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Best Powered Speaker Reviews

Each speaker has its specifications which make it unique to suit the purposes of the buyer. So before you invest in the kind of speakers you like, there are some factors you should consider.

In the posts, we have listed the best powered speakers (See comparison table below) and also reviewed each one of these to help you make a better choice.

Top 5 Bestseller Powered Speakers

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Things to Consider Before Buying

The kind of speaker that you buy is supposed to suit your needs so that it can fulfill its purpose in the best way. It would not befit to buy small speakers for a large room and vice versa as that would affect sound quality which is the basic purpose of a speaker.

So before you buy the here is what you need to check:

  • SENSITIVITY: You should check for the sensitivity of the speaker. A normal speaker has 85-87 dB of sensitivity. The sensitivity indicates the loudness of a speaker, so if you want to buy speakers for a small room then regular sensitivity will work just fine, but if you want speakers for a bigger room and larger group of people then you should consider speakers with sensitivity greater than 90dB.
  • IMPEDANCE: impedance is the amount of current required by the speakers. If your speakers demand a huge amount of current from your amplifier this might affect the amplifier and cause it to be damaged or heated up. Whereas if a speaker requires average or low current then it will work just fine alongside the amplifier.
  • ECHO: Before you buy a set of speakers you should check it in the shop for audio quality. Many speakers have this problem in voice projection that the sound echoes when the volume of the speakers is turned up high. This is a huge drawback as the speakers then fail to fulfill their purpose and instead act as a nuisance.
  • PORTABILITY: If you are looking for moveable speakers that you could carry along with you to places then you need to see the size of the speakers and how easy it is to manage them. Big speakers have low portability and require to be fixed in one place.
  • SPEAKER MATERIAL: You should check the kind of material that your speaker is made of for best audio quality. If a speaker is made of a dense material then it is good, as the sound will vibrate when the speakers broadcast it.
  • POWER RATING: The more power a speaker has the better sound it is capable of producing. High powered speakers have an advantage that they can be used on average power and still produce a good audio, so when utilized to their maximum capability they fulfill their purpose well.

The Advantages of Buying High Powered Speakers

Whenever you invest in any technological device, it is bound to come with many advantages. Similarly buying high powered speakers is sure to come with its set of bonuses.

  • Having high powered speakers means better sound quality definitely. You can create your own cinema experience with such speakers. If you use them at a party, all your guests can enjoy the music fully as the audio will be loud enough.
  • If you are using them in a school for announcements, you need not worry about the message being clear or not. High powered speakers ensure that the audio is clear wherever it may be projected.
  • Higher sound quality projected from your speakers also means a greater impact on your audience if you use it for business purposes.

Top 7 Best Powered Speaker Reviews

PowerWerks PW50 RMS Personal PA System

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This is a single unit speaker, with 50-watt power. It is great for small rooms and personal entertainment. It is small in size compared to other speakers, so definitely for those who don’t want to carry around a PA system with them. It is best used by small-scale bands that play for a small group of people. Despite the small size, the audio is loud and clear with no echo issues.

This speaker is usually used by those who want to play karaoke or those who like to play music on their iPods. It suits well for these small scale purposes. In order to enhance the sound quality, it can be plugged into a subwoofer system.

It can be attached to an electric keyboard, an electronic drum set and with acoustic instruments. Especially handy for those who want to make music at home and want their own set of personal speakers to do the job for them.

They are solidly built which means they will last a longer time. Putting in two of these speakers will give you 100 watts power which is incredible sound.


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This speaker is the small, compact and light weight which makes it readily portable. It can be mounted up on the wall or set up on a speaker stand whatever way suits the user. They have a clear loud sound which makes the audio sound crisp.

These speakers can be used for open-air settings such as weddings, small concerts, and parties for a gathering of about 300 people. The audio will reach each person equally creating a jovial environment.

The portability of these speakers makes them easily accessible for even older aged people and can be carried around by those who are performing gigs at different venues. Without the hassle of carrying around very expensive easily damaged speakers.

Although this speaker is not made of wood, the sound quality is still up to the mark. If you put two of these together you are sure to have a wholesome projection of music and sound. It does not need the company of a subwoofer as it is capable of projecting high-quality sound on its own. Extremely good for personal entertainment.

Rockville RPG10

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These speakers are fit for small scale parties but should not be used for a large group of people. They do not offer a lot of bass. These can be used for outdoor movie viewing as well.

They can be attached to a computer or tv, to raise the volume levels and make the audio more audible. Speakers can work with live music monitors. They are lightweight and compact so can be easily carried around.

The only issue with these speakers is that they have a slight humming or buzzing sound that never really completely goes away. If you turn the volume high up enough then the sound can be ignored. For those who require a lot of basses, they should not invest in these speakers.

The manufacturing company is quick to respond to any queries; however, the warranty time for these speakers is just one year.

Seismic Audio Tremor

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This is a heavyweight woofer system that needs to be fixed in one place as it can’t be carried around all the time. It is not portable. However, it is very solidly built with metal handles and a thick cabinet which adds to great voice quality.

It can be hooked up with mikes and guitars, as well as drums. It is mostly used for parties and personal movie watching. The sound quality is extremely loud and if placed in the center of the room it fills up the entire room with the audio being played, so it works well even in a crowded place.

The woofer system has no humming or buzzing sound that could get annoying. The only con is its heavy weight. If you compare it with a subwoofer the sound isn’t very well enhanced, however, it serves the purpose it is made for.

You can plug it in to your TV or to your iPod and get the music going on a full blast. The power demand is quite a lot at 500 watts so make sure to attach it to a suitable amplifier as low power may result in damaging the speaker.

Mackie THUMP12 Thump Series

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The Mackie thump 12 are a set of lightweight speakers, easy to carry around. They offer 1000 watts of power which mean that the speakers can be played at loud sounds without getting overheated.

The sound emitted from the speakers is extremely loud and clear. For those of you who are singers, the vocals are very clear as well. It is also used by guitarists for their gigs.

These speakers can be used in large gymnasiums, auditoriums, classrooms and for outdoor parties etc. Users have commented that the sound could be heard clearly from 50 feet away. They can even be run without a subwoofer system.

The built quality of these speakers is really good, they are not made of cheap plastic so they won’t crack or damage easily. The cabinet of the speakers is made of polypropylene. The sound vibrates off the cabinet making it enhanced.

Users have given five star reviews about these speakers, those who have used it for band practices and even those who taken these along for small gigs, were all very satisfied with the sound quality of these speakers.

Rockville RPG

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These set of speakers some with a stand and XLR cables. They are made of plastic which means light weight and easy to carry but can be damaged if dropped down or banged into a wall.

The sound produced from these speakers is extremely loud, so they can be utilized at large gatherings and parties so that the music or speeches can reach the audience in its entirety.

The power is at 1000 watts which are quite a lot, this means that the speakers need to be plugged into a suitable amplifier. These are highly recommended for bands who have an average audience base, clubs and DJ’s who need to blast their music to the extreme. These set of speakers will help you do it.


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This speaker is lightweight and easy to transport. It is used mainly for outdoor parties because the sound projected is very crisp loud and clear. Bands can use it for their gigs as well.

You can simply plug in your iPod or MP3 with these speakers and get the music of your choice running on these speakers at your personal parties. These speakers are very rugged and durable so you shouldn’t have the fear of cracking or breaking them easily.

No matter how high you turn up the volume of the speakers the sound will not distort and still be clear. This means these speakers can be used for a large audience as well where the sound needs to be loud enough to reach the whole group of people.

These can be used as a DJ monitor, as well as a live music monitor or vocal monitor. The company provides a 3-year warranty so any issues with these set of speakers can be readily solved. For their size, the sound quality is excellent.

Yes, you can use a speaker without a subwoofer, not all speakers require subwoofers. However, if you desire to get high sound quality then pairing up a speaker to a subwoofer is the best thing to do.

Definitely, size is a really important factor in speakers. The size of the speakers determines how portable they are and how to place them in a room. Lightweight speakers can be pinned up on the wall, whereas large speakers can be used as stands or placed on a big shelf. They won’t be as portable as the smaller ones.

The peak power in a speaker identifies the maximum power those speakers can withhold and if given more power than that then they will overheat and become dysfunctional. The RMS is the regular power on which the speaker can work continuously without overheating.

It depends on how you want to use your speakers. If you want to determine how much power and frequency your speaker should get then you should use an amplifier with your speaker.


So before you buy a set of speakers make sure to check all the above-mentioned factors in it. You should check the size, portability and sound quality of the speakers before you invest. This will make you a satisfied customer with your purchase. Also, predetermine the venues at which you will be using the speaker, this will help you choose the right set of speakers designed for the cause you are seeking. which speakers among the top 5, do you consider to be the best powered speaker from E Wirecutter? Comment below!.

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