Best Remote Car Starter

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Best Remote Car Starter

Remote car starters are a result of improving technology to further help mankind. Essentially, these devices help you in starting your car from a distance.

With this technology, you don’t need to manually start the engine when you’re in a hurry or the weather’s cold.

To attain this level of comfort and convenience, you’ll need to have the best remote car starter, of course.

Top 10 Bestseller Remote Car Starter

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Advantages of Remote Car Starter

Since it’s the latest advanced system for starting your car without the need for a key, people are flocking to buy remote car starters.

Newer automobiles already come with remote car starters but old car owners like you can still avail themselves of the aftermarket remote starters.

From its name, a remote car starter’s main function is to start the engine of the car. It only starts the engine so you still need a key in the ignition to drive.

You can start early to warm up the vehicle or set the temperature to cool down on a particularly hot day.

This is not only beneficial to your drivers but also to the engine of the car. Warming up the car engine before driving in a cold-weather also minimizes the mechanical damage.

This is possible as engines take along to warm up to regular temperature when cold and you can start it up while prepping inside your house.

Similarly, these car starters can be operated with an independent remote or through a smartphone app.

Ranges also vary depending on the model of the remote car starter. Moreover, some remote starters even have security features to lock or unlock the doors, provide alarm alerts, etc…

At times, one may need to see a professional install their newly bought remote car starters to their own cars.

This is because some models need extensive wiring to integrate the system. Of course, you can opt to self-install if you have background knowledge on how to do electrical wiring and soldering.

Read the instructions on the kit very carefully before starting your work. Installation takes at least 5 hours for the pro but could take longer depending on experience and skill.

Best Remote Car Starter Reviews

The following remote car starters are top-rated on the market due to their good reviews. As a first-timer, you should probably check the reviews below to know the gist of what a best remote car starter is like.

Fortin – EVO-NIST1 – Stand-Alone Add-On Remote Start Car Starter

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If your automatic vehicle was manufactured in 2009, then you may find this aftermarket remote car starter compatible.

EVO-NIST1 is a standalone remote car starter that is affordable if you are strictly on a budget.

Furthermore, this remote car starter has a hassle-free installation as both the transmitter and receiver are ready to use.

It uses 10 separate communication ports to provide supreme functionality on the supported vehicle.

But before you get to use the EVO-NIST1, you should first install the latest necessary firmware. Set the device into a remote starter by pressing the lock button three times. The EVO-NIST1 remote starter has an impressive range up to one mile.

You can then start up and idle the engine from a far distance. Runtime is also programmable to suit your desired results.

This is an ideal remote starter if you’re looking for an affordable and DIY installation. Fees go up when you hire a professional technician to hook up the wiring, right?

You can save bucks by following the kit’s instructions and wire it yourself.


  • Programmable runtime
  • For auto vehicles from 2009 onwards
  • Easy installation
  • Range of one mile


  • Not for manual vehicles


Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST Two-Way Security with Remote Start System

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The similarity in brand naming with Viper is no coincidence. These two brands are from the same company along with Avital.

Just like the Avital and Viper, Python is packed with top-notch features similar to the three brands.

However, one great difference between Python 5706P is can’t be configured through a smartphone.

Python 5706P isn’t lacking when it comes to the security system. It has six-stage alarms and a warning alarm.

You can monitor your car’s status within the range of one mile. In fact, this alarm system triggers at the slightest movement but the way of alerting you is quite different. For light movements, the sensors send only warning chirps while the heavy impacts trigger the loud alarms.

To further shield your car from potential theft, the remote starter is equipped with a starter-kill feature which prevents the engine from turning on unless you push a key in the ignition. Similarly, the engine automatically turns off when the foot touches the gas.

This is mainly a remote starter but also serves other functions like keyless entry, trunk release, panic mode, and car finder mode. Python 5706P also monitors the temperature and the engine runtime is programmable for steady idling until you can get into the car.

There are two remotes included in the package, one has an LCD screen while the other is pretty simple.

The main LCD remote displays complete alert reports and has additional settings like changing the display color. Also, the remote is also rechargeable to keep you from going to stores to buy replacement batteries.

Python 5706V is indeed identical to Viper 5706V save for the smartphone connectivity feature. Even so, you get to enjoy this product as it will last a very long time.

The best feature is its versatility because you can charge it through a power bank.


  • Keyless entry
  • Trunk release
  • Range of one mile
  • Starter-kill feature
  • Programmable engine runtime
  • Temperature reading
  • Two remotes
  • Rechargeable through a USB port


  • Not for DIY installation


Compustar CS7900-AS All-in-One 2-Way Remote Start

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At a maximum range of 3 miles, this Compustar CS7900 comes with a hefty price tag.

But you get what you paid for as the features included are top notch.

This advanced remote starter comes with two remotes. The main transmitter has a touchscreen LCD that displays needed information about the car.

It’s an interactive two-way transmitter that allows you to communicate and assess the vehicle’s status in real-time.

The two remotes are encased in durable casings that have an IPX7 waterproof rating. They are also USB-rechargeable.

Other features of this remote starter are the keyless entry, trunk release, auxiliary controls like heated seat and defroster, window roll-up, GPS, etc.

Also, you can use CS7900 to support the second vehicle by entering/exiting “2nd car mode.” This remote starter can also be paired with a smartphone. The smartphone then substitutes the LCD as a remote.

If you don’t mind the price, then this is the remote starter for you. It’s packed with features and the 3-mile range is beneficial when you park your car in a parking building, particularly in a crowded city.


  • Keyless entry
  • Supports the second car
  • Range of 3 miles
  • Heated seat function
  • Can be substituted with a smartphone
  • Two remotes


  • Not for DIY installation

How to Choose the Best Remote Car Starter?

A remote car starter works by sending and receiving radio signals to the wireless starting device installed in your vehicle.

Some advanced remote starters have transmitters that allow two-way communication between them and the car.

To shop for the best remote car starter, read the following guidelines below.

Transmitter Range

This is not a major concern if your car is just located outside your house or in the garage.

But, when you park your car in a parking lot of a building, this becomes a heavy factor to consider. Typical ranges of a remote starter are between 500 to 3000 feet.

Of course, these values are for ideal conditions which means that there are no obstructions in the way. We recommend going for a remote starter with more than 100 feet range for your optimal convenience.

Can you extend the range of your remote car starter? Yes, it’s through additional hardware to be attached to the transmitter device just like when you’re extending the Wi-Fi signal.

Engine Speed Sensing

A remote car starter should have an engine speed sensor to monitor the revolutions per minute of the engine.

It is a vital part of a starter as it tells you if the device was successful in starting the engine. The sensor also prevents the engine from over-revving.

As you know, the high RPM of the engine puts the engine at risk of flooding or burning out. The remote starter can make the engine automatically shut off if it detects high engine speed.

In essence, the remote car starter’s functions are to assess the speed of the idle engine and tell you if the vehicle has succeeded or failed to start.


There are at most three types of remote car starters in the market. They are divided by the way they send their radio communication signals.

a. One-way Remote Car Starter

A one-way remote car starter is the cheapest type. This works by the remote starter sending signals to the wireless receiver installed in the vehicle.

Remote car starters under this type have a basic interface and may have only one button. Furthermore, as the car can’t signal to the remote starter, you won’t be able to see how your car is doing.

b. Two-way Remote Car Starter

Having a two-way starter ensures that not only it is sending/receiving signals but also the device installed in the car does the same.

This keeps you updated with the information about the car as well as many features. A typical feature of this type is providing an alarm system for your vehicle. You can see if there’s an attempt to steal your car through the remote’s screen.

Two-way remote car starters typically have LED screens to display alerts and messages. Of course, they are more expensive than the basic one-way remote starters.

c. Through Smartphone App

This type is available for newer automobiles as well as newer models of remote starters. It’s still a type of two-way radio communication.

However, you have the option of operating the starter through a downloadable app. The app instead communicates through a cellular signal with your car.

Lastly, there’s a requirement of paying a monthly or annual fee for the receiver to also send cellular signals to your smartphone.

Hood Kill Switch

Not all remote car starters have this function but it’s one of the things you need to seriously consider.

You may have to install a safety switch under the hood of your vehicle which operates by killing the engine when you open the hood.

This is important as you don’t want to be exposed to the hot vapor coming from the opened hood especially if you have forgotten to switch the engine off through the remote car starter.

Some remote car starters already have a safety switch in the package but if there’s none, ask for it anyway.

Remote Start Runtime

Remote car starters give the owner the option as to how long the engine will run before you enter the car.

Typical remote starters give the engine about 5 to 15 minutes before it automatically shuts down. Within that length of time, you should enter the vehicle and start driving.

Some remote starters give you the option as to how long the engine should run but some other models have preset times that you can’t change.

Temperature Monitoring

Not all remote starters have this function. But, for you to have the best product there is, look for a remote car starter that can monitor the vehicle’s temperature.

Number of Remotes

If you are not the sole owner of the vehicle, consider a remote car starter that has an expandable attribute. Or you may opt to buy a remote starter set with two remotes already included.

Look for More Features

As they say, the more features a product has, the more fun and convenient it is. This is also the same for your prospective remote car starter.

Some remote car starters also function as keys for keyless entry while others have a trunk release function to open the trunk or have automatic window roll-up.

More advanced remote car starters have a car location feature that allows you to track down your car when you don’t remember where you parked it.

This will function by the car sounding the alarm. You can then follow the noise to find where you parked it.

One more thing that you can consider in looking for the best remote car starter is if it has defrosted or heated seat function. This allows you to enter the car and start driving right away rather than staying for a few minutes to warm up the driver’s seat.


This factor only applies to aftermarket remote car starters. Before you buy one, check if the product is compatible with your car. Some remote starters won’t work with specific car models so it’s best to do research beforehand.


If you are skeptical of installing a remote car starter as it might void the car warranty, then there’s no need to worry about it.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 says that the aftermarket remote car starters won’t void or affect the warranty covering your car model.

Remote car starters’ remote controllers have varying warranty periods starting from one year to two years. Meanwhile, the main device typically has a lifetime warranty.


Remote car starters may be easy to operate but the harder part is how you select the best remote car starter there is.

A lot is sold in the market with varying ranges, features, convenience, and many others that you really have to weigh before you go for the best product you think it is.

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