Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner ​

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Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

​An automotive diagnostic scanner is a necessity if you want to have peace of mind while working on your automotive. There are plenty of OBD scanners in the market today. With so many of them promising to give you the best service, there are few that will actually live up to the expectations. Let us check the top three professional automotive diagnostic scanners.

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Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner ​Reviews

OBD2 Scanner

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This scanner features full OBD II functions and supports read and erase DTC, reset monitors, turning off check engine, graphical and numerical live data stream, and I/M readiness monitoring. This professional scan tool for car owners further features over 3000 built-in codes for accurate diagnosing of the causes of engine trouble.

Its strong compatibility with most gasoline vehicles sold in the USA makes it perfectly suited for the market. It supports all OBD II protocols including ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 VPW, PWM, J1850, and CAN. The scanning tool also works with German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese and English. It acquires its power straight from the OBDII data link connector thus quickly scanning and erasing engine fault codes. This way you can decide whether it is something you are able to fix or it is something you need help with.

The best part about this scanner is that you do not need an extra battery. It can go on for hours without requiring a charge making it ideal for use in areas with limited power connectivity.

With one click, you are able to check the vehicle’s engine health status. Further, utilizing an exclusive O2 sensor test, advanced onboard monitoring (Mode 6), and EVAP test fuel tank system (Mode 8) that easily determine if your vehicle meets the state emission monitor status thus assisting you to pass the smog check.

Other impressive features of the OBD2 scanner include its beautiful rugged design which is, in fact, patented. The anti-shock and slip-designed code scanner have a 15 ft height, a big LCD color screen, and a super comfortable hand feeling. With an exclusive 5-foot long cable, this scanner allows you to perform professional diagnostics in and out of your cars.

You get a lifetime, undateable and upgradable software to fix even the latest bugs or add new parameters thus more compatible with cars in the future.

You also get a 3-year free warranty with the purchase of this scanner.

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What you will find particularly convenient about the Autel 2.8’ LCD OBD2 Scanner is its easy-to-use interface. You simply connect this to your vehicle if the engine light is already on and you will be able to see the error code by yourself. Easy as ABC. The built-in DTC look up module assists in showing the definitions of every code to you so you are not entirely clueless even as a newbie.

The wild compatibility allows the machine to work on almost all 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based, and Asian cars, and the newer OBD II & CAN domestic or import vehicles. This machine also supports all the OBD II protocols which include the ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 VPW, CAN and J1850 PWM. Regardless of the language, you can access the scanner if you are coherent in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, or Russian.

The full OBD 2 functions in the scan unit support read and erase DTC, freeze frame, switching off the check engine light while the small reader can review and record the data stream. With a battery voltage monitoring, O2 sensor test/ I/M readiness hotkey and EVAP system provide quick access to the emissions readiness status.

You will love the 2.8-inch color LCD gives the most intuitive graphical data display while the 4.7 feet long cable allows you to diagnose out of the vehicle and in as well. Further, the “Print data” function can print or playback the diagnostic report.

Now if you have any doubt, you can always rely on the Autel OBD2 scanner that provides a lifetime software update to include new parameters thus more compatible with more cars in the future. You can store all the car model data you like in your diagnostic tool. With every purchase, one gets a full 2-year warranty and a 30 day (no reason to return the product) guarantee.

JDiag OM123 Enhanced OBD2 Scanner

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If you like flashy colors, we have a treat for you. The JDiag enhanced OBDII scanner has a pleasant orange color and a classic design that make it just as beautiful as it is functional. You can clear your trouble codes with this easy-to-use scanner. Even a novice can use this unit to read error codes and find out what the problem could be.

This scanner works for most 2000 EU-Based and Asian cars, 1999 US-based vehicles, and newer CAN and OBD2 import cars. It also supports multi-language with English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Further, the machine has an OBD II code reader and a well-built LCD that has a contrast adjustment and white background to test the results directly.

You can use the JDiag OM123 Enhanced OBD2 Scanner without any batteries or charger as it is fully supported by power directly from the OBD II Data Link Connector in your car. The scanner’s battery testing function helps one easily determine the cause of the check engine light. You can use the I/M monitor, turn off the MIL and view freeze frame data. Further, you can read memory, intermittent and historic codes, and also show definitions. The JDiag OM123 Enhanced OBD2 Scanner has four buttons: the up and down to see the menu, the exit, and enter to navigate back through the menu. This scanner has a 2.5 feet long cable and is made of a super thick and flexible insulator.

This automotive diagnostic scanner is equipped with a 2.5 feet long cable and is made of a very thick flexible insulator.

If you ever were confused about what diagnostic tool to buy for your car, we hope that we have made the choice much easier. Besides looking at the price factor, we sampled customer reviews as well to give you the top three professional automotive diagnostic scanners.


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