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Best Nonstick Pan Reviews

When we look for options to buy the best nonstick pan, logically we want affordable, resistant, durable, easy to wash, light, non-stick, which allows us to cook various types of food.

However, not all pans have these properties. There are pans made of different materials (aluminum, titanium, wrought iron, or stainless steel), each oriented to use and more appropriate for one type of food.

Top 5 Bestseller Nonstick Pans

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Also, not all pans are designed to be used with the same frequency. Some are suitable for regular use while others can be used frequently.

If you are thinking of buying the best nonstick pan to equip or expand your kitchen inventory, you must have some important criteria clear. For example, if you usually prepare fried eggs and omelettes for breakfast and plan to use them frequently, a non-stick aluminum pan may be useful for you.

On the other hand, if you need to fry or grill food, a stainless steel skillet is probably more suitable for you. But these are just some of the factors to consider when buying a skillet right. Keep reading to know all the details and the best choices of the moment.

How to choose a frying pan?

What pans are best for cooking? This is a question we all ask ourselves before going to a store to buy a set of kitchen utensils. Therefore, here we are going to offer a brief guide to buying pans that will be very useful:

  1. The type of kitchen we have: the best pans on the market are already valid for induction, glass-ceramic, and gas cookers. However, we should not trust ourselves and, before acquiring a specific model, we must review its technical data sheet and its label to ensure that it will work on our plate.
  2. The size: obviously, it is not the same to cook for a person than for a family with children. In this sense, pans are ranging from 16 cm to 32 cm in diameter. The ideal is always to buy a set of pans of various sizes since, in addition, we can cook on several burners at the same time and we will satisfy all our needs.
  3. The manufacturing material: there are Teflon pans, cast aluminum, wrought iron, copper and each of them has specific properties. Later, we will explain each type of pan’s pros and cons, so we will not delve into the matter now.
  4. The budget: after making this comparison of pans, it is obvious that the Teflon ones are the cheapest. However, they deteriorate faster and transmit substances harmful to health into the food. For this reason, it is always advisable to buy non-toxic and more resistant pans even if they cost us a little more.
  5. The handle: the pans with removable handles are easier to clean and they guarantee that, even though this element breaks due to use, if the cooking surface is good, we can continue to use them.
  6. Other uses: today, some pans can be put in the oven without a problem. This provides greater versatility when cooking.

Top 5 Best Nonstick Pan Reviews

These are the best pans according to the results of our tests and the opinion of the users:

Tefal Ingenio Non-Stick Elegance Cookware Set

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Removable handle pans for added versatility.

If you don’t like pans with a fixed handle, the Tefal Ingenio Non-Stick Elegance Cookware Set is probably what you are looking for. It is a set of six aluminum pans with removable handles. This feature will allow you to prepare food in the oven and avoid burns such as those caused by the screws on the fixed handles.

Thanks to the aluminum with which they are made, they are light and comfortable. If you’re looking for an easy-to-handle skillet, these might be a good option.

Its cleaning is simple since they are internally and externally covered by the non-stick coating Titanium Excellence, which consists of 7 layers with extra Titanium. It has good durability and thanks to it you can prepare stews, stir-fries, stews, and a wide variety of recipes without the food sticking.

They are compatible with all types of cookers, including induction. In our tests we have seen that induction ones offer better performance since they tend to heat up faster, distributing the heat evenly and efficiently.

The main drawback is that they have a certain convexity in the center, making the oil go slightly to the sides.

The set includes only one handle, which is impractical as if it ever breaks, the game will be practically unusable unless you buy a replacement handle.


  • Its removable handle offers greater comfort when working.
  • Suitable for use in the oven.
  • Perfect for induction.


  • Due to its convexity, the oil goes to the banks.
  • The set only includes one handle.

11″ Nonstick Frying Pan

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A skillet with a durable non-stick. This set consists of 3 cast aluminum pans of 18, 22, and 26 cm with which you can prepare stews, vegetables, meats, and many other foods.

This set of pans has caught our attention for different reasons: They incorporate a 5.5 mm thick base that allows faster heating and energy savings.

Its non-adherence consists of a Teflon Select three-layer with a fairly resistant golden finish. Its cleaning is easy and fast. They can be used in all types of cookers, including induction.

They are not excessively light, however, they are robust and resistant to deformation, which translates into a long service life.

The main drawback with these pans is in their handle since the silicone they incorporate tends to peel off due to heat. Also, the screw that holds the panhandle may occasionally drip hot water. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful or use mittens.


  • Durable non-stick.
  • Resistant and robust material.
  • Ideal for preparing different dishes.


  • They are somewhat heavy.
  • The screws holding the handle may leak.
  • The silicone on the handle tends to peel off.

Monix Copper 20 cm Forged Aluminium Frying Pan

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The best skillet to cook in the oven. This set includes two forged aluminum pans: one 20cm and one 24cm each with a thickness of 4mm and a metallic copper exterior effect that gives them a sleek look and distributes heat evenly across the surface.

It is less robust than cast aluminum pans, but lighter and easier to handle.

Its non-stick coating consists of a Quantanium tri-layer with titanium particles, which provides greater resistance and prevents food from sticking, therefore these pans are ideal for preparing seafood, fish and stews.

It incorporates a stainless steel handle that allows them to go into the oven without fear of damage (up to temperatures of 220 ° C). The disadvantage of the handle is that when it is used in a gas cooker it heats up quickly and can burn us if we do not hold it with a mitt or potholders.

When using these pans to fry food we have observed that the oil lodges on the edges, since the surface is convex (bulging in the center) and therefore may not be the best option for preparing tortillas.

Over time, we have also seen that the lower part loses its copper color and some stains can be difficult to remove. However, the inside of the frying pan is easy to clean and requires little care.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Elegant finish.
  • Suitable for oven.


  • Because it is convex in the center, the oil goes sideways.
  • The handle tends to get hot.
  • Difficulty removing stains on the outside.

Tefal Expertise-32cm Frypan

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The ideal skillet for basic recipes and moderate use. 2If you are just starting out in the kitchen or looking for an affordable frying pan to prepare simple recipes, Tefal Expertise could be what you need. It’s our recommended choice for culinary beginners.

This 32 cm aluminum frying pan has caught our attention for the following reasons:

It incorporates a 4.5 mm reinforced induction base to resist thermal shocks.

It has Titanium Excellence non-stick (7 layers with extra titanium).

It is compatible with gas, electric, vitro and induction cookers.

When the central point changes color it indicates that it is ideal to add the food, since it has reached 180 ° C.

It takes up little space (it is 2.5 cm high).

It is light and comfortable to work with. With it you can prepare meats and vegetables, however, it can lose non-stickiness if it is used frequently and with metal utensils.

In our tests we observed that it requires some time to heat up due to the ferritic stainless steel disc at the base, responsible for distributing the heat evenly.

We have also observed that the screws that connect the handle to the pan can loosen due to heat, so you will need to adjust them from time to time.


  • Affordable price.
  • Ideal for kitchen beginners.
  • Notify when is the ideal time to place food.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.


  • It takes some time to warm up.
  • Loses non-stick with intensive use.
  • The handle screws may loosen.

Woll eco-LITE Induction Skillet

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The ideal set of pans to expand the kitchenware. It is a set of 3 cast aluminum pans of 18, 22, and 26 cm with which you can prepare from tortillas to stews. The set also includes two safe green trivets so you can place the pan on any surface without causing damage.

However, they can be somewhat heavy in the tests we have found that they have a high resistance to deformation, which gives them a long useful life.

Its non-stick coating consists of a triple layer of Teflon Classic that allows the free movement of food on its surface. If silicone or wooden utensils are used to move food, we can keep it for a long time.

It is not suitable for preparing food in the oven, since its handle and is made of Bakelite incorporate silicone parts that can deteriorate with the high temperatures of the oven.

They are easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher without fear of damage. Thanks to its Teflon coating, it can be cleaned with a paper napkin after preparing simple dishes, such as an omelette.

Something that troubles several users is the screw that connects the pan with the handle at the bottom. When the pan is on the heat source, steam is concentrated in the hole where the screw goes, which can cause burns.

However, due to the number of pans, accessories, and features it offers, this set is one of the best value for money options.


  • They are dishwasher safe.
  • They include 2 trivets.
  • Robust and long-lasting.
  • Good non-stick.


  • Because of the handle, they are not suitable for the oven.
  • The screw hole can cause burns from the steam it houses.
  • They could be lighter.

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What to Consider When Choose a Best Nonstick Pan

The frequency of use is one of the most determining factors in choosing a frying pan since that will define the resistance and the type of material of the same.

If we are looking for a frying pan for intensive use, the most advisable thing would be to get one of iron or titanium, since its resistance is high and can be used daily, at high temperatures, and use metal utensils to take off the food.

A cast aluminum or forged aluminum skillet is suitable for frequent and moderate use, especially if it has a titanium or Teflon coating. However, avoid using metal utensils to prolong the life of the nonstick.

On the other hand, if we require a frying pan for normal/basic use, a pressed aluminum option with a non-stick coating such as Teflon may be sufficient.


Bakelite handles or heat-resistant plastic materials are the best options for a frying pan, even more so if they have an ergonomic design that allows us to handle it comfortably.

There are also wooden handles, usually incorporated into iron pans, which makes them lighter and can deteriorate faster than those made of Bakelite.

The handle of the pan must have grooves for our fingers, as it provides a better grip and prevents it from slipping from our hands when we move the pan from one place to another.

Other pans incorporate a removable handle, which provides greater versatility when cooking and is easy to store.


It is also important to observe if the pan’s base has any special reinforcement or if it is at least thick enough to prevent it from being easily deformed.

Pans with a thin sheet of metal tend to warp and tilt more to one side, causing the cooking process to not be completely smooth or for oil to collect in one place.

Individual frying pan or set of pans?

Buying a set of pans is usually much more advantageous than buying a single pan, but keep in mind:

  • They generally come on sale and at an affordable price.
  • They allow us to equip our kitchen and have more options when cooking.
  • The quality is not always equal to that of a single pan that is designed for a specific use.
  • We don’t always use all sizes.

Ease of cleaning

Some pans require fairly easy cleaning while others require special care to extend their life.

For example, stainless steel and aluminum pans are easy to clean as they can be washed by hand, or even put in the dishwasher just like titanium and ceramic ones.

However, cast iron pans need more care, as they are vulnerable to corrosion as do not have a non-stick coating. Therefore, they should be hand-washed, dried with absorbent paper, and avoided soaking.

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