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Suppose you are willing to elevate your culinary experience to another level of preparation, textures, flavors and aromas. In that case, it is surely because you have tasted a delicious creme brulee or some potatoes with roasted onions and gratin cheese.

Therefore, to please everyone at home, you must equip yourself with the best kitchen torch. In this way, caramelizing and flam-being desserts and dishes will be an easy and fun task.

Top 5 Bestseller Kitchen Torch

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Benefits of Using Kitchen Torches

The advantages that a kitchen torch can offer you are innumerable since they are necessary utensils for endless recipes and projects with crafts.

One of the main benefits is that you can use them for dishes and desserts such as cupcakes, brown marshmallows, caramelizing a creme brulee, grilling fish fillets, melting cheese, or flambe a cocktail.

Outside of the kitchen, these torches can facilitate the lighting of candles and campfires; others more creative have come to use them in home crafts and restoration projects.

The 10 Best Kitchen Torch Reviews

Sondiko Butane Torch, Culinary Torch Refillable Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter

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We start our selection of torches with the distinguished Sondiko Butane Torch, which has designed a safe and durable kitchen torch thanks to its locking system that prevents any accidental ignition. It has an aluminum alloy body and a stable and firm base that allows the appliance to stand upright when you place it on the worktop.

Its regulator allows you to adjust the flame according to your needs up to 1300significantF; It is easy to fill with butane gas and manipulate to gratin cheeses at meals caramelize the sugar in your favorite desserts.

IBILI Gourmet Torch Professional, 5 x 5 x 10 cm

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We conclude this comparison by referring to the best kitchen torch of the Ibili brand according to Amazon users’ comments, which have given it 4.7 out of 5 and 75% of 5-star reviews.

For example, David, who claims to work as a chef, tells us that “I have had it a long time in my restaurant due to its efficiency, work capacity and versatility. A highly recommended gourmet kitchen torch ”. Likewise, Yolanda adds “since I have it, I use it for everything. It is a torch for cooking at home, but also for camping outdoors ”.

This professional kitchen torch has been made of plastic and aluminum and works using a trigger mechanism. Its fuel tank offers an autonomy of between 80 and 150 minutes, depending on the power of the flame regulated through its valve. This recharges just like any lighter.

Cadrim Butane Torch, Refillable Culinary Blow Torch Double Fire Cooking Torch

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According to Amazon users’ opinions, who give it 4.3 out of 5 and 61% of 5-star ratings, the best kitchen torch of the Cadrim Butane Torch. “It is ideal for preparing both sweet and savory recipes with a kitchen torch.

Even use it when I go to the barbecue to light the charcoal ”Vanesa tells us about it. To this, Edison adds that “it has an ergonomic design and a very effective security system. Something very important for those like me who have small children at home ”.

This safety lock cooking torch has a non-stick body and a highly ergonomic pistol-shaped design. Its flame’s power can be easily regulated utilizing a valve and it has a sliding safety switch. Also, it can be locked when not in use.

It does not include a gas cartridge, but it offers high compatibility. This one inserts into its easy-grip metal and rubber handle.

Butane Torch with Fuel Gauge, Homitt Refillable Cooking Torches

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If you want to caramelize the sugar in your favorite pastry recipes, glaze a ham, or grill a fish fillet with peppers, take a look at this professional kitchen torch from the Butane Torch. Who has manufactured a durable tool in resistant metal with an ergonomic base to be firm every time you turn on the device.

It has an adjustable flame with a regulator that allows it to be controlled up to 1300 ° C / 2500 ° F, facilitating your creative DIY projects when you need to smoke wood, make jewelry, and weld materials. The torch body is refillable with butane and has a safety lock so you don’t get burned.

Cadrim Butane Torch, Refillable Culinary Blow Torch Double Fire Cooking Torch

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Now we are going with the best kitchen torch of the Cadrim brand according to Amazon customer ratings. His average mark is 4.5 out of 5 and he has a 75% of maximum score. According to Manuel, it is “a very versatile double flame cooking torch.

Even use it for DIY tasks as it can even be used for welding ”. Instead, Charo focuses on “offering a long continuous burning time on a single charge and its function at all angles allows me to caramelize all my dishes perfectly.”

Here we talk about a kitchen torch with anti-flare technology with which it is impossible to burn our fingers while using it. It has a ceramic fire hydrant that acts as a temperature insulator, while the torch head and the rest of the structure are made of stainless steel. It works by butane (not included) and has various child safety systems.

Lurch Germany Professional Gas Kitchen Torch

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For lovers of Catalan creams and a delicious flambé cocktail at sunset, you can count on the internationally recognized German brand Lurch, which offers us a high-end professional kitchen torch.

It is a torch with flame adjustment up to 1300 ° C certified by the German Technical Service (TÜV GS), which guarantees a safety level so that children do not suffer accidents at home, being beneficial in times of quarantine when you are all at home.

It’s perfect for gourmet cooking, uses butane gas, and includes 1 support base. It has the function of the continuous pilot.

RenFox Blow Torch Cooking Kitchen Culinary Torch Butane Torch Lighter

A less expensive product, and specialized for those who like to brown or caramelize their food regularly, and need to refill their torch often because they work in a pastry or bakery, comes from RenFox has designed a cooking torch with a locking system for avoiding accidental ignition.

Other of its features include an ignition button, a gas regulator, and two flames, guaranteeing a greater power in the flaming, which can reach up to 1300 ° C / 2500 ° F. The gas torch uses butane, has 1 secure base for support when not in use, and 1 metal valve on the back.

Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2 Iwatani PRO2

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For lovers of DIY projects and home remodeling activities, as well as for those who enjoy practicing new recipes at home. The Iwatani PRO2 company has developed a minimalist pistol-shaped flambe that will become the perfect weapon for delicate dishes where you want to caramelize creams, toast bread, brown cheeses, and much more.

The torch design has an alloy body that combines aluminum and stainless steel. It can reach an adjustable flame temperature of up to 1150 ° C. Its filling capacity with butane gas is 4 g. Its working time is 13 minutes. It is discreet, easy to store, affordable and easy to use.

Food Torch, Refillable Butane Torch for Culinary 2PCS

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With a compact, practical and ergonomic model, the people of Refillable Butane present us a torch for those cooks at home who wish to experiment and expand their skills while pleasing the palate of diners at home.

It is a cheap but effective torch that works perfectly as a sugar burner whose dimensions of 17.2 x 16.6 x 6.6 cm make it a portable and instrumental piece, even for those who like to camp and eat in special places. It has a safety ignition system and an adjustable flame temperature so that your peppers are to the point.

EurKitchen Premium Culinary Butane Torch with Safety Lock & Adjustable Flame Guard

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Suppose you are looking for one of the best products on the market. In that case, our opinion leans on the kitchen torches manufactured by the Scorch Butane label, which has developed a Scorch Butane ignition system with durable ignition switch spark after spark, and flame after flame.

Besides, aware that your money must be backed in terms of quality and industrial durability, they offer a diamond guarantee, that is, for life. The torch works with butane, has an adjustable flame and is manufactured with safety materials, is easy to recharge, and has a head that can be tilted up to 90 ° for more comfortable handling.

What to Consider When Choosing The Best Kitchen Torch

Due to the diversity of brands in the current market concerning this particular product such as a kitchen torch, you must know certain essential features in the product you want to buy. In this way, you will be satisfied with your investment.

You will make sure, for example, that the piece has a safety switch to avoid burns or that the intensity of the flame is adequate.


This is because you may want a high-quality kitchen torch to prepare various dishes and give them an exquisite appearance such as browning meringues, roasting peppers, finishing a French creme brulee, or caramelizing a fruit.

As you can see, a torch is a must for any home chef or gourmet specialist. That being said, check out the things to look for in these cooking tools.


If you work with fire, you will burn if you do not manipulate the heat sources correctly. Therefore, a kitchen torch with safety features is a better option, and it is something that you should look at when investing.

In this regard, see if the product you like has a safety power button and a handguard since it will be crucial to have children at home who like to play with everything. A flame regulation or gas adjustment function will also help make the tool safer.


There are kitchen torches that are disposable and run out quickly, translating into the loss of money. So when you are ready to choose your next kitchen torch, prefer a torch that allows a refill. In the same way, check if the nozzle has a universal tip.

It is more convenient for you during the filling process, especially for those lovers of good cuisine who like to have toasted and caramelized regularly in their meals. Similarly, I invite you to use the correct butane, an inappropriate gas can cause fires, you already know prevention above all!

Flame size and strength

When we cook, we always want our appliances to work as efficiently as possible. The same happens when using a culinary torch: an intense flame can mean that you can prepare and brown your food in less time. It is also recommended that the kitchen torch you choose can heat up to 2500 ° F / 1371.11 ° C and that its flames can reach up to 6 inches / 15.24 ° C. Such specifications will guarantee you a more functional product that allows you to have more dishes ready in less time.

On the other hand, it is also suggested that you opt for a kitchen torch that includes buttons or knobs to regulate the flame’s intensity. This guarantees you greater control and that you avoid accidents. Simultaneously, I prefer the most durable utensils and those that can be used for 5 hours in sum. So you can use your equipment with peace of mind without continually recharging it.

Easy lighting

When you have in your hands the task of directing a kitchen torch to numerous saucers at a distance of 5 cm, it is recommended that you have an easy on and off button.

With this, accidents will be minimized and fire handling will be more satisfactory. It is good to look at the automatic ignition devices since they will be more convenient than those that require a lighter.

How to Choose a Kitchen Torch?

To find the recommended kitchen torch for each of us, we must consider the following:

– Do I need a kitchen torch: if we like to cook and give the perfect touch to our dishes, yes. Even mini kitchen torches can offer us all these advantages:

– Versatility: the best kitchen torches are suitable for both sweet and savory recipes.

– Ease of use: just press a button to ignite the flame, which we can regulate by turning a valve.

– Cheap: the price of kitchen torches does not usually exceed 20$.

– Safety: the design of any rechargeable kitchen torch is designed to make it practically impossible for us to burn ourselves when using it.

– Long useful life: its operating system is so simple that, by buying one of the best kitchen torches, we will be able to use it for many years.

  1. Size: it will depend on our needs for use. For example, a jumbo kitchen torch is handy in restaurants and bakeries but impractical in the home. A smaller one is better in it.
  2. Adjustable flame: something essential to give the perfect touch to more or less delicate ingredients without burning them.
  3. Lock Button: It will guarantee that the culinary torch will not accidentally light while we are not using it.
  4. Multifunctional: sweets, meat, fish, cocktails … the best kitchen torches have endless uses.
  5. Best brands of kitchen torches: Ibili, TTMOW, and Cadrim have been the manufacturers best valued by users within this comparison.

Homemade vs Professional Kitchen Torches

Buying a homemade kitchen torch is the recommended option for most users. It is a compact device whose flame is adjustable and rarely exceeds 1000 ° C. That figure is enough to prepare the vast majority of possible dishes in the home.

It is also usually focused on specific use and has little autonomy. For beginners in cooking with a torch, a basic one is recommended and go little by little, gaining experience.

In contrast, a professional kitchen torch is a much more powerful, versatile, and extensive device. Its flame exceeds 1000º C and offers sufficient autonomy to prepare dozens of dishes every day.

Generally, it is used in restaurants, patisseries, and hospitality establishments in general. It can also be kept at home even if it is not the right environment to get the most out of it.

How Does a Kitchen Torch Work?

Kitchen torches consist of the following components:

 Gas cartridge for butane or propane kitchen torch.

– Power button or trigger 

– Piezoelectric ignition system 

– Flame power regulator 

– Exit mouth.

The culinary torch cartridge releases a small amount of butane or propane gas. When you press the trigger or ignition button, the piezoelectric system generates a spark that ignites it. Afterward, the flame is directed towards the outlet.

The user determines the amount of gas that comes out of the tank using the regulator and sets the required flame power.

The best butane gas cooking torches can reach 1430ºC, enough to melt some metals like copper or aluminum. These burners are adjustable for DIY in many cases. However, the maximum temperature of household torches is usually around 1000ºC.

How Do You Use a Kitchen Torch?

Very easy: After purchasing gas charges for a kitchen torch, we place one in the designed compartment, which is usually located inside the handle. Once it is properly fixed, we only have to press the trigger or ignition button to ignite the flame.

We adjust it through the regulator and we will be ready to cook with a torch. Put the gas charge in the torch and operate it using the ignition button to start using it.

There are fixed or adjustable flame torches that work with disposable butane or propane gas cartridges. These are introduced directly into the structure and, when they are exhausted, they must be replaced by new ones.

However, most household torches recharge the same as a kitchen lighter. They have a fixed tank built into their base that is recharged using a separate gas bottle. To fill a kitchen torch in this way, we must:

– Position the mini torch so that the valve is pointing upwards.

– Put the gas container down.

– Before: check that the gas tank of the small kitchen torch has not suffered blows. We must also check that all the pieces are well and put on short-sleeved clothes if we have antipyretic gloves, the better.

– During: the kitchen flambé should never be turned on with the mouth facing any part of the body. Nor should it be used on non-food products or try to light it using matches, lighters or other elements other than its piezoelectric system. Keep a distance between the flame and the food of 4-5 cm. It should never be dropped on the table or counter while the flame is on.

– After: check that the gas valve has been completely closed, put on the trigger lock and wait for it to cool completely before storing it. Never store the cooking torch for gratin in a place that is in direct contact with the sun or that contains textile elements.


After the tour of the different torches to use in the kitchen and in DIY and restoration projects, I must tell you that I have loved the Cadrim seal torch, not only because it has a minimalist and ergonomic design in the shape of a pistol.

Which it will facilitate each flambe and gratin to its point, but because the manufacturer of the piece combines aluminum with stainless steel, guaranteeing more excellent durability and a suitable container for butane. It is a compact and easy-to-use device due to its adjustable flame.

However, compared with other torches, and if you are willing to invest a little more, I would suggest opting for the professional brand Pro Scorch with a 90 ° rotating head. It has a lifetime guarantee of ergonomic and high quality.

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