Best Shallow Mount Subwoofers

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Best Shallow Mount Subwoofers

Shallow Mount Subwoofer is essential when you want quality music to rip while you travel or when you want a piece of top-notch quality music while you are at a picnic, party, reunion, or even on a typical outing. These are idealistically must-haves for people who own sports cars, compact vehicles, or trucks.

Experienced drivers will never feel the complete essence of travel without the best shallow mount subwoofer in their rear. But with all those subwoofers on the market, you might feel it difficult to decide your best pick. Worry less, since we particularly made this article to help you out in your buying process.

We give you the ultimate buying guide, so just stick with us for at the end of this article, you will surely have that best shallow mount subwoofer that you think will serve nothing, but the best. We’ll guide you to choose the best based on your preferences. So, without further ado, let’s find your car’s subwoofer’s perfect partner.

Top 10 Bestsellers Subwoofers

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Best Shallow Mount Subwoofers Reviews

We have listed the top shallow mount subwoofers which are marketable online. Feel free to weigh all your options and choose your best pick.

Pioneer TSSWX2502

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This product has a 10-inch measure and has a shallow mount pre-loaded enclosure. It’s music power is nominal. It has 1,200 RMS watts of power and an adjustable frequency from 20 Hz to 125 Hz.

It Impedance is 4 ohm, so you must find an amp that is 4-ohm stable. This is known to create real, deep, and powerful music. It’s pretty much affordable, compared to other products out there.

This product gathered many positive reviews from the user. It has tight bass and has a shallow compact design. This is reinforced with MICA injection-molded resin preloaded subwoofer cone structure.

It has a pretty much deeper cone, which means the air can travel freely within the space provided. It comes with an adjustable low-pass filter, which you can always adjust until it satisfies your hearing.​

​It has a carpeted and non-slip enclosure surface. It is made scratch-resistant, so it’s definitely doable to perform for a long time. It weighs 20 pounds.

This subwoofer does not come with a wireless remote. It has a one-year warranty. If you’re more like a music guy who loves deep bass improvement, then this will be a perfect suit for you.

Rockford Fosgate R2

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This subwoofer is very popular in the market. It has a spider venting of its stam-cast basket and it is empowered by Mica injected polypropylene cone.​

The cone structure is made larger, so the music waves can freely travel through air. It has a mounting depth of 3.4 and a power handling of up to 400 watts. It has a linear spider with stitched 16 AWG tinsel leads.​

This item can run with 2 ohm stable. The users were more than impressed by this sub’s performance, despite of its low price. The sound quality is high, and so as the performance of this item. It has a musical response of 93%. This has scored 4.6 out of 5 stars.​

This sub weight up to 15 pounds, which is much heavier compared to other subs presented. It has one year warranty. This is a very shallow sub. This is a good choice for someone who loves power and has a bigger space in their trunk.​

Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X10

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This device has the ability to hit the bass pretty clearly and can lower the tones that come thorough the sub to clear them in.​

This comes in a 10-inch subwoofer enclosure. It has a high-flow and low noise part design. This item does not require a ton of power to get respectable levels, it has a good voice coil which makes it safe to use.

​It has a constructed of 5/8-Inch MDF and a 10 AWG input terminals. It can add a pretty slick decent bump and can get hit the bass even in big cars.

This item can let you hear full range of notes. It comes with a doable size and shape. If ever you have friends sitting in your car, of course! In no doubt they will love your music.


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This subwoofer comes with a single 4 ohm voice coil, which means it is safer to use. It comes in a 10 inch size. This is great if you have a big space to fill in by mean of putting a shallow mount subwoofer.

It is still empowered by the renowned industry of Mica-injected resin, which means it has an amazing cone structure. The power range of this sub is 100-3—watts which is extremely powerful.

​Since its RMS can still reach up to 1,200 watts which it its peakiest power. It has a frequency response of 20-125 Hz, which is extremely has that long range.

This is very useful when you want to adjust the low-pass frequency to the extent that the music successfully satisfies you. It has the mounting depth of 3-1/8″ and this item weighs about 8.7 pounds.

​The sealed volume box measures 0.35-0.7 cubic feet and the ported box volume measures 0.5-0.7 cubic feet. This subwoofer is pretty much applicable if you have an adequate space since it measures 10 inch.

Advantages Of Shallow Mount Subwoofer

There are cars that have built-in subwoofers, but most likely they don’t produce quality output when you turn them on. There are ways where you can enhance and elevate your music quality and that is by shallow mount subwoofer.

Aside from providing your comparable volume and music clarity, it can assure you a guaranteed fact that you can take you music to the next level. Most likely dimension of 8, 10, or 12 inches are perfect sizes to sneak to your rear.

Shallow Mount subwoofers work best when you place them at your car’s trunk. Aside from they have different motor, they have different cone as well. Thought you should know that subwoofers are not built like the built-in subwoofers.

That is why they can produce quality output when you turn it on. If still you’re not convinced by the great idea of shallow mount subwoofer, come and read along the various advantages we listed below.

It is easy to set-up

As long as you follow the given manual then you’re good to go. It’s a piece of cake, really. Shallow Mount Subwoofers are easy to set up in your rear and under car seat. It gives you good music. These are made for people who loves to listen to new tracks while they are driving on the road.

It helps them to relax and eventually have the energy to keep on travelling. For ongoing persons, music is always a must ingredient. Travelers who feel like they need to elevate their level of music output, always go for these products. They’re hassle-free to set-up, just absolutely convenient.

Better Bass

Subwoofer is intellectually produce for people who wants to have greater quality music. If ever you want a great system to go with you, while you are on the road. Then, look no further subwoofers have the feature that you have been looking for. It’s totally reliable and guaranteed to end your search for better music.

Built-in subwoofers often give low music output, while shallow mount subwoofers can give your bass improvement. If you love all those new tracks and want to hear it while you travel. You can always do that with these subwoofers, after all they are built for bass improvement.

This feature most likely what lures people to switch to these products, simply quality bass. Way to go to take your driving experience to the next level.

Better Performance

Subwoofers elevates the bass production and it’s durable enough to last long. It will take your through various music upgrades because of its high quality music output. Not only it comes with a great performance, but it has a lot of features to bring to the table.

Drivers do not like distortions or open space on their rear by using subwoofers, but don’t’ worry. Even if subwoofers don’t fit perfectly on your rear slot, it does not affect the quality music production it can give you. When, you have this product with you, it’s a win-win.

Its music power handling and can product powerful bass. Way to go to have listen to something while you drive. Drivers’ number one enemy in long travels is drowsiness. And music can help you eliminate it, in just matter of subwoofers.

Weather can’t be predicted perfectly, travel trips might encounter bad weathers along the way like rain. With shallow mound subwoofers, the music is still crystal clear from your trunk. It’s loud and clear.

Great Design

These products are intelligently designed to look slick, fashionable, and professional in your car. Though most of the subwoofers are black colored, there are some that are made exclusively to match your car’s color like blue and red.

People want their cars to look presentable in any way. Subwoofers are made to complement the professionalism design. Wherever you happen to be, always make your car to look smart. Nowadays, cars reflects who the owner. So, with subwoofers you will definitely find that aficionado slick design.

Multimedia Video Receiver

Drivers are humans, so when they get tired. They tend to alternate driving duties and decide to watch a good video to rest as the same time. What’s cool with subwoofers is that it can act as a video and an audio receive at the same time. Some of subwoofers come with it a screen which has the good size, just enough for you to have a good watch.

We are not recommending you to watch while driving. If you decide to take some short break, you will be more relaxed with the help of this subwoofer’s feature. It can support the great audio you’ve been looking for to complement your favorite video.

There you go, the various advantages you have to know with mounting subwoofers in your car’s rear. It can give you the powerful, yet quality bass you’ve been dreaming to listening on. Built-in subwoofers are good, but not as much any shallow mount subwoofers will be. It’s designed to give you more convenience compared to the built-in ones.

Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer Buyer’s Guide

Next stop will be your guide in choosing your subwoofer. These are the things that need deep consideration in your part. Subwoofers are built not only for better audio output, but to also give you that positive entertainment while you travel.

You will not be only making benefit out of it in your travel, but also when you and your family decided to go for an outing. This will be also very useful when that time comes.

Subwoofer size

A typical subwoofer size ranges to 8, 10, and 12 inches. If your car has a lot of space to fill, then you might as well look for a 12 inches subwoofer. If you only have a small space, just to maximize the cargo space you have at your car’s rear, then maybe 8 inch will be a good fit.

An 8 model subwoofer can provide powerful, deep, forceful, and satisfying sound output. However, if you have a huge amount of space available and looking for a maximum slam to slay your music tracks, then go for the largest subwoofer available. It will surely give you the music power that will blow up your trip into total entertainment.

The size of the subwoofer really depends on the size you allotted for it. It’s a practical matter by the way. Performance highly differs on the size of the sub’s cone. If you have larger cone, then the deeper bass it can produce. Of course, there’s a lot space for the air to move. The space you have available should be a strong foundation on the subwoofer size you are going to buy.


The subwoofers do a lot of job by generating lots of power to generate huge bass. The sound waves produced by the bass are very big. These kind of bass can only be handled by an external amplifier. Just simply put the more power you have the better.

Imagine a truck with V-8 engine travelling through an incline stiff, sure it can run smoothly, but imagine if the truck has 3-cylinder motor, then most likely it will struggle travelling through. The same idea goes in choosing the amp to power up your subwoofer.

There are two things you need to consider before buying your amp. The first one is the subwoofer’s upper RMS power-handling spec, and the amp’s RMS output. RMS refers to amount of power the speaker could handle while you play your music.

The ideal amp’s RMS output wattage is ranging from 75% to 150%. This increases the power of subwoofer to handle the heavy bass. In choosing the best power handling, don’t forget the simple idea of: The more power, the better and safer sound production.

Low-pass filters

Low-pass filters helps to ensure that only the low frequencies pass through your subwoofer. This helps to block the high frequencies to enter, since high notes may detract the quality of the music production. Try setting your low-pass filter to 80 hz, and if still it does not sound good, lower the filter until the music production satisfies you.

The newly subwoofer nowadays that are place on the market provide a low pass filter. Drivers will surely want the music production to be appropriate soothing to their ears when they travel. So, low pass filter really helps a lot.

Though it takes a lot of experimentation to get just the right music formula you’re looking for, it’s totally worth when you have some reliable and good music that could go along with you. Don’t set your low-pass filter too high and not too low for it might create an overlapping to your music or a creating a gap. An average measurement will do.


A proper amount of impedance is important so that you’ll have a stable and a safe way of using your subwoofer. Take this for an example, if you have a subwoofer that 2 ohms, then you have to check if your amp is 2 ohm stable. The resistance is very important, since it regulates the power travelling to the circuit.

The impedance that is very low will result for the amp to overheat for delivering a power that it can’t handle. Just like said, it is important that there should be a careful balance of the in and out of power in the system.

Enclosure type

Every subwoofer needs a box, or what we call the enclosure. In order for your subwoofer to perform it needs a type of enclosure. This will define a lot of what kind of music is produced out of your chosen type of enclosure. To make it short, the bass production you get will highly differ on the enclosure type.

Now, there are two types of enclosure. The first one is sealed and the second one is ported. The difference between the two? Well, put it simply as it is. The sealed box are airtight, meaning the sound will be tight, accurate, and loud.

Ported box has the feature a tube or a vent to allow the air to pass in and out of the box. It creates a sound production of both loud, deep, and booming. Just imagine a guitar, it won’t make a sound unless there is a proper type of enclosure.

You might probably wondering which one to choose. Well, it highly differs on the power, output, and size you prefer.

These are the things you need to consider before choosing your subwoofer. Have you now created your ideal subwoofer in mind? If not yet, read along for we are about to present you the top 4 subwoofer products. Take a look at them closely, your long search is just about to end.


This concludes the ultimate buying guide for the best shallow mount subwoofers. With all the things you should consider and the advantages you’ll have in feature with these products. You can surely identify what will work out best for you and for your car.

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