Best Fuel Filter

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Best Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is like the liver of our bodies. Its main purpose is to filter out dirt, contaminants, and other impurities from the fuel, hence the fuel filter.

This component makes sure that only clean fuel goes to the engine, making it one of the most important modules of your internal combustion engine.

With that in mind, having the best fuel filter is an imperative step if you want your car to operate at its finest.

What Is A Fuel Filter?

Fuel injectors today contain parts that are closely fit, allowing grit and dirt to easily clog the system. Automotive experts designed a cartridge or canister that is composed of filter papers inside.

This design makes it possible to screen out rust and dirt particles that can be found in the fuel. As a result, only fuel with no impurities can go through the system and into the combustion chamber.

This innovation is called the fuel filter.

Modern engines today are quite sensitive to debris and contaminants, especially fuel systems. Even a minuscule particle can already cause significant damage to your system.

Impurities can erode not just the fuel pump but also the injectors and valves. The smallest particles can already lead to costly repairs.

This is the function of a fuel filter – to deliver clean fuel to the system and maximize the engine performance. The cleaner the fuel burns, the more efficient the engine gets.


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What is the Best Fuel Filter

It may not be your top priority, but changing your fuel filter is a crucial step towards having proper auto maintenance.

Here are the best fuel filter you can buy today

ACDelco TP3018

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The ACDelco is the first on our list. This fuel filter is so effective that it can filter most debris from minute particles to large paint particles and even rust. It significantly improves engine performance by trapping all fuel contaminants before they enter the system.

This is one that is engineered and manufactured to meet certain standards that promote the betterment of any vehicle. Moreover, it comes from a good brand that you can really rely on.

ACDelco prides itself to be leading when it comes to GM Original Equipment. It’s the premier brand when it comes to aftermarket parts compatible with most cars sprawling on the road today. Further, they are also the leading manufacturer of automotive replacement parts.

Most of the ACDelco lineup falls into the category of high-quality aftermarket items for GM along with other makes and models. This is the best thing you can have next to OE products.

This fuel filter is designed to fit General Motors vehicles. It functions quite the same in terms of durability, performance, and service life.

Overall, the ACDelco is the fuel filter you can depend on. Choosing this one makes you have a premium replacement that can surely function way more than you can expect. The ACDelco is known to meet anticipations for function, form, and fit.


  • Effective contaminant filter
  • GM Original Equipment
  • Comes from a leading brand
  • Economical Price
  • Premium Alternative to OE
  • High-quality aftermarket part


  • Triggers check engine lights in some cases


Motorcraft FD-4615

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This Motorcraft FD-4615 is something that Ford recommends.

This OEM filter works quite well and as expected. Contaminants, debris, and even the minutest dirt will not get through this filter.

The package comes with both the O-ring and the filter for you to install.

Attempting to fit this one into your system will take around 30 minutes.

Some users claim they have achieved an 80k mileage without having any issues with this one. Not only that, lots of other owners applaud the product for being genuine and truly dependable.

An impressive thing about this product is being an original Motorcraft. This item is patented and no other auto parts in any store come in close with this one.

Further, you can be confident that you are getting the product as shown in the picture on its page. Other users have been victims of false advertising and we don’t want you to experience the same.

When installing this one on your own, make sure that you are able to properly lock and secure the connectors.

Otherwise, you will eventually experience a fuel line dislodge – diesel will be sprayed all over your compartment. So be careful.


  • Certified GENUINE Motorcraft
  • Fits all 6.7 liters 2011 to present
  • Effectively works for very long mileages
  • Complete package; comes with O-ring
  • Recommended by some car brands


  • Claims of malfunction for second purchases; be sure to contact the manufacturer


Dodge Ram 6.7 Liter

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Now here comes another OEM fuel filter that truly delivers the performance you deserve.

This one from Dodge Ram is a genuine fuel filter and water separator set.

This one can be installed BOTH under the hood and under the body of your vehicle.

However, it is mostly compatible only with 2013 models and newer ones.

The Dodge Ram is yet another remarkable fuel filter your car can truly rely on.

It’s a convenient kit to order and works fairly as expected. However, you may want to know this one can be a little difficult to get off for the first time.

You may have to use a breaker bar to execute – be creative enough to figure out how to utilize the breaker bar in a small working area.

This is only difficult the first time and future attempts will be much easier especially if torqued properly.

The Dodge Ram fuel filter is something you would want to have even if you don’t need it yet.

Why? It comes at a much more affordable price when you buy it this way albeit the most expensive on our list.

A lot of users say this is the best deal you can get and no one can beat the price. Put simply, buying on Amazon will save you more money than buying in a dealership.


  • GENUINE fuel filter
  • For 2013 models to present
  • From a reputable brand
  • A convenient kit to order
  • Less expensive compared to dealers

Easy to install


  • It May be hard to remove the filter lid the first time


How to Buy a Good Quality Fuel Filter

There is really not much to look out for in a fuel filter because all models are virtually the same. However, there are still a few simple points to remember.


The most vital thing to look out for in a fuel filter is it must be genuine. Genuine OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are an indication that what you’re getting is of high quality and durability.

Only OEMs can make you feel confident that you have an efficient engine under your hood.

Good brands

It’s also crucial to consider the brand. All fuel filter brands featured in this article are reputable names in the automotive industry.

They have unparalleled status in engineering and manufacturing fuel filters. It’s good to purchase a brand that has a constant commitment in ensuring the quality of the products.

Installation Ease

It’s also great to have something that is easy to install. All products featured herein are components you can install all by yourself and without any need of a professional mechanic.

There are instructions included in the package which you can follow. We also have a guide on How To Replace Fuel Filter which you can also rely on.


This may not be the most important factor but it still counts, especially if you are on a budget. Fuel filters are one of those few items that don’t follow the norm of “what you get is what you pay.” There are also times that you get so much more despite paying for less.

The fuel filters in this article fall in the OEM category. One of the perks of patronizing OEMs is having to indulge in lower prices.

Although they come at very affordable prices, these fuel filters perform like a beast under the hood. They can survive long mileages and are certified effective in what they do. More importantly, these are genuine.

The Importance of A Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is that humble component under the hood that most drivers do not think about. It does a highly important job in the background and owners seem to only notice them when it’s already changing time.

It is essential to replace the fuel filters to keep serious performance issues from happening.

The fuel filter can be found close to the beginning of the fuel line. It is a cartridge containing the filter inside. The filter itself can be made of multiple materials. Some fuel filters have plastic filters.

Others are composed of metallic filters. While most of the fuel filters today contain paper filters.

From the fuel tank, the fuel will flow along the fuel line and into the fuel filter. This is where the rust, debris, dirt, and other contaminants are trapped in the filter, incapable of proceeding with the rest of the fuel.

Now the clean fuel is delivered to the other end of the fuel and into the engine.

The principle of a fuel filter is much like the principle of an air filter. When the fuel filter has already accumulated too much dirt, it will eventually clog.

This will restrict the fuel from going through freely as it did before. This is where your engine’s performance starts to deteriorate.


Having the best fuel filter is your one-way ticket to significantly much better engine performance.

Not only that it can improve the health of your engine and fuel system, but it’s also a great way to attain fuel economy.

With the right fuel filter, you can save your engine and your money at the same time!

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