Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000

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Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000

In today’s World, many people spend most of their precious time doing things they do not enjoy. When this happens, they find that they are constantly seeking alternative ways of doing the same thing differently in a manner that would make them like what they are doing. Consequently, they end up researching the possible activities that would make their day much more fun than it currently is. Be that as it may, Wirecutter proposes an ideal way of doing what you love while simultaneously staying healthy; riding a mountain bike.

This is arguably one of the easiest and healthiest ways to unwind after a hard day’s work and leaves you feeling absolutely fulfilled. But then the big question comes. Can you afford a mountain bike? Well, the answer is a big YES. To sum it all up, Wirecutter has compiled an unrivaled list of some of the best mountain bikes under 1000 dollars that most customers find ideal and come highly recommended.

How to Select The Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000

You already have the knowledge about some of the possible bicycles that you might consider buying. But deciding on what bicycle you are going to settle for is one of the toughest decisions you will ever make. You cannot just delve into the market to buy one if you have not already considered carefully what bike you want to buy. As a matter of fact, it is strongly advisable that you find a mountain bike expert if you can to help you with the decision. There are several steps that you must consider before buying a mountain bike.

Step 1: Know what you want

The first step is often the most important step. You need to understand yourself first before you can decide on what is good for you. You need to be clear on what you want your mountain bike to do for you. Likewise, you must also be clear on where you will be riding your mountain bike. For instance, if you want a bicycle that will simply help move you from one point to another, then you can just get a simple bike that has no special features. But if you need a bike that will take you to the worst of terrains and back, then you need to get a bike that is strong enough to do just that.

Step 2: Get to know what the bike should do

Once you have settled on what you want your bike to do for you, you need to identify what each feature of the bike should be like in order to effectively perform the task for which it is intended. We are going to consider five features that are of utmost importance in this case.


The frame is the fundamental component of a mountain bike. The frame can easily de described as the backbone of the bike. In bicycles, the strength of the frame is defined by the material used to manufacture it. The most common materials in use today are aluminum, titanium, and steel. Other frames may be manufactured with carbon fiber. Aluminum is most preferred due to its affordability and it is lightweight characteristic as well. Steel is considered heavy and will therefore make the bike heavy for no apparent reason. Carbon and titanium on the other hand are more expensive and would inflate the price of the bike above 1000 dollars.

In addition to that, frame size is also another factor that should be considered. Here, you have a few checkpoints that you need to mark. The frame should not be too stretched to the point you are uncomfortable nor should it be too squeezed. Also, the height of the seat from the frame should not be too high or too low.


You already have your frame size and material. The next factor to consider is the suspension. The suspension will determine the smoothness or roughness of the ride. Here, two options are available for you.

* Hardtail

In the Hardtail option, the suspension is placed in the front wheel. Its main purpose is to ensure a smooth ride and also keep your hands more comfortable. However, this type of suspension requires that you ride your bike on less rugged terrain.

* Full suspension

Full suspension is where you have the suspensions in both the front and the rear wheel. This type of suspension is much more expensive than the Hardtail type but is much more comfortable as well. The ultimate decision should be made after determining the purpose of your bike. However, it is advisable that amateurs should always go for the full suspension option.

The size of the wheel

The wheel size of the bike is also a major determinant in selecting your ideal bike. There are four main wheel sizes for mountain bikes. These areas are listed below.

*24 inches

These are mainly ideal for shorter legs. They are mainly used by children. They may also be found in adult bikes that are designed with simple components.

*26 inches

These wheel sizes are smoother and more comfortable when accelerating. They were the most common size in the past.

*27.5 inches

This wheel size has been defined as the best of both worlds due to the fact that it falls between the 26-inch wheel and the 29-inch wheel. It is much lighter than the 29er when it comes to obstacles and smoother than the 26 inches when riding. It is ideal for both tall and short people.

*29 inch

This is the most popular wheel today. It provides a higher momentum and covers a wider surface area when rolling. It also accelerates much slower than the other sizes. It is heavy and can only be used by tall riders and adults.

The braking system

The brake is arguably the most important factor to consider. Without it, there is absolutely no reason for getting a mountain bike in the first place because it is a disaster waiting to happen. There are two types of brake options available for you.

*Rim brake

This is the traditional type of braking system where the brake pads simply grip the rim to stop the bike on road. Though it is cheap, it has relatively low stopping power.

*Disk brake

In the disk braking system, the brake pads grip onto the disk that has been padded on the wheel. It is a much more effective braking system and is not affected by the weather. Experts recommend the usage of the disk brake system as opposed to the rim brake system.


The gears in mountain bikes work more like the gears in cars. They literally drive the bikes. The importance of gears is that they have the capability of offering different speeds depending on the terrain in which one is riding. A normal bike usually has 24-speed gears while an advanced bike will have 27 gear speeds. This number is arrived at by multiplying the front chainrings with the rear sprockets. For instance, in the 24-speed gear, the chainrings are 3 while the sprockets are 8 while in the 27-speed gear, the sprockets are 9.

Step 3: Consider your budget

You have considered all the relevant factors you need in a mountain bike. You have settled on your ideal mountain bike. Now you want to purchase it for yourself. Remember, your ideal bike should not cost more than 1000 dollars so you must ensure that the price falls within the 1000-dollar bracket. If it is more than the stipulated price, you can always opt for a cheaper one.

The 10 Best MTB Under 1000 Dollars

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How do you define a mountain bike?

There is a reason why this bicycle was named a mountain bike. It is not the ordinary bicycle used for running the usual daily errands at home. A mountain bike is designed to allow people to use it on every terrain regardless of the surface texture. As a matter of fact, it is designed with special features that enable it to traverse rocky and other rugged terrains. It has gears that the ordinary bike lacks to enable it to be used in almost all kinds of environments. It can be used in the mountains as well as in loose gravel surfaces. It can also be used on rocky surfaces and extremely hilly terrains.

What are the different types of mountain bikes in the market?

Different types of mountain bikes are available for different purposes. So far, there are 5 different types known for different uses.

Trail mountain bike

The trail mountain bike is the most common type of mountain bike. It is generally a multi-purpose mountain bike that can be used on various terrains including but not limited to dirt roads and smooth tracks.

Cross-country mountain bike

As the name suggests, the cross-country mountain bike is meant to be used over long distances. For this reason, it is designed to be light enough to be accelerated easily and strong enough to withstand weight over long distances. Due to the fact that it is meant to be used across the country, it is factored to be used on multiple terrains including rocky, sandy, and loose surfaces. It, therefore, has enhanced features that enable it to withstand all these surfaces with ease. This bike is mostly used for competitive events.

All-mountain bike

An all-mountain bike is designed to be used in a specific landscape, unlike the cross country mountain bike. It is designed to be used for mountain climbing. For this reason, it is much heavier than the ordinary mountain bike and allows you to cycle on steep slopes with ease. The bike has stronger frames and sturdy suspensions that can be able to offer a much more comfortable ride in this type of terrain with little effort. Using this bike for mountain climbing makes the whole process look like a walk in the park.

Freeride and downhill mountain bike

As the name suggests, this mountain bike is specifically meant to be used for downhill rides. It is specifically designed with stronger suspensions and stronger frames to hold your weight through that free ride downhill. It also has bigger wheels to provide the comfort and safety of the free ride. Most bikers who use this bike usually go uphill while carrying them in other vehicles and then use them to get the thrill of a free fall. So if you are looking for a perfect companion down a steep slope, you know where to turn to.

Dirt jump mountain bike

The dirt jump bike is designed for stunt masters who can perform all kinds of tricks with a bicycle. Special features in this bike include a smaller wheel diameter and longer handlebars to allow you to easily manipulate it in all types of terrains, including rocky and logged roads. It is also extremely lightweight in order for these stunt people to lift them easily during their stunts.

Things to Consider Before Buying Mountain bikes under $1000


One of the most important factors to consider before buying a mountain bike is the design of the bike. This should be informed by the purpose of buying the bike. For instance, if you are a heavy hitter who wants to ride uphill and downhill at the same time, you cannot go for the Hardtail bike. You need to go for the full suspension bike that is much stronger and offers more comfort as a result of suspensions on both wheels. On the other hand, beginners should go for the less expensive Hardtail bike that offers comfort, especially for your hands, and can be rolled on a controlled number of surfaces.


Depending on your preference and specifications, you have already settled for a frame that best defines you, be it aluminum, steel or carbon fiber. Now the next step is to identify which components you would want to be added to the bike if it is not already on the bike. The components, in this case, include things like the gear shifters, front chainrings, crank arms, and so on. If you can afford it, you should go for a carbon fiber frame that offers more durability. However, it is expensive and could surpass your budget of 1000 dollars or less.

The Size

Size is definitely a major factor that will define your character and eventual comfort when you want to buy a mountain bike. There are different sizes in the market as earlier discussed. If you want a fast roll and a smooth glide, you could settle for the 26-inch bike. However, if you are looking for greater momentum and more control in your hands, then the 29er will come in handy. The 27.5 inches will combine both the smooth glide and greater momentum. So if you are in luck, you would rather go for that.

The Budget

Save the best for last. Budget is the most important factor you need to consider when buying a bike. After all the preferences are made regarding the durability and design, your budget is what will determine what bike you will ride home. However, this should not be an issue because, with less than 1000 dollars, you can land yourself a good mountain bike that guarantees comfort and strength for a very long time. However, if you can afford to spend more, then your options are definitely limitless.


There are several mountain bikes under 1000 dollars in the market today and as you have learned, the decision will depend on several factors. There are people who prefer comfort and style while others would settle for anything that glides smoothly. All of these needs are definitely catered for in the world of mountain bikes. However, it is best to always do thorough research and gain as much knowledge on bikes as possible before investing your money in one. The ultimate decision on which bike to go home with will be determined by the amount of money you are willing to spend on it. But in the modern technology era, you will always have something to write home about. That’s all for Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000 Dollars. I Think you got helpful resources to choose your dream bike.

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