The 10 Best Garbage Disposal With Power Cord

Garbage Disposal with Power Cord
Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

A garbage disposal unit is a very handy tool for home kitchens and commercial eating places like restaurants. It is designed to grind food waste, making sure they are easy to drain. This means when you have a garbage disposer, your kitchen sink will not clog easily. That being said, a garbage disposer promotes convenience.

Well, some garbage disposers come with a power cord while others do not. Garbage disposal units that come with a power cord are highly recommended because they help you save money as well as reducing installation steps. Before we introduce to them to you, let’s check out the factors to consider before buying a garbage disposal unit.

Things to Consider

You should go for a garbage disposal unit that is well-sized. A well-sized garbage disposer does not take up too much room under the sink. It, therefore, will not inconvenience as much as a bulky disposer.

Your garbage disposal should come with all the necessary components to make installation a cakewalk. It should come with well-written instructions and even tutorials so you can know exactly how to install it.

A noisy garbage disposer can be very annoying, and, therefore, should be avoided like plague. A disposer that’s too quiet should also be avoided because you are likely to forget that it is on. All that being said, go for a relatively quiet unit.

A garbage disposal unit with a bad motor is as good as useless. With this in mind, make sure you know the specification of the motor of your garbage disposer. You should know how much horsepower it puts out and how many revolutions per minute does it achieve. Needless to say, motors with high horsepower and high RPM are the best.

A large grind chamber grinds a large amount of food waste in one go. For this reason, it is really good. But before you go for a disposer with a large grind chamber, you must note that a large grind chamber is likely to increase the overall dimensions of the disposer. So, if your sink is not that big, you should settle on a unit with a reasonably sized grind chamber. However, if you are looking for a disposer for a commercial kitchen, a unit with a large grind chamber is recommended.

Now, let’s take you back to our top 10 best garbage disposal with power cord reviews.

Many people want a garbage disposal unit but the thought of settling on something, which is noisy and does not grind as expected is daunting. Fortunately, the “InSinkErator PRO1100XL” does not have this problem. It produces less noise, but this does not mean it is less effective. Equipped with MultiGrind technology, this waste garbage disposal delivers 3 stages of grind, which makes it better than other units with just 1 stage of grind. This well-thought-out technology enables this unit to quickly grind even the most difficult food waste. There is also another incredible feature – SoundSeal technology. It does a wonderful job of making this model at least 40-percent quieter than a standard disposer.


  • The disposer is very quiet
  • The motor has ample power
  • Installation is pretty straightforward
  • The warranty is exceptional
  • The garbage disposal is solidly built


  • The blades take a while to slow because of the high horsepower

Apart from the power cord, this garbage disposal comes with a hex wrench, stopper, splash guard, and disposal flange. It comes with numerous accessories to make sure you have the smoothest experience using it. Moreover, this garbage disposer boasts a high-performance motor that will not disappoint. The ½-horsepower 120-volt motor delivers 1780RPM, and this guarantees 150-percent more efficiency than a standard garbage disposer. The unit also features an extra-large 38-ounce capacity that makes it great for a family of 3 – 6 persons. The twist-and-lock design offers an easy and fast way to replace or install the disposal in just 10 minutes. This unit is safe to invest in, given that it is backed by a 5-year warranty.


  • Appears to be well made
  • The seller responds fast
  • Very easy to install
  • The price is pocket-friendly
  • The garbage disposal is very quiet


  • Won’t work right if not installed per instructions

The best garbage disposal works efficiently and effortlessly. And that garbage disposal is the Whirlpool GC2000XE. It boasts a continuous feed operation to greatly reduce jamming. The continuous feed operation eliminates the need to pause and check for clogging. The garbage disposal is incredibly powerful and reduces food to fine cuttings before whisking it down the drain. Additionally, this garbage disposal has a built-in overload protector with manual reset. The feature keeps the food disposal process hassle-free. Needless to say, expect fast, tidy and easy food waste disposal when you have this unit. The 1/2HP motor greatly improves the performance of this garbage disposal. There is also a galvanized steel grinding wheel and shredder ring to further take performance to a whole new level.


  • Very easy to replace
  • Quieter than most brands in the same class
  • The disposer runs smoothly
  • Compact and fits easily under the sink


  • Would be nice if it came with plumber’s putty

9 out of 10 plumbing professionals go for the InSinkErator products because the manufacturer is committed to producing top quality products that satisfy the demands of customers. Well, one of InSinkErator’s products is the 3/4HP CNTR333 Contractor Garbage Disposal. It has quick-lock mounting that makes it extremely easy to install. It also has stainless steel grind components to help take its performance to the next level. Furthermore, this garbage disposal is equipped with a continuous feed, and this makes it convenient to use by eliminating the need to pause and then check if it’s clogged. The 3-year in-home parts and labor warranty shows that the manufacturer trusts and stands behind this unit. The garbage disposal measures 14 by 8 by 8 inches.


  • InSinkErator has a helpful customer service
  • Easy to install and operates efficiently
  • The specifications are exactly as advertised
  • Seems to be well made


  • Not the quietest, not loud either

Before we review this product, we would like to tell you that it comes with a power cord, which helps make it easy to install. What’s more, this garbage disposal has Vortex motor technology that powerfully and quickly grinds food scraps. The motor delivers high-speed performance up to 2600 revolutions per minute, and this helps reduce jamming. In addition, this garbage disposal comes equipped with SoundSHIELD technology that ensures outstanding noise reduction. As such, you will be able to operate this garbage disposal with confidence knowing that you will not bother the neighbors or scare away pets. The 3-year limited warranty proves this garbage disposal is quality and safe to invest in.


  • The disposer is compact and nice
  • The unit is easy to install
  • Slim, and, therefore, takes up very little space
  • Has less trouble pulverizes food waste


  • Not very quiet, but also not annoyingly loud

We believe that the Moen GX50C is the best disposal you have ever come across. It is packed with great features that work together to make sure it delivers stunning results. One of these features is a high-performance that boasts 2600RPM to enable the garbage disposer to pulverize food waste without any issues. Another feature is the compact design, which helps free up valuable space under the sink not to mention making the garbage disposal lighter in weight and much easier to install. The preinstalled cord not only reduces the installation steps but also saves the money you would have spent had you bought a model that does not come with a cord.


  • Installation is a breeze
  • The garbage disposal is reasonably quiet
  • The warranty is exceptional
  • Powerful and works as advertised
  • The price is cheap
  • Appears to be of great quality


  • The packaging leaves a lot to be desired

Although all InSinkErator disposers are septic friendly, the Evolution Septic Assist Disposer adds more confidence to homes with septic systems. It boasts bio-charge, which is an automatic injection of microorganisms. Well, it is this bio charge that helps in the breakdown of food waste. Additionally, this garbage disposal has noise-reducing high-performance SoundSeal Technology that makes it operate quietly without disturbing the peace of those who are at home. Best of all, the low-noise operation does not compromise its performance. It is equipped with 2-Stage Multigrind Technology and long-lasting ¾-horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor so it can handle the most stubborn food scraps with ease. InSinkErator invented garbage disposals in 1927. This means it knows exactly what you are looking for in these units.


  • Instructions are clear; making installation a breeze
  • Grinds up everything with ease
  • The disposer operates quietly
  • Comes in good condition and nicely packaged


  • Takes up a fair amount of space

Like most InSinkErator Garbage Disposals, this unit comes with noise-reducing SoundSeal Technology to help it deliver quiet performance that will not bother anyone around. Besides, this unit is very powerful, given that it is equipped with 2-Stage Multigrind Technology and long-lasting ¾-Horsepower Dura-Drive Motor. These two features work together to enable the garbage disposal to handle all kinds of food waste. The components and extras that come with this unit are durable. For instance, there are alloy stainless steel components, which, in turn, have a LeakGuard Liner to provide the highest durability. There is also an air switch and a power cord that further make this unit very convenient to use.


  • The noise is reduced in this unit
  • Chops everything that goes in it
  • Comes with a brushed nickel air button
  • Removal and installation instructions are clear
  • Makes food waste go down the drain very quickly


  • A little bigger than expected

This cheap garbage disposal is a product of InSinkErator, which is just amazing, given that InSinkErator is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of instant hot water dispensers and garbage disposals. Despite its low price point, this continuous feed garbage disposal does a great job of making sure all food wastes are quickly and easily drained. It is ideal for small households or houses with restricted cabinet space. It will fit effortlessly under your sink, making sure you are not inconvenienced in any way. What’s more, this continuous feed garbage disposal has alloy stainless steel components, which, in turn, features a LeakGuard Liner to help ensure ultimate durability. It is a quiet yet very powerful unit that chews up everything.


  • Has superior grinding capability
  • The unit installs quickly and easily
  • Does not shake the sink
  • The manufacturer’s customer service is great
  • Does not take much room under the sink


  • Slows down draining

We are thrilled with the warranty Waste King provides to protect this garbage disposal from original defects. The 20-year limited warranty will give you peace of mind knowing that your garbage disposal is fully backed by the manufacturer. We are also very impressed with the high-speed motor of this disposer. The 1-horsepower permanent magnet motor boasts 2800 revolutions-per-minute, and it jams less. Needless to say, you will not be inconvenienced at all when you have this garbage disposal. It is a lightweight and compact disposal unit with all stainless steel durable grind components. It measures 8.5 by 8.5 by 16 inches. Moreover, this garbage disposal comes equipped with a continuous feed so it can grind food continuously.


  • Has plenty of power
  • Works quietly without being bothersome
  • The warranty is impressive
  • The price point is low
  • Customer service is exceptional


  • The sink flange leaves a lot to be desired

A garbage disposal unit is known to make work easier. It grinds bones and other food waste to make sure they drain much quicker and easier.

Nevertheless, not all garbage disposals with power cord are great. Some have poorly functioning motors that make them very ineffective. It, therefore, goes without saying that you should check out the above reviews prior to purchasing a disposer.

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