Best Pressure Washer

Best Pressure Washer Reviews
Best Pressure Washer Reviews

Remember that time when your patio is still brand new? Those times when the surfaces around you shine like new?

Spare yourself the nostalgia. Now you can power wash away years of grime and dirt that seemed to invade your beloved yard. With the best pressure washer, you can fight all forms of filth buildup in your walls, floors, decks, driveways, and a whole lot more.

By doing the right investment, you’ll have a long-term solution to your outdoor cleaning needs. From a simple garden hose, you can transform it into an aggressive deep-cleaning, dirt-demolishing machine!

Check out these ten pressure washers you can buy today!

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This section gives you in-depth reviews of each unit. If you’re here for quick shopping, you can go directly to the Buying Guide section below as I have wrapped things up there for a quick selection.

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The AR Blue Clean is the least expensive one made on my list. This pressure washer is ideal for daily tasks with its 1900 PSI (pounds per square inch) pressure.

This one comes with a decent, blue look with an outstanding design that makes it easy to transport around.

It has two large rear wheels and a handle at the top; just pull the unit like a trolley to maneuver it from place to place.

One thing you should know about this washer is it’s electrically powered. So if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require outlets and the like, you may consider scrolling down for gas-powered options.

The main advantage of being electrically powered is quiet operation. If you don’t like to deal with noise while cleaning your garden, you may consider this electric wonder.

This pressure washer comes with all the essentials needed for most tasks – a wand, spray gun, nozzles, hose, and a detergent bottle.

No extreme assembly is needed when this one arrives at your doorstep; all you have to do is insert the hose reel, attach the handle, connect to an outlet, and you’re good to go!

Its most attractive asset is its ability to conserve water by up to 80 percent less than a basic hose while exerting more pressure at the same time.

There are three packages available:

  • Pressure Washer​
  • Pressure Washer + Brass Pipe and Hose Fitting
  • Pressure Washer + Surface Cleaner

These options provide you with a better selection that may suit your specific needs and purpose of using the unit.

Note: It is advisable to buy a brass male-to-male hose adapter from your local hardware store.

  • Adequate Pressure: 1900 PSI
  • Electrically powered; quiet operation
  • Quieter than gas-powered models
  • Satisfying cleaning result
  • Perfect for car cleaning
  • Convenient and Fast Assembly
  • Comes with a detergent box
  • Comes with a turbo spray lance
  • 35-foot power cord
  • Reach different areas without switching plugs
  • Plastic hose adapter may leak water

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Now this one comes with a little bit higher price than the previous AR Blue but with a lesser power – 1500 PSI compared to the 1900 PSI of the AR Blue.

However, this model is still made into my list because of two things – portability and compactness.

The device is small in that it can be placed undetected in narrow storage spaces. It’s also lightweight that you can carry it around without any discomfort.

You can easily forgive the lesser 1500 PSI considering the size of this one. Matter of fact that is already powerful when you put size in the equation!

What makes this thing more attractive is it can be used both vertically and horizontally depending on how a specific situation demands. The thing is this small device works wonders. It even has 25 and 40-degree fast-connect tips to cater to multiple applications.

Just like the previous model, this GreenWorks is electrically powered with a 35 feet power cord; long enough to allow you to reach far areas without having to find a nearer outlet.

Overall, the GreenWorks is ideal for consumers looking for a pressure washer that has a compact design, lightweight, and absolutely portable.

  • Perfect for light to middle duty works
  • Ideal for cleaning concrete walls, cars, windows, decks, etc
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Compact design; no difficulty moving it around
  • Other consumers praise the customer service
  • Good Warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with lesser power (1500 PSI), but still enough for most applications

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The Sun Joe is yet another decent-looking electric-powered pressure washer with a sweet greenish color that perfectly matches your garden and lawn.

Setting looks aside, the Sun Joe price tag hovers above the AR Blue and GreenWorks. What makes it better is it’s more powerful – exceeding 2000 PSI of pressure.

More things to love about the Sun Joe is the five fast-connect tips (other models only have two or three) – 0, 15, 25, 40 degrees, and soap.

With its pressure power, this one is capable of handling regular small to medium tasks and occasional heavy-duty works.

Another impressive touch is the dual detergent tanks. This allows you to store two different types of detergents, both of which are removable, making simultaneous cleaning duties possible. Further, the tanks are both 0.9 liters, more than enough storage for your detergent needs.

This pressure washer is also smart thanks to the Total Stop System (TSS) technology. It saves energy by automatically shutting off the pump when you are not engaging with the trigger. This also promotes prolonged pump life.

Overall, the Sun Joe is ideal if you’re looking for a capable dirt fighter that possesses versatility, performance, and power, all in one unit.

  • Comes with 2 detergent tanks for simultaneous cleaning
  • Powerful 2030 PSI
  • The most powerful in its price range
  • Comes with 5 fast-connect tips for multiple applications
  • Impressive Total Stop System (TSS)
  • Saves lots of energy; prolonged pump life
  • 35 feet power cord for a long reach
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • A vital part that might not be included in the package – brass connector

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This Powerhouse international, named The Force 2000, comes with a decent 2000 PSI of force in a hundred and fifty dollar price tag. Now, what makes this one stand out?

The Force 2000 comes in a professional, premium-looking design with uniform grayish color all throughout, implying that this one is serious to whatever task is thrown at it.

This pressure washer also comes with a lot of perks that you can rarely see in other brands.

The unit has an overheat sensor – it knows when the motor already exceeds normal temperature and automatically shuts the motor down to allow natural temperature decrease. With this technology, you can expect a prolonged motor life. Talk about durability.

Similar to Sun Joe, The Force 2000 also has a Total Stop System (TSS) technology. The motor won’t engage unless you press the trigger.

You don’t have to worry about wasting electrical energy when you stop for a while or when you have your daily quick-talk with your dear neighbor. The brush motor will automatically shut off when you release the trigger. This promotes prolonged motor life.

For better vehicle and household cleaning, Powerhouse International included a turbo nozzle, spinning patio cleaner, adjustable soap dispenser, and multifunction nozzle.

The spinning patio cleaner is exclusive to this brand. Specially designed for this pressure washer, it’s something that is quite helpful. Further, the soap container can be adjusted; this means you can control how much soap or foam is used in a particular job. Being an external container is also an advantage on its own because internal counterparts can clog the washer.

This is indeed an all-in-one cleaning champion!

  • Professional, Premium-looking design
  • Designed with a consistent grayish color
  • Excellent Customer Service (comes with a CEO letter of assurance)
  • Good warranty deals
  • Total Stop System (TSS) for lengthy motor life
  • Embedded OVERHEAT sensor
  • Powerful 2000PSI
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Perfect for Car and Household Duties
  • 30 feet cord
  • Comes with a spinning patio cleaner
  • Maybe expensive for its pressure power

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Now here’s the first gas-powered pressure washer on my list. Its design may look pretty plain and simple but its power is harnessed from a Honda Engine.

You read it right. Soon you may be welcoming a Japanese motor at your doorstep.

There is also another variant that uses a Subaru Engine, the PowerStroke PS80960 which possesses a staggering 3100 PSI!

Get the job done in a flash with your PowerStroke PS80519B. With its 2200 PSI, you can wash your car, even your sidewalk in a much lesser time and with a much lesser effort. So don’t be fooled with its compact look; despite that, it can produce superior pressure force suitable for handling light to heavy-duty tasks.

The unit comes with a 25 feet long high-pressure hose and an array of other attachments that helps you in all kinds of situations. When it comes to storing all the attachments you have neat onboard storage for the trigger gun, hose, nozzles, and wand, so all of these parts come with the unit itself. Talk about easy access!

You can use the PowerStroke in virtually almost all kinds of areas that need to be cleaned – patios, decks, siding, walkway, furniture, cars, and any other equipment.

With the PowerStroke PS80519B, you can make anything back to their brand new state!

  • Powerful 2200 PSI and 140cc motor
  • Powered by a Honda Engine
  • Another variant comes with a Subaru Engine
  • Ultra-compact frame
  • Comes with onboard storage for trigger fun, hose, nozzle, and wand
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Precise 40 and 25-degree high-pressure fan nozzles
  • Claims of bad warranty and customer service

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Another gas-powered pressure washer that boasts an astonishing 2700 PSI in just 2.5 gallons of water per minute, the Karcher G2700 holds the promise of faster and better performance that is hard for other competitors to be at par with.

The Karcher G2700 may remind you of Bumblebee because of its yellow and black color combination. It has a sturdy frame with large rear wheels that allows easier transportation.

You don’t have to lift this one in stairs; just pull the unit using the handle and the rear wheels will do the rest.

Fact: this Karcher is equipped with metal wheels with pneumatic tires – something that is far more durable than plastic wheels.

There are 5 available fast-connect nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40, and 65 degrees). You can also fold the handle for more compact storage. This gives you the utmost flexibility to whatever pressure and spray pattern you need for a specific situation.

Safety is also ensured by the child safety lock of the commercial-grade trigger gun.

Further, the upright design only requires a small storage footprint so you won’t have a hard time finding a place to store this one.

Gas-powered pressure washers may be bigger investments but they sure give good value for your money. The Karcher G2700 is not an exemption. If you want a sturdy gas-powered pressure washer, it would be wise to invest on this one.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Works good and as advertised
  • 5 Fast-Connect Nozzles for different spray angle
  • Powerful 2700 PSI (with only 2.5 GPM)
  • 3-year limited warranty for the Engine
  • 2-year warranty for the axial cam pump
  • Spray wand with child safety lock
  • Commercial-grade trigger
  • Large rear pneumatic tires
  • Metallic Wheels
  • Claims of fluid seepage

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Now this one is screaming black and red which implies an aggressive attitude towards whatever job it handles.

Blast away tenacious dirt from your truck, car, patios, and all sidings with this powerful Briggs & Stratton. This unit can handle a vast array of cleaning tasks with ease.

This one comes with three fast-connect spray tips with different spray patterns you can use for handling different ventures.

What makes this model stand out is you can power this one with less effort. It features Easy Start technology; is also responsible for the high-pressure output.

It has large 10 inches rear wheels that never go flat! Like the Karcher G2700, the wheels are large enough that you don’t need to lift the unit when going up and down the stairs.

Having this device also gives you the essence of the century-long legacy of the brand (Briggs & Stratton) that gives the confidence that what you have is an efficient, durable, and dependable product.

Investing in this pressure washer ensures a proven and reliable performance. Make your weekend general cleanup more effortless and effective with this competent Briggs & Stratton 20545!

  • Proven and Tested Brand
  • Aggressive-looking unit; does not disappoint
  • Sufficient 2200 PSI (1.9GPM) motor
  • 140cc engine
  • 80 percent less water usage than standard hose
  • Perfect for all outdoor applications
  • Perfect for car cleanup
  • Wheels that never go flat!
  • Large rear wheels for easy transportation
  • 3 fast-connect tips for versatility
  • Cleaning solution injection system
  • Thermal relief valve
  • Worth every penny spent
  • Claims of leaking oil

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Now make way for this giant; this is one of the three most powerful pressure washers on the list. It possesses a stunning 3100 PSI of pressure!

The WEN PW31 is also equipped with a superior air-cooled 4-stroke 208 cc engine that pumps 2.5 gallons of water per minute. When it comes to power, there’s nothing more you could ask for.

Say goodbye to years of unwanted dirt in your patio and deck as you wash them effortlessly with this model.

You can also battle dirt buildup in your walls that you have been longing to remove for so long.

The wonders of this pressure washer don’t end yet. It has a larger wheel compared to the previous two products above – 12 inches.

And it never gets flat! You won’t break a sweat transporting this one across rough terrains. How bad could your yard be?

You can expect the unit to last for longer years as the axial pump produces a dependable spray. Further, it has five fast-connect nozzles with different spray patterns for various use (soap, 0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees).

You’ll never guess how satisfying it is to wash away a decade of muck that built up on your surfaces and walls. When you’re done cleaning, you can then use the onboard nozzle storage to keep things tidy.

Overall, the WEN PW31 is perfect for anyone who wants to have one of the most powerful pressure washers in the market today.

  • One of the three of the most powerful on the list
  • Astonishing 3100 PSI of power with only 2.5 GPM
  • 12 inches rear wheels that never go flat!
  • Comes in a snappy orange and black combo
  • Can change nozzle pretty quickly
  • Comes with 5 fast-connect nozzles
  • Axial cam pump that maximizes the motor lifespan
  • Onboard soap tank
  • Impressive performance
  • Claims of the sealed pump as drippy

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Now here comes another 3100 PSI giant. This SIMPSON is a simple-looking pressure washer but is extremely nifty when it comes to performance. The pressure capacity alone says it all.

Don’t be deceived by your first glance. It may look quite modest but if you look closely, you’ll soon realize it is run by a Honda GC190 engine.

This Japanese giant in the automotive industry has vested its legacy in pressure washer motor production to bring consumers what they deserve. And you can’t be an exemption.

With the powerful motor, you can tackle the most lightweight tasks up to the most demanding jobs. Those previously hard-to-remove grime won’t last for long. You can quickly eliminate mess in just a matter of seconds! You can utilize the unit for almost all types of floors from marble, tiled, and wooden.

The motor is not only what this model could boast. It seems the manufacturer has taken care of other details such as the hose.

You can’t expect this one to be leaky and weak; the hose is actually kink and abrasion-resistant, making your investment quite worth it. Even at maximum pressure, the hose is robust enough not to give in despite heavy-duty tasks.

Another detail quite noting is the siphon tube in the axial cam pump for the easy detergent application.

SIMPSON engineers also precisely designed the gas pressure washer with heavy gauge frame components. A safety lock-out pressure is also present in the professional spray gun. Further, this one has 10 inches wheels for convenient mobility.

  • Powered by an advanced Honda Engine
  • Highly dependable and efficient
  • Combustion chamber designed to use less fuel
  • Superior 3100 PSI
  • Perfect for all types of floors
  • Ideal for heavy-duty works
  • Kink and abrasion-resistant High-Pressure Hose
  • Axial Cam Pump (OEM Technologies)
  • Professional-style Spray Gun
  • The nozzle may flop out to the ground when operating

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The Generac 7019 is the third and last item on the list to feature 3100 PSI of pressure.

You can really expect a tough performance with this one. Additionally, the Generac 196cc engine promises optimum, heavy-duty cleaning.

The unit looks robust and sturdy with a standard trolley-type frame design with large rear wheels for easy mobility.

You can take this pressure washer anywhere regardless of the terrain thanks to the large-size rear wheels.

The design is also quite user-friendly. You can set attachments and connections without having to kneel on the ground.

What makes this one more appealing is the integrated PowerDial in the ergonomic spray gun. Now you can conveniently adjust the pressure needed among different applications. This one has four adjustments – soap, concrete, wood, and car. You can easily adjust the dial to suit your situation.

You won’t have to worry about running out of detergent as you have an ample amount of storage with this one; 0.5 gallons of the detergent tank.

You’ll also like the convenient length of the high pressure that reaches up to 25 feet so you won’t have any trouble roaming around your perimeter. There are also 4 fast-changing tips available – 0, 25, 40, and soap.

  • Gigantic 3100 PSI of pressure force
  • Ergonomic Spray Gun
  • Embedded PowerDial for various adjustments
  • Perfect for soap, concrete, wood, and car applications
  • Ideal for heavy-duty works and other tough cleanings
  • Large 0.5-gallon detergent tank for more convenience
  • Large wheels for effortless mobility
  • Easy-access Hose Connections
  • Claims of suction tube getting in the way; use zip ties as a solution

Now it’s time for you to decide what pressure washer to buy. There are actually some factors behind you might want to consider first before carelessly clicking on one of the items only to have them delivered to your doorstep and realizing it’s not the pressure washer you need.

Pressure washers can be divided into two categories; electric-powered and gas-powered. Now there are lots of differences between the two. Both have pros and cons on their own. So it’s up to you to decide which type suits you the best.

Electric-powered pressure washers are ideal for small patios & decks, outdoor furniture, wooden surfaces, and other small duties that don’t need stain elimination; only small-scale cleaning. Importantly, this type comes with a lower price tag than its counterpart.

What makes this type attractive is they operate quietly, emit no emissions, require little maintenance, and are lightweight.

Since they are relatively smaller compared to the gas model, you only need a small volume of storage to tuck them in. Further, they also leave smaller footprints because they usually can stand upright.

This type doesn’t need winterizing. Additionally, they start and stop conveniently. Simply put, electric-powered pressure washers scream ease.

On the flip side, the primary downside of an electric-powered pressure washer is they usually impose lower water pressure. This means a longer cleaning time, depending on what you are working on.

In most products of this type, the nozzles and wands are composed of a plastic material which is fundamentally less sturdy than the metallic fittings you can find in gas-powered models.

And since they are electric, basically you can reach areas only as far as the cord can reach. However, hoses can help lengthen your perimeter of reach.

The primary advantage of this type is they usually can deliver gigantic amounts of pressure compared to the electric type. The pressure power itself says it all.

They can virtually clean all types of large areas be it your driveway, sidings, decks; you name it. The best part is you can do all duties in a faster manner, and without the help of chemicals. You can power wash those tree saps and chewing gums away with absolutely less effort.

An electric model running in a narrower setting can easily get beaten by a gas model even with its nozzle being set on a wider angle.

Behind the ability to produce giant pressures are a bunch of downsides you need to pay as compensation.

First, gas models are heavier and are certainly noisy. If you’re not a fan of maintenance and tune-ups, this type is probably not for you.

You can also overheat the pump just by letting it idle for a long time. A possible consequence is a damaged safety valve.

Since gas machines are usually not stored inside your home (and should not be), you may also need to winterize the pumps with antifreeze during winter seasons.

Now it all boils down to the intensity of need and purpose for the unit. If you have a mid-size home that requires small-scale cleaning in your patio and garden, then an electric type is ideal for you. But if you intend to do heavy-duty tasks, a gas-powered model is your best bet.

  • We recommend GreenWorks for small cleaning duties like car wash and furniture clean-up. It comes with 1500 PSI and is extremely portable and lightweight; requires a small storage area. The price tag is less than a hundred bucks.
  • A more budget-friendly AR Blue Clean is also perfect for car wash and other small to middle garden duties like furniture, patio, and wooden clean-up. It comes with a more powerful 1900 PSI at a more affordable price – less than a hundred bucks.
  • Surprisingly powerful, the electric Sun Joe can produce 2030 PSI of water so you can expect this one to be a good partner in dirt demolition. It comes in a little more than a hundred dollars. This should do well in regular small to middle tasks and occasional heavy jobs.
  • If you want a more serious, professional-looking one, The Force 2000 from Powerhouse International with its all gray design has got your back. It has advanced features like the TSS, thermal sensor, etc. It even comes with an exclusive spinning patio cleaner that can’t be found in other brands.
  • The Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 with 3100 PSI and the PowerStroke PS80519B both have Honda Engines that don’t disappoint. Both pressure washers range from around $380 to $390. We recommend going for the Simpson because you have more pressure at the same price range.
  • The Briggs & Stratton also looks so cruel on dirt with its 2200 PSI of pressure. It has an Easy Start technology for effortless starting. Also impressive.
  • The Bumblebee-resembling Karcher G2700 also promises quicker and cleaner results with its 2700 PSI of pressure. Its handle folds for easier storage. Both the Karcher and the Briggs & Stratton are recommended for small to medium-sized projects.
  • Finally, the WEN PW31 is also giant with its 3100 PSI of water pressure. It has the largest wheels on the list. And it comes with a lot of perks. We recommend this one for all types of uses

No products found.

We highly recommend the Sun Joe because it is packed with lots of features in just about a hundred dollars; not too cheap to think of some risks and not too expensive to blast your wallet.

It’s important to balance things out and make sure that the perks you get far outweigh what you have invested. And this one just checked every box.

The Sun Joe, not obvious to its size, can actually produce up to 2030 PSI of water pressure. Just enough to easily eliminate years of grime and dirt in your wooden deck, patio, and other various surfaces.

What makes this more exciting is the Total Stop System (TSS); a safety lock switch that saves lots of energy and promotes longer pump life. You could save a lot, especially in the long term with this one.

It’s also the only pressure washer that has dual detergent tanks. Now you can carry two different types of detergent to tackle jobs simultaneously. Further, it has 5 quick-connect tips (others only have around 3) for multiple applications.

With all this in mind, it’s easier to understand why the Sun Joe is the best pressure washer. Perfect for small to medium household jobs.

You can also go for Powerhouse International The Force 2000. It comes in the same price range and performance (2000 PSI) but also has things to boast – professional, premium-looking design in a consistent grayish color with embedded overheat sensor and spinning patio cleaner (included in the package).

No products found.

The Generac 7019 is a beast. An astonishing 3100 PSI of water pressure means even the most stubborn dirt won’t stick for long when you use this one. Quite an impressive power.

Another thing you’ll like is the PowerDial that gives you freedom over how much pressure you want the unit to exert. This means you can allocate the right pressure for a particular use. This one has four pressure modes – soap, concrete, wood, and car.

The onboard 0.5-gallon tank is neatly located at the base of the unit. The Generac also has tires that never go flat. More importantly, it would be quite convenient for you to make hose connections. You won’t have to kneel down thanks to the easy-access feature.

Overall, the Generac gives you effortless, yet highly dependable cleaning power for all types of residential cleaning duties from small to large applications; making it the best pressure washer in the market today.

You can also go for the SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S and WEN PW31 – they both have the same pressure power (3100 PSI) and also come with their own features to boast for.

If you’re still looking for something else, you can go back to the buying guide section to have a quick selection. For sure the best pressure washer for you is just one click away. Thanks for visiting!

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