Best Garage Cabinets

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Best Garage Cabinets

More cabinets lead to more allocation for your storage needs. But a mere storage expansion is not enough.
A garage cabinet must seamlessly function together with existing garage accessories.
Materials providing high quality and great finishing at a glance add to the appeal of a garage cabinet. Moreover, security and safety are the most preferred consideration of every buyer.

When these ideal considerations collide, this results in the best garage cabinets a buyer must perceive. Garage cabinets do not only expand the storage, but it is also a great way to keep the garage neat and organized.​

Top 5 Bestseller Garage Cabinets

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Top 5 Best Garage Cabinet Reviews

You might be confused about choosing the garage cabinet in today’s competitive market. Some cabinets are manufactured for general use.

Some cabinets are optimized for garage use. Meanwhile, this guide is tailored to help you choose the best garage cabinet.
Here is a list of the top garage cabinets for your expanded storage needs.

Gladiator Full Door Wall Box

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If you want garage cabinets made with premium materials, designed intelligently, and adaptable to your lifestyle, Gladiator offers these trusted advantages to the market.

The Gladiator Full Door Wall Box offers an ideal solution to your storage needs. It is constructed with durable steel with a 28” x 12” x 28” dimension.

Its optimum durability is maintained as long as you’ll prevent storing more than 150 lbs of stuff.

Gladiator manufactured this garage cabinet on a “ready to assemble” setup. If you recently purchased and used GearWall and GearTrack accessories, then you won’t worry about the attachment.

This cabinet will perfectly attach to your GearWall and GearTrack which gives off seamless interaction between your products.​

If you are meticulous in terms of organization, Gladiator made it simple for you. This cabinet can be assembled easily due to its tab and loop design on the panels.

Aside from a faster and easier assembly, you won’t need many tools during the assembly process. Moreover, this garage cabinet offers flexible positioning due to its compatibility with Gladiator Wall Systems.

In case you haven’t purchased Gladiator accessories, you may still mount this garage cabinet through masonry, drywall, or bare studs. Lastly, this garage cabinet allows its two shelves to be adjusted to your preference.

Each shelf can hold up to 40 lbs of weight. Other than the adjustable shelves, there is a fixed base that promotes maximum versatility for this cabinet.​

These cabinets do not seem to have strict quality control. On my first purchase, the doors have a good alignment in the center.

But on my next purchase, the doors are poorly misaligned. I tried to adjust it the best way I can, but I can’t totally get the doors on the level.

When the sides of the doors are compared, there is a noticeable uneven gap. These cabinets may give off their desired function, but do not expect perfectly fitted doors.

​The Gladiator brand ensures incomparable performance regardless of environmental conditions.

They are serious about product quality which leads them to establish these 4 tests on their products: powder coat test, strength test, extreme temperature test, and environmental test.

If you are serious about product quality too, you might find Gladiator products worthy of storage solutions.


  • Budget-friendly
  • 10 Years Limited Warranty
  • Compatible with Gladiator Accessories
  • Easy Assembly
  • Adjustable Shelves


  • Possible Misalignment (Factory Defects)
  • Cannot Be Locked


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You must not despise the power of plastic materials. Suncast uses quality plastic resins for its Storage Trends Utility Base Cabinet.

Their selection of plastic resins undergoes an extremely high standard, where they only use the best quality virgin resin.

This plastic garage cabinet won’t compromise the product’s stability and, at the same time, yields substantial weight.​

Assembling this garage cabinet will not give you an extreme hassle. Aside from an easy assembly, you do not need to use any tool to aid the assembly of this cabinet.

With just simple snaps, assembling this cabinet won’t take too long.

Manufactured with high-quality UV-resistant durable resin, this garage cabinet does not need any maintenance. You don’t need to paint this product, and there’s no need for preservatives as well.

Moreover, you have nothing to worry about the possibility of rots and rusts in the future. This cabinet is made to resist rotting and rusting.​

​This garage cabinet comes with the typical double doors, fitted in full width. Also, it comes with two adjustable internal shelves which can endure up to 75 lbs of weight.

To further provide versatility, the shelves can be adjusted to five different positions. The grooves of this garage cabinet are designed to optimize your stacking needs.

It gives a higher advantage of being a floor-type cabinet. Thus, you may opt to stack this cabinet on top of your existing garage cabinet.

This cabinet cannot hold heavy stuff. I usually put stuff on top of my cabinet. But when I put lightweight stuff on top of the cabinet, I noticed a distortion after several days.

Opening and closing the doors become harder when such distortion occurs. I may do a little workaround for the distorted top, but I don’t expect such little strength from a garage cabinet.

​If you are looking for secure garage cabinets, this cabinet might satisfy your need in contrast to the manufacturer’s Utility Wall Cabinets. Though you need to purchase a separate padlock, still it becomes a good investment for security and safety.


  • No tools are needed for assembly
  • Stackable Grooves
  • High-Quality UV-Resistant Durable Resin
  • Rot-proof
  • Rust-proof


  • Low Strength on the top of the cabinet


Ulti-MATE Garage Wall Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf

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Trust issues are solved when products receive awards and certifications.

The Ulti-MATE Garage Wall Cabinet is awarded as a “Best Buy” storage cabinet by the Consumer Digest Magazine.
If you are looking for trusted quality garage cabinets, choosing this cabinet may meet your preferences.​
At a glance, you will notice a unique style that sets this cabinet apart from other cabinets.

This garage cabinet uses polyurethane for its coating, resulting in a graphite gray face.

It is textured with a black PVC box to create a two-tone contemporary style. Looking for the primary materials, this garage cabinet uses a Medium-density fiberboard and particleboard which leads to overall sturdy strength.​

This garage cabinet is preferred due to its space-saving feature. It is equipped with two doors and two shelves which offer an optimum holding weight of 100 lbs.
Overall, this garage cabinet is rated to hold up to 300 lbs of load. The shelves are equipped with ball-bearing drawer glides to accommodate an optimum storage possibility.
It all depends on your storage preference and on how you’ll arrange your stuff inside the cabinet.​

Upon purchase, you may opt for an expert handyman to set up this garage cabinet for an extra fee. But if you don’t prefer to hire a handyman, you can still assemble this garage cabinet easily. Mounting this garage cabinet on the wall must be easier through an inverted wall cleat equipped at the back.

My first purchase is perfectly fine and functional. But I noticed some irregularities in my next purchase. For instance, the holes for the door handles are slightly uneven. I need to do a little workaround for this cabinet.

​Safety and security are yours with this cabinet. The full radius profile of this cabinet makes it safe for everyone due to its reduced sharp corners.

Also, it produces a style that will surely make your comrades desperate to use this cabinet. The brushed chrome handles of this cabinet allow security through the use of padlocks, though it needs a separate purchase.


  • Awarded as “Best Buy” Storage Cabinet
  • Inverted Wall Cleat for easier mounting
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Unique Style


  • Possible Misalignment (Factory Defects)
  • Should not get wet (Moisture weakens the fiberboard)


Prepac Elite 32” Storage Cabinet

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With European-style 6-way adjustable hinges, this garage cabinet provides a versatile solution for your storage needs.

Moreover, the doors are made with high-quality materials which appeal to both your eyes and your concern for durability.

Prepac polished the quality of this cabinet through the use of CARB-compliant laminated composite woods, white melamine doors, and a sturdy MDF (medium-density fiberboard) backing board.

When a material is said to be “CARB (California Air Resources Boards)-compliant”, it complies with the strict air quality measures of California.

When a composite wood is CARB-compliant, it rejects the use of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde was considered a toxic air contaminant way back in 1992.​

​Sophistication is brought out on this product through its all-metal 6-way hinges and all-metal door handles, mixed with the previously stated high-quality materials. Also, its soft-edged corners promote safety without compromising the looks of this cabinet.

This garage cabinet measures 32” wide, 16” deep, and 65” high when assembled. Such enormous height paved the way to allow 3 shelves inside the cabinet, consisting of 2 adjustable shelves and 1 fixed shelf.

Considering the base, this cabinet allows 4 partitions. As a result, this garage cabinet is ideal for optimum storage expansion, considering you have enough room for additional garage accessories.​

The quality of this cabinet could have been better with some considerations. First, the doors do not close perfectly.

There’s a noticeable gap between the two doors. You need carpenter skills for this to be fixed. Second, this cabinet has no magnets. Magnets must be purchased separately just to prevent those banging sounds.

Lastly, they used plastic materials for the shelf pins. In terms of strength, metal pins can withstand heavier stuff. You’re lucky if you have your own metal pins. Otherwise, you need to make another purchase.

​You can still securely lock this cabinet with a separately purchased padlock. But it is advisable to use a padlock with thinner chains due to a small available gap on the door handles.


  • CARB-compliant
  • 16” deep (deeper than standard cabinets)
  • Compatible with Prepac 32” Topper (for higher storage)
  • 5 Years Limited Warranty


  • Possible Misalignment (Factory Defects)
  • No Magnets


Ulti-MATE Partitioned Garage Wall Cabinet

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The Partitioned Garage Wall Cabinet by Ulti-MATE offers almost the same features as its Garage Wall Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf.

What sets this cabinet apart is due to its oversized storage capacity. This cabinet has 3 partitions to cater to more of your storage needs.

With a “Best Buy” award from Consumer Digest Magazine, this garage cabinet will never fail you in terms of overall quality and functionality.

This garage cabinet is inspired by a contemporary style. It is coated with the color graphite gray through the use of polyurethane.

Its PVC box has a black texture. Overall, it has a unique two-tone style that sets Ulti-MATE cabinets apart from the competition in terms of style.​

If you are prone to acquiring small skin cuts, then you may delight with this cabinet. With its full radius profile, you do not need to worry about sharp edges anymore. No sharp edges signify a safer product for everyone to use.

This cabinet offers outstanding strength. Each shelf caters to up to 100 lbs of load. Due to its partitioning, this cabinet has 6 shelves, which consists of 3 adjustable shelves and 3 fixed shelves. More shelves allow more strength to accommodate.​

This cabinet needs a workaround. You need to show off your carpentry skills. It may look so well on the outside, but there are problems occurring on the inside. Some panels have shallow holes.

Some metal dowels won’t fit. When I forced this cabinet to get assembled, the alignment of the divider does not seem to be perfect because the holes are not aligned. You need to do a little drilling for this one.

​This garage cabinet measures approximately 2 feet tall, 1 foot thick, and 3 feet wide. Thus, you have a lot of space to fill in for your stuff.

Also, you can come up with a lot of design options with this cabinet. For added security, you may use a padlock if you already have one or just purchase it separately.


  • Partitioned for more storage
  • Awarded as “Best Buy” Storage Cabinet
  • 6 Shelves
  • Sturdy


  • Possible Misalignment (Factory Defects)
  • Should not get wet (Moisture weakens the fiberboard)


Garage Cabinets Buyer’s Guide

Garage cabinets apparently offer the same functionality and usability when compared to the typical cabinets around the market. However, some cabinets may not work best for your garage. Hence, this list of factors must be your prime concern when buying a garage cabinet.

Ready to assemble vs. Pre-assembled

Most of the cabinets sold on the online market and on physical shops are manufactured on a “ready to assemble” setup.
When a cabinet is marked as “ready to assemble”, it requires the buyer’s effort to assemble the cabinet on his/her preferred site.
For instance, you must assemble your “ready to assemble” cabinet within your garage space. This consumes about one to two hours of your time. As a tradeoff, the shipping time of the cabinet is lesser when bought from an online market.

Also, the cabinet is sold at a lower price. In some cases, the manufacturer might request an extra fee if the buyer opts for an expert handyman to assemble the cabinet on site.

Pre-assembled cabinets, as the name implies, are assembled directly by the manufacturer. The buyer receives the item ready to use, thus no extra work is needed for assembly.

For some buyers, pre-assembled cabinets are trusted more than “ready to assemble” cabinets since they are assembled by the manufacturer using the right tools and machines. Also, the manufacturer can strictly assess the finishing and quality of the product.

However, a longer shipping time is expected when bought from an online market. Also, the cabinet is sold at a higher price to compensate for the labor cost and manufacturing cost.

If you think you have great skills to assemble the cabinet, then go for “ready to assemble”. The analytical, logical, and mechanical skills you possess must be severely tested. But if you doubt yourself with such skills, you must try purchasing “pre-assembled” cabinets.

Fixed vs. Adjustable Shelves

It’s already obvious what fixed and adjustable shelves mean. When the cabinet is equipped with fixed shelves, you are locked with the partitions set by the manufacturer. The height is fixed, thus you cannot store items with a higher height than the partition.

When the cabinet is equipped with adjustable shelves, you have the freedom to create your partitions. More choices for partition height allow more items to be possibly allocated within the cabinet.

Some manufacturers produce their cabinets with both fixed and adjustable shelves. This creates partial freedom for the buyer to set the partitions.
Fixed shelves usually have higher strength than adjustable shelves since it is totally connected to the rest of the cabinet.
Its durability collaborates with the other parts of the cabinet. On the other hand, the durability of the adjustable shelves depends only on the pin being used.

Moreover, metal pins are highly recommended over plastic pins to obtain higher optimum strength for adjustable shelves.

Wall hanged vs. Floor mounted

Wall-hanged cabinets are attached to the wall through the use of wall cleats or steel rails secured by studs.
This type of cabinet gives off advantage in terms of cleaning or changing the flooring. Moreover, the space below can be utilized for other essential items.
Floor-mounted cabinets are stacked on the floor. Some manufacturers design the cabinet with stackable grooves to allow the cabinet to be stacked on top of the existing cabinet.

Wall brackets may be provided by the manufacturer or may be purchased separately to prevent the cabinet from being pulled forward.

In terms of strength and durability, floor-mounted cabinets take the advantage. Its durability collaborates with the floor’s strength. However, wall-hanged cabinets must be sturdy enough to withstand the gravitational strength.

In terms of flexibility, floor-mounted cabinets have the perks. Customers may stack another floor-type cabinet or arrange it side-by-side. Thus, the cabinets seamlessly connect with each other.

Your designer skills must be tested when arranging the cabinets. You may use only one type or both types. It depends on how you’ll want your garage to look and how the cabinets should cater to your storage needs.

Materials for Construction

Cabinets may be manufactured with just one type of material or a mixture of materials. This may bring out the maximum advantage of a cabinet. Manufacturers usually prefer particleboard, melamine, medium-density fiberboard, and plywood when constructing a cabinet.

Particleboard is made of compressed wood chips glued together. It is cheap, readily available, and free from knots.

However, it fragments easily, has low moisture resistance, attracts odors, and sags over time when it is thin, especially for shelves. Melamine is a hybrid of particle board and laminated coating. It works well for cabinets with solid colors.

It is very durable, has easy maintenance, and produces a uniform color. However, it fragments easily, has a noticeable difference from real wood, and can be easily weakened by wear or water. Thus, it is advisable to use solid wood on melamine edges.

Medium-density fiberboard is a particle board with higher quality. It has higher density, strength, and durability. However, its density, as a tradeoff, results to heavier weight.

Using this material on a “wall-hanged” cabinet is a bit challenging. Plywood consists of sheets of wood glued together with layers of alternating grain directions.
It is lighter, stronger, and more scratch-resistant than particleboard. However, its durability depends on the wood thickness and quality of glue.


The use of garage cabinets paves the way for a neat and organized space. People who are meticulously inclined to quality and less clutter must consider storage expansion without compromising durability and order.

At a first glance, high-quality finishing appeals much. But the core strength and functionality of the cabinet serve as your final assessment. You hold the final judgment about the best garage cabinets with a lot of useful considerations in mind.

If you have pre-owned garage accessories, you might also consider a seamless function between your accessories and your future garage cabinet. Items may or may not work together. So, your expertise in organizing stuff must manifest in your garage space.

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