carbon’s 7-gauge steel, so expect the thickness to increase its durability to live for years.

The powder-coated black steel frame and the stainless steel burners with the cold-rolled steel cooktop combine the perfect grill known for its best performance.

  • Integrated with accessory shelf on the bottom
  • Dual side shelves
  • Spacious cooking space
  • Adjustable heat zones


  • A lightweight frame, so do not press forcibly.


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Another most sufficient flat-top grill named Blackstone 1554 Station delivers the outstanding cooking experience to enjoy the yummilicious and tasteful meal that takes you to kiss the hand of the person preparing the food.

The 36 inches long Blackstone 1554 Station comes integrated with the bigger and broader (or better say the spacious) cooking space of 720 sq. in. So that it can go along with the parties, events, and to serve the folks gathered in the home to have the taste of nearly a pro chef.

It is often misinterpreted the marination, and the spices are the sole ingredient to add the deliciousness, but the way it is cooked and with the right heat, guarantees the taste to build up inside what’s being cooked.

Get up to 4 stainless steel burners with the adjustable and controllable keeping the temperature hit low and high depending upon the type of meal you are preparing to add enough versatility to your cooking experience.

As with the burners, they are made with the high-standard and reliable stainless steel to live for longer life, and the thick and 7-gauge rolled steel surface ensures it retains the heat and evenly distributes all around the griddle.

Four caster wheels are made to retain the industrial strength to move around no matter what surface it is on, while two are lockable to stay locked to get the grill standing firmly.

Prepare the tasty and juicy burgers to steak and the hardened meats; Blackstone 1554 Station comes as the best flat top grill out of the inventory.

  • Controllable burners
  • Made 7-gauge steel griddle top


  • Requires proper assembly before use.


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LOVE this sleek and straightforward design; Camp Chef FTG600 got over 604 sq. in. flat-top griddle able to spread over 24 buns at a time to prepare the juicy and tasty burgers for big gatherings.

Four independently controllable burners with the heat power of 3,000 BTUs while making a total of 12,000 BTUs with the matchless ignition to heat the required area when there are only a few persons up joining you at home. So, WHY light the whole of the burners when you can cook the meals using just one burner?

Comes with an interchangeable flat top griddle with the size of 20.5” in width and 31” in length to accommodate a full 24 persons in one go (see above where we covered the burger part.)

Foldable dual shelves just wrap up quickly, converting you the space to store it indoors, so you have no problem finding space indoors to the minimal level when not in use for some time AND need not leave it in the backyard.

Dual caster wheels enable it to conveniently transport it in the backyard and double shelves on the bottom to store the tools to prep up the meals and the raw materials waiting to get cooked.

Integrated with the propane tank holder firmly handles the tank not to vibrate or fall off the holder to have the complete peace of mind to cook only the juicy meals for yourself and everyone!

  • Matchless ignition system
  • Dual folding shelves


  • Somewhat pricey


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A loveable design that not everyone would have often seen from the grilling inventory (even the avid ones), Cuisinart CGG-888 is best for handling small parties or for personal use in the home, enabling it to operate indoor and outdoor without a single problem.

Two independently heat-controlling burners deliver the heat power of more than 30,000 BTUs (15,000 BTUs each), which is not so typical of the heating power you can generally see from most of the flat top grills. Got more of the burners than two.

Just limit the flame to lower and increase depending upon what you are cooking to burn more gas than required.

Integrated with an oversized 360 degrees of grease pan which naturally funnels down the grease towards the cup for easier cleaning up this 22-inches of the rounded flat top grill and takes you to cook anything by lowering the stainless steel lid for the steam to add to the taste responsible for making the juices due to increasing heat caged inside that lid.

Roast, steam, back, and smoke using the stainless steel lid form more than direct frying of the meals. Just set the flame on the lowest and roast the hard meat, turn juicier for your lunch and breakfast, and roast the veggies.

A foldable prep table on the side lets you cut down what you are meant to cook and be equipped with the paper towel holder underneath to use while cooking.

Easier to assemble; just follow the steps, and you would get done with assembling the grill within 30 minutes.

  • Impressive and unique design
  • Includes stainless steel lid in the box
  • Easier grease management


  • Food may fall off the edge.


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It is not all the time it is enforced only to buy the full-fledged and oversized flat top grill if we happen to know what capacity we would be dealing with.

To accommodate the gathering of two to four persons, why not go with Blackstone 1666, which is ultimately the portable solution to get it placed right over the table for convenient cooking.

Having 330 sq. in. The cooking surface is adequate to hold up to 4 to 6 burgers at a time and over four mid-sized steaks to fry up right in front of you. Imagine the view, cooking the meals from the distance of your hand should be bringing the untested experience to enjoy to its last bits.

Easy to set up, the portable option is most liked by the users being constructed with keeping all the lightweight standards in check, so take it in your hand, place it and then take it back inside (if using outdoor) to its dedicated storage place.

Got two of the adjustable heat zones controlled independently and formed into H-style burners adding increased versatility to the cooking surface to seamlessly cook a variety of foods without burning them at all. Go frying up as long as you want AND forget about not burning them for a bit.

NOT only that, but it takes you to leave the food on the surface to have them warmed up to serve the people for the second round.

Better grease management placed on the rear channels down the grease away from the food to slide down into the cup to leave the surface as dry as possible, simplifying the clean-up to the best extent.

  • Portable flat top grill
  • Adjustable knobs
  • H-shaped burners for even distribution of heat


  • A little heavy


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Impressive design with the dual grill and griddle side by side, Blackstone Tailgater is the nicest solution to last any of the mid-sized events. Its more straightforward portable setup required almost no assembly required allowing it to operate in mere seconds.

Integrated with two separate burners to either flame up the grill or the flat top griddle to barbecue and cook your favorite meals in no time.

As with two burners, both got the heat power of 15,000 BTUs through the H-formed burner made with stainless steel to throw the frame evenly around the surface, and the heat is responsible for cooking way faster than most flat-top grills found in the market.

Take it indoor, outdoor, camping, and on the beach; the Blackstone Tailgater operated with the LP gas tank to serve you the juiciest meals wherever you meant to use it.

  • Perfect for outdoor grilling
  • Versatile and durable to the most


  • Heavy!


No products found.

Listed as the last in our compiled list of the best flat top grill, CAMPLUX makes it to the 10th in the list, which got the unique applauding design to love it more.

Portable all the way, the two adjustable and controllable burners in the I-shape fuse design send out the even heat distributed around the surface to get instantly heated up using the propane gas having the stove hitting the heat power of around 19,000 BTUs. Still, that adjustability helps lower the heat to cook a variety of foods requiring varied heat.

Cooking area of 190 sq. in. to cook everything from dinner, lunch, and breakfast for a few people’s gatherings. So if you are happening to have the larger group, they would have to wait for a bit to get served.

Piezo ignition system takes the press of a button that lets both stoves get activated when the button gets pressed.

Anti-grease makes it super-easier to clean, the oil baffle plate design does not let the oil leak towards the burners while the oil collection box placed on the back collects the excess oil to keep the surface clean.

User-friendly, just lift the grill, and the wheels would take you to move around the backyard with ease using only one person.

  • Heats up faster
  • Anti-grease surface
  • User-friendly design


  • Does not close in for storage

Listed with just the finest in their makes, these flat-top grills are the perfect addition to lit up your backyard parties to leave an incredible and memorable experience.

Remembering your taste, they would always be calling you the professional chef of the kind!

So, are you ready to serve the next party at your home?

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