Best LED Headlights

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Best LED Headlights

It is standard for every car to have headlights and you may have to replace your stock from time to time.

An automotive conundrum may have you boggling for some time now – should you switch to LED? If you weigh things properly, it will always be the wiser choice to switch. We have a separate section below the review that explains why you should upgrade to LED headlights.

If you’ve made up your mind and finally decide to commit to an LED-type, here are ten of the best-LED Headlights currently on the market!

Top 10 Best LED Headlights Reviews

Nineo H11 (H8, H9)

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Driving nights will never be dark again the Nineo H11. It comes in pairs with each bulb able to emit 3600 lumens for a total of 7200 lumens per pair.

What makes this product appealing is it’s twice as bright as your conventional halogen headlights and at the same time, has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. That’s like driving for 2083 days or 5.71 years non-stop!

Another thing you’ll like is the perfect beam pattern that absolutely produces no foggy light and any dark spots thanks to the embedded NINEO technology. Importantly, this one has automatic short-circuit protection.

Added perks include heat and water protection features with an integrated fan and a cooling chip that works even in harsh conditions.

This LED headlight features a 7000 RPM (revolutions per minute) Turbo Cooling Fan and an Aluminum heat sink; together they promote a powerful heat dissipation that makes the unit 30 percent cooler than your stock halogen.

This next-generation professional automotive LED lighting is designed for easy installation; simple plug and play. It can be installed in a mere 20 minutes without extra wiring, capacitors, or relay.

The Nineo can be installed in most vehicles as the CanBUS-Ready technology is compatible with most automotive computer systems. However, the manufacturer produced a list of LED-sensitive car brands that may possibly work with error with this model.

The list includes BMW, Volkswagen, Ford 2013 & up, Jeep 2005 & up, and Volvo. If your car experiences flickering, you can contact the manufacturer directly to have them give you the right decoder for your car model.


  • See brighter, See farther, Drive safer
  • 3600 x 2 for 7200 Lumens of light
  • 6000K white color temperature
  • 200 percent brighter than your stock halogen
  • Advanced heat dissipation features
  • 7000 RPM Turbo Cooling fan w/Aluminum heat sink
  • Up to 50,0000 hours of lifespan
  • Heat-protected and Water-proof
  • Automatic short-circuit protection
  • Plug and play; no extra wiring, no capacitor
  • CanBUS-Ready; compatible with most car models
  • Can be installed within 20minutes
  • NINEO technology for perfect beam pattern
  • Excellent customer service; contact manufacturer for decoders


  • May work with error to some car models


CougarMotor H11 (H8, H9)

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Now this one is as bright as the Nineo H11 – 7200 lumens for the pair (3600LM for each bulb).

However, this one boasts 10,000 RPM of powerful turbofan; that’s 3,000 RPM more than the Nineo H11 above.

Having a superior turbofan means the unit is not prone to overheating and is cooled in the most effective way possible.

This also promotes an optimum lifespan so you can be sure your unit will last the expected lifespan – 50,000 hours of unwavering bright light.

Thanks to decades of technological advancements, you now have a waterproof unit with a reliable fan that works even in tough conditions.

This CougarMotor is also twice as bright as your stock halogen lamp; it almost feels like you are driving in daylight with this one. It is also designed to produce a perfect beam pattern – say goodbye to foggy lights and dark spots.

Like the previous model above, this one can also be installed in a mere 20 minutes. The H11 is also compatible with most car models with the CanBUS-ready feature. You can contact the manufacturer first to confirm whether your car model is well-matched with this LED headlight.


  • Dual Turbo 10,000 RPM fan for dependable cooling
  • The high-speed heat dissipation system
  • 6000K super white color temperature
  • Top Cree XPL LED lights; the most reliable type
  • Bright 7200 lumens per pair
  • Perfect beam; no fogs, no dark spots
  • 30W per pair
  • 200 percent brighter than most halogen
  • Ensured 50,000 hours of life-span
  • Up to 360 degrees of beam angle
  • Waterproof
  • Plug and play connector type; easy installation
  • Doesn’t have polarity issues
  • 3-year warranty


  • The unit is bigger than halogen bulbs


MicTuning H4 (9003)

No products found.

If 7200 lumens is not enough, then you can go for an 8000-lumen model. MicTuning offers a brighter solution for the same price range.

It also has the same 6000K cool white temperature but with 80W per pair. Not surprising considering this one emits 8000 LM.

This still has the same features to love such as a perfect beam pattern, but with a lesser expected lifespan of about 30,000 hours compared to the 50,000 hours of the previous two models.

This is the compensation you have to sacrifice for the brighter lights.

The cooling fan rotates at 7000 RPM, making this one 30 percent cooler than conventional headlights in the market. It also has zero warm-up time; instantly turns on without any ado. Further, it has premium aluminum housing and is waterproof at the same time.

CanBUS ready technology means this one can be installed harmoniously with most computer systems while the plug-and-play feature promises less than 20 minutes of installment time.

The manufacturer produced a list of car models that could possibly not work properly with the unit – Audi Q7, VW PASSAT, MINI, and BMW.

You may need a decoder (load resistor) which you can acquire by simply contacting the manufacturer. Do this if you notice imperfect lighting or flickering in the lights after you have installed them.


  • Luma-Beam Technology
  • More superior 8000 lumens of bright light
  • More than 200 percent brighter than halogen
  • 6000K cool white temp
  • Perfect beam pattern; no fogs, no dark spots
  • 7000 RPM cooling fan for maximum lifespan
  • 30 percent cooler than stock halogen
  • Instantly turns on; no warm-up time needed
  • IP67 waterproof; premium aluminum case
  • EMC chip syncs with mini driver
  • Maximum, consistent light; heat protection
  • Plug and Play; less than 20 minutes of installation
  • CanBUS-ready; great with most computer systems.


  • Some vehicles may not be compatible


Lightening Dark H11 (H8, H9)

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It would be hard to define dark with the super bright 7200 lumens of the Lightening Dark H11.

Equipped with the best type of CREE XPL LED, this is the perfect upgrade from your standard HID or halogen headlight.

This unit comes with the latest optics that is able to provide you with the best angle for optimum visual and safe night driving.

Now you have a seamless beam pattern without any fog and dark spots in an illumination that is twice as bright as your stock headlights.

You can also ensure you have a robust, and durable unit that is waterproof and housed with aircraft-grade aluminum. Further, these materials can withstand harsh environments and extreme driving conditions.

This one is designed to achieve up to 95 percent of light efficiency thanks to the heat resistance technology brought by the 8000 RPM turbo cool fan. Generic LEDs can only cool half as fast as this model.

High-speed dual cooling and bigger heat dissipation area help the bulb achieve its expected maximum life expectancy of about 50,000 hours.

Like the models above, it has similar features such as easy installation (plug and play), CanBUS-ready, and zero-second start-up.

Importantly, it comes with 3 years of warranty so you can be confident when you buy this one.


  • Super-bright 7200 lumens
  • Ideal upgrade from your stock halogen or HID
  • Advanced optics technology
  • Clearer visuals; wider light angles
  • 200 percent brighter than ordinary HID or halogen
  • 8000 RPM turbo cool fan cools twice as fast as generic LEDs
  • Up to 95 percent light efficiency
  • Up to 50,000 hours of life expectancy
  • Perfect beam; no fogs, no dark spots
  • 6000K cool white temperature
  • 20 minutes installation
  • CanBUS-ready
  • Plug and Play; no extra wiring, no capacitor, no relay
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • 3 years warranty


  • Some vehicles may not be compatible


Auxbeam H11

No products found.

Now, this is a highly recommended headlight for people who wants to mainly convert to LED and is not after ultra-bright applications.

Brighter is not always better. This one produces 6000 lumens which is noticeably slower than the other models I featured.

However, this is quite enough if you only want to convert to a more efficient LED type from your stock halogen or HID without wishing for a blinding brightness.

Don’t underestimate this one; it is made from an aircraft-grade luxury gold aluminum material.

This Auxbeam doesn’t fall short of other features as it’s crafted with high-class CREE chips – the best choice in the market. Also, it is still at par when it comes to color; 6000K of white light is enough not to blaze your opposing traffic.

It comes with pretty much other standard features such as 360 degrees light angle and a perfect beam; no dark spots and foggy experience.

Now, this is ideal for people who want to have just enough but still an improved driving experience with a more efficient LED headlight system.


  • Pretty standard
  • 6000 Lumens; just enough brighter experience
  • Doesn’t dazzle on-coming traffic
  • 6000K soft white light
  • Aerospace aluminum alloy
  • 30 percent cooler than standard
  • 360 beam angle
  • Perfect beam; no fogs, no dark spots
  • Optimum heat protection
  • Built with CREE LEDs
  • Waterproof (IP68); can work underwater
  • Weather-proof; can work in harsh conditions
  • CanBUS-ready
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Zero start-ups; no delay


  • Beware of products from a different seller
  • Common problem; decoding function may not work for some


OPT7 Fluxbeam H11 (H8, H9)

No products found.

Now make way for this superstar; this one has got many sales despite being priced twice as much as the other models I featured on my list. Could this be the best-LED headlight?

For starters, this one emits 3500 lumens per LED for a total of 7000 lumens for the pair.

It also uses Arc-Beam technology and CREE MK-R LED which the manufacturer boasts to be the only model using the said technology.

What makes this one quite appealing is it can last OVER 50,000 hours! Or so the manufacturer says. But you got to see for yourself. The secret behind is the TurboCool fan, solid aluminum build, and RedLine driver.

You won’t be needing any expert assistance because this one can be installed right out of the box. You can also be confident this one is compatible with most computer vehicle systems in the market so it would be a rare case if your car isn’t. Simply contact the customer hotline if you have any issues.

There is also a car selector on the page (click here) to see if your car is well-matched with this model.

Standard HID lights may take as much as 8 seconds to obtain maximum brightness. On the other hand, this Fluxbeam can obtain 6000K and 7000 Lumens in zero seconds! Maximum light the moment you click it.

This one also boasts a 7000 RPM dual-speed TurboCool fan, 35 percent higher heat reduction with the cold-pressed aluminum heat sink, compact Redline LED control driver that regulates safe power and optimum heat protection with unswerving bright output.

Its most appealing aspect is the manufacturer has taken into consideration to put all things you need in the package. No more extra purchases that lead to disappointment. Everything you need is already in the box. Further, you can install this one in a breeze without any expert assistance.


  • 7000 Lumens of bright light
  • Exclusive Arc Beam Technology
  • CREE MK-R LED – market’s greatest choice
  • RedLine driver; regulates LED power
  • Optimized heat protection
  • Consistent brightness all throughout its lifespan
  • Dual Speed TurboCool fan at 7000 RPM
  • Twice airflow than standard
  • 35 percent higher heat reduction
  • More than 50,000-hour life expectancy
  • Zero-second startup
  • Perfect beam pattern; not scattered, not short
  • CANbus equipped
  • Comes in the complete package; universal accessories
  • Weather-resistant
  • Works as advertised


  • Claims of moisture build-up


Simdevanma H11 (H8, H9)

No products found.

Now make way for another 8000-lumen wonder. If you’re a fan of super bright lights, this one is a good choice. You’ll never see dark again with the illumination this LED can produce.

The design is also quite simple; just plain aluminum/metallic grey and doesn’t come in stylish colors like other models. But hey, it’s the light that matters.

Though it can produce an astonishing 8000 lumens of bright light, this one falls a little short of the beam angle.

This one can emit light at (only) 320 degrees. But it’s not much of a downside. What’s important is it can provide a perfect beam with no foggy experience and dark spots.

When you come to think of it, you won’t need much of that 40 degrees (20-degree angle on each side) beam light because a driver must focus on what’s ahead and not on the side.

Matter of fact, this comes as an advantage because you won’t be blinding the driver in the opposite lane with your ultra-bright 8000 lumens!

More importantly, this one can still achieve a 50,000-hour lifespan despite being so bright. Quite an impressive feat.

Standard features include waterproof bulbs and strong fans.


  • Ultra-bright 8000 lumens of illumination
  • 50 percent higher brightness
  • 50 percent more heat dissipation than standard bulbs
  • 6000K cool white light
  • Enough 320-degree beam
  • Perfect beam pattern; no fog, no dark spots
  • Waterproof
  • Maintenance-free
  • Shockproof
  • Very simple installation; less than 20 minutes
  • DOT approved and street legal


  • Some car models require an LED holder or adapter
  • Bulbs don’t light
  • Model incompatibility


HIKARI H13 (9008)

No products found.

All the way from Japan, the HIKARI LED is probably the new headlight you’ve been waiting for. The origin says it all.

The most popular LED headlight in Japan, giving you a hint of how good this product is, has finally come to the United States.

Each bulb produces 3600 lumens making it 7200 lumens for the pair.

You can guarantee great quality with this one. It is crafted with a premium aluminum design – a catalyst for efficient cooling.

Exceptional heat dissipation is brought by the built-in fans. Further, it has a water driver and can protect against fan failure and over-heating.

This one also has two of the most important elements every LED light must possess – seamless light pattern and superior brightness.

HIKARI is also the only brand in the market that utilizes AI Frequency Technology with CREEXHP50 LED to ensure the light pattern is faultless, quite concentrated, and can reach far. Everything that makes an LED great is met.


  • Japanese product: Ensures great quality
  • Most popular in Japan
  • High-quality aluminum design
  • Extreme 7200 lumens of brightness
  • Impressive heat dissipation
  • AI Frequency Technology
  • CREEXHP50 for seamless beam pattern
  • Light is seamless, concentrated, and penetrates far
  • Protected against fan-failure
  • Protected against overheating
  • 2-year warranty


  • Claims of bulb not working properly


Glowteck H4 (9006)

No products found.

Now this one looks oh so premium. The turquoise metallic color that matches with the box implies this one’s serious and up to the task.

Impressively, this one is an 8000-lumen giant! And the only item on my list to produce 6500K of white light; you can expect this one to provide greater visibility.

Not surprising, the expected life expectancy is 10,000 hours short of other models considering the brightness it can emit.

This one can last up to 40,000 hours of unwavering shine; which is still pretty good enough and quite better than standard halogens and HIDs.

The manufacturer boasts this one is made with the latest CREE XHP50 LED Chip. Standard features include no dark spots, an anti-glare body, and a great beam pattern. You can also expect color consistency and dependable lumen density.

You can now kiss goodbye to your current projector lamp bulbs, HID, or Xenon, as the perfect replacement is now already available at hand. Vivid and distinctive, you have a zero start-up time LED bulb ideal for use in fog lights, high beam, and low beam.

An attractive feat is the adjustable beam pattern that paves the way for projector housing or reflector.

This one is also easy to install, usually takes you not more than 20 minutes. You can plug this directly into your OEM sockets.


  • Premium-looking turquoise and black design
  • Gigantic 8000 Lumens of light
  • High-class SC5 technology
  • Consistent color all throughout
  • Anti-glare body
  • The first to have an ADJUSTABLE beam
  • 360-degree seamless angle
  • Perfect upgrade from your stock headlight
  • Up to 40,000 hours of shine; still better than stock halogen
  • Latest, embedded CREE XHP50 LED Chip
  • Superior quality and design
  • AirFlux dual cooling
  • Aviation aluminum coating
  • Easy to install


  • Claims of load fan noise


SNGL Super Bright H11 (H8, H9)

No products found.

Upgrade your car with one of the best in the industry. This one throws 12,400 lumens! Yes, you read it right. It would be so hard to find a model that can compete with this one.

The SNGL boasts an exclusive patented technology – adjustable beam function. With this, you can achieve the desired beam pattern beneficial both for you and the driver on the opposite side.

Other LED lights also emit high lumen but could possibly have no direct light on the road, which is supposed to be the most important thing.

Additionally, high lumen could result in glare – like a blinding disturbance to the oncoming cars. But this one is an exemption.

The manufacturer prides itself to have the ultimate in the market today. The LUMILEDS embedded in the unit is customized LED Chips made exclusively for SNGL. The brand promises a robust headlight kit that you can depend on.

Embedded noise filter and improved EMC design promote effective noise reduction for an ensured smooth and quiet driving experience. Further, this unit is equipped with a couple of safety features such as protection against the undue current, excessive voltage, pulse or electrostatic threats, and fan failure.

An impressive feat is the smart cooling system that doesn’t put the unit at risk of rapid light decay due to high temperatures above the light’s comfort zone; a common problem in ordinary LEDs.

CanBUS ready, this SNGL is compatible with almost all types of vehicles in the market.
With the adjustable beam, the SNGL offers something that you can rarely find on other brands.

This headlight is engineered with high-quality components, making it the best-LED headlight upgrade to your stock headlights. This one really screams awesome.


  • Super bright 12,400 lumens; the brightest in the industry
  • Exclusive and patented Adjustable-Beam technology
  • Can achieve focused light pattern
  • Can direct output light forward where you need it the most
  • Up to 260 percent brighter than stock halogen
  • Can minimize glare
  • 6000K cool white light temperature
  • SNGL Smart Constant Cooling system
  • Can achieve consistent brightness at ALL times
  • The expected lifespan of up to 50,000 hours


  • Flickering issues

Why You Should Switch To LED Headlights?

What’s with LEDs? In the first place, why should we replace my stock halogen or HID with this type? We have grown up loving high-intensity discharge lamps and halogen, why should we embrace this change?

Should we switch? The answer is an absolute YES. There’s no other way around it. Here are some of the reasons why you should switch to LED headlights.

In almost all cases, the brighter the better.
Headlights made with Light Emitting Diodes can emit superior intense light but consume very little from your vehicle’s electrical system. That’s the main beauty of it. Your car battery will be grateful because it can save up juice with this type.

Lumens is the unit of headlight brightness. LED headlights can throw more than 6000 lumens when turned on. On the other hand, ordinary halogens can only produce around 1200 lumens on a high beams and around 700 lumens on a low beams.

This should give you a clear picture of how LEDs are far brighter than your stock.

Proven long life-expectancy

Did you know? The average lifespan of an LED is actually longer than the life of your car itself!

Another benefit you’ll enjoy is economy – in both costs of operation and lifespan. LED lights can operate up to 50,000 hours and even more in some brands. On the flip side, conventional halogen bulbs can only live as far as 2000 hours.

Truly economical

Compared to an incandescent bulb, an LED can consume energy up to 90 percent less! Talk about the economy. Since they only need less power, your LED headlight will not make your car engine work as hard, consequently reducing its load and saving fuel.

LEDs may have a higher initial cost than halogens but they sure can compensate for the cost with long-term benefits in the form of extremely low operational costs.
At the end of the day, LEDs will remain the practical choice.


Though it is used more in actual temperature applications, the unit Kelvin is also used to measure the color temperature of both light-bulb-produced light and natural light.

The beauty of LEDs is they have the power to produce white light that almost resembles daylight. Night driving will never feel like night anymore.

The fundamental rule is the higher the “K” the better. All the LED headlights I featured in this article never fell down the 6000K line. This is to ensure that no matter what item you intend to buy, you will have the light you deserve!

Typical halogen lights produce warm white color (that almost seems like yellowish illumination) that ranges around 2000K or a little more.

It is always better to settle for more. It is more comfortable and safer to drive with an LED headlight that features 6000K of color temperature or more. This is the range where you can see a bright yet cool white light.


Switching to an LED adheres to the principle of caveat emptor. Another reason to love LEDs is they are relatively more durable and robust.

All LED headlights featured in this article are waterproof – which is a very big plus! The higher the IP level of your headlight, the less worry you take. IP is the unit used to measure the waterproof level.

It is also important to note those models that are weatherproof. You would be grateful to have a system that can operate even in harsh conditions.

It is inevitable to drive on pothole-strewn holes and our cars are undeniably subjected to daily vibrations and shocks. Incandescent bulbs are delicate and cannot withstand such forces; meanwhile, LEDs are invulnerable to vibrating conditions.

Practically sized

LEDs are compact-sized. This means engineers and manufacturers have plenty of room to be creative when it comes to designing headlights. They take this one to their advantage by intelligently adding cooling systems that prolong the life of the headlights and promote efficiency at the same time.

Best LED Headlights Buyer’s Guide

The right LED headlight must meet certain guidelines. Read on and see the things you should look out for.

Being White

This one follows the golden rule, the higher the better. Somehow, you won’t be making any sense if you purchase LED headlights only to settle with warm, yellowish light.

That’s why I highly recommend going for 6000K minimum. This is to achieve a cool white color temperature.

  • LED headlights with budget-friendly price tags that surpassed the standards include the NINEO LED Headlight, CougarMotor (H11, H8, H9), MicTuning H4, Lightening Dark H11, Auxbeam H11, and Simdevanma (H11, H8, H9). They all come at below fifty bucks – affordable but do NOT disappoint.
  • If you are looking for the whitest of them all, you should go for Glowteck LED. At 6500, it has the highest K level of all models I featured in this article. It comes above the seventy-dollar mark but is totally worth it.

Being Bright

There is something more important, if not as important, with the color category. It is the brightness level of your unit (measured in lumens). What good will white light bring if you can’t even see ten feet away? This category also follows the rule, better be higher.

  • If you want to settle for enough brightness, you should go for the Auxbeam H11 with its 6000 lumens of brightness. It can sufficiently light up your way without dazzling other drivers in the opposite lane.
  • If you want to go for more, there are also wise choices for you. At 7200 lumens, the most affordable choices include the Nineo H11, Cougar (H11, H8, H9), and Lightening Dark H11. They make a better driving experience by giving you a brighter night.
  • At 7000 lumens, it is also wise to go for the OPT7. It can provide better beam patterns with its exclusive Arc-beam lens technology. The package already includes everything you need.
  • We also recommend the GlowteckH13 because of its cool, premium-looking design. It comes with 8000 lumens with a rare attribute – the first to be adjustable. The HIKARI makes the competition tighter with its 9600 lumens. Its edge is Japanese-made; ensuring quality and high-grade materials.
  • If you want to have the best of what the industry can offer, 12,400 lumens of brightness are offered by the SNGL (H11, H8, H9). It is the brightest on the list but doesn’t glare at other drivers because it throws focused light.


If you think none of these two suits your needs, you can go back to the buying guide for a wider selection. For sure, your first or next LED system is just among the ten listed here in the article.

To wrap this all up, it is really an intelligent choice to practically upgrade your stock headlight with the LED type. And with the best-LED headlights reviews, you now have a set of good selections from which you can choose.

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