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Best Showerhead Reviews

Most people begin their days with an invigorating shower. Because of this, many people will spend a lot on the best shower head. A good showerhead can provide you with a strong stream of water for a very refreshing shower. For less water usage, you can minimize the flow of water. Any homeowner should have a good shower head.

Showerheads come in two types: fixed and handheld. The fixed shower head is permanently attached to the wall of the shower unit. It is the most commonly installed type of showerhead. Its height can also be adjusted so that tall or short person can comfortably use it.

Top 5 Bestseller Showerhead

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In contrast, a handheld showerhead is attached to the shower unit’s wall with a flexible hose or tube. Those with limited mobility due to injury or illness can benefit from using this device.

It’s also an ideal choice for homes with children and pets. Occasionally, you may need to clean the tub, shower floors, and the surrounding area with a handheld showerhead.

Top 10 Best Showerhead Reviews

We have handpicked the ten best shower heads today to streamline your shopping experience. You won’t regret buying any of these showerheads:

Hydroluxe High Pressure 24 Function 4″ Face Dual 2 in 1 Shower Head System with Stainless Steel Hose

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It is not hard to understand why this has consistently been ranked among the best showerheads. The showerhead features 24 full and combined water flow patterns in a 2-in-1 combo.

When there are two shower heads, you can use one or both at the same time.

The oversized chrome face of this shower head combo will give you enough coverage. The installation is so simple that you don’t even need the help of a plumber. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a long, 10-year warranty on this shower head combo.

The plastic shower head appears to be very durable despite its plastic construction. Additionally, it has a metal chrome finish that makes it look very stylish. The price is also very reasonable.

The only thing you won’t like about this shower head is the water leaks from the head, as reported by some disgruntled customers.

Dream Spa Use Luxury 7-inch Rain Showerhead

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Another combination shower head with two luxury showerheads. The first showerhead measures 7 inches and can provide a rainfall shower pattern, while the second is smaller at 4 inches.

Smaller showerheads have seven settings, including pulsating massage and power rain.

The showerhead comes with a 5-foot stainless steel hose. Additionally, it is easy to install since it requires no tools and can be mounted to a standard overhead shower arm in minutes. Save water by pressing the pause mode if you’re worried about your water bill.

This product comes with a lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer. The showerhead has a mist setting, which is something you don’t find in most showerheads.​

Despite its shortcomings, this is an excellent choice for a showerhead. Like most showerheads, this one leaks water.​

Niagara Conservation N2935CH Hand Shower

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With this handheld showerhead, you get an ergonomic design and peak performance. Its flow control technology allows the unit to spray water at greater force despite low water pressure, which makes it a major selling point.

Compared to a standard showerhead, it can save up to 20 percent more water.

With its chrome finish, it can be the focal point of your bathroom. A six-foot metal hose makes it very flexible. The hose is at least a foot longer than those of other handheld showerheads.​

The nine-jet turbo massage setting is also one of the main reasons why many users praise this unit. With this showerhead, you can choose between forceful and gentle spray settings.​

While it doesn’t provide as much coverage as the other shower heads on this list, this chrome handheld massage shower head is still a good choice, especially at its low price.​

Hotel Spa Handheld Showerhead Combo with Water Saving Economy

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This is another showerhead combo that allows you to use each shower independently or together. Together, the two shower heads have 30 different patterns of water flow. If you install this shower head combo in your bathroom, it is unlikely you will want more spray patterns to choose from.

Each showerhead has a variety of settings, including power rain, hydrating mist, pulsating massage, and rain/massage. Alternatively, you can use the water-saving economy rain if you’re concerned about your water bill going up.​

The stainless steel hose measures five feet long and is quite flexible. It is easy to install as it can be attached to any standard overhead shower arm within minutes.​

The manufacturer of this product offers a limited lifetime warranty.​

The main complaint people have with this shower head is that the switch between the first head and handheld is difficult to turn when wet.​

NOSAME Filter Filtration High Pressure Spray Handheld Showerheads

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The main selling point of this shower head is its ability to filter water. In addition to rejuvenating your skin, it can also purify the water as you take a shower.

Because of its perforated laser technology, it can also save water without compromising water pressure.

Again, it is easy to install since it connects to any standard hose within minutes.​

Most users, however, wish the showerhead was larger than its actual 2.5-inch diameter.​

Waterpik SM 653 CG 2.5 GPM Handheld Shower Head

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This showerhead is another solid choice if you’re looking for a unit that can maximize water flow without increasing water consumption. The patented OptiFLOW technology of the manufacturer assures powerful performance from the shower head.

By channeling water more efficiently, the said feature may improve water force even under low water pressure.

This shower has six spray settings to choose from. Switching between gentle spray and high-pressure massage is a snap. A five-foot hose is included. An attractive chrome finish completes the look.​

Since Waterpik has been around since the 70s, it is a trusted and reputable company. The company guarantees this shower head for life.​

There is a major complaint that users have with this shower head—the rubber hose smells bad.

Ana Bath High Pressure LARGE Dual Shower Head with Handheld Spray

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With this handheld showerhead, you can choose from five different spray patterns, including massage spray, saturating spray, bubbling spray, saturating spray/bubbling spray, and soaking spray/massage spray.

The handheld shower is easy to install, and you don’t need any special tools. The warranty is only three years, which is a bit short compared to other units on this list.​

It is a bummer that the showerhead has a limited warranty, but it is still a good choice. Alternatively, you can use both showerheads at the same time. The showerhead is easy to clean as well.​

Moen 21313 2.5 GPM Multi-Function Shower Head

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Moen is one of the best faucet brands in North America. With this multi-function showerhead, it shows off its good reputation.

This chrome shower head will add a touch of elegance to your shower. It will amaze you when you first use it.

This unit has three spray settings. Even though there are only a few spray settings in comparison to other showerheads, many users say they are happy regardless. Additionally, it is very easy to install and takes just a few minutes.​

In addition to those positive reviews, users say this showerhead doesn’t leak any water. Additionally, they say it is very easy to adjust the pressure. However, the very low price makes it stand out.​

Delta Faucet 2-Spray H2Okinetic Shower Head

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The Delta Faucet water shower head does not look as fancy as the previous item, but you will save a great deal of money when you install it in your shower. It has a chrome finish, which gives it an elegant appearance.

Wait until it emits a steady, pulsating stream of water after a long day of work.

This showerhead has four spray settings. There are four different settings: full body spray, massage, quick massage, and pause, which allows you to conserve water.​

In addition, the spray holes are easy to clean, so you can get rid of calcium and line that would eventually accumulate.

AKDY Adjustable Metal Swivel Ball Joint Wall Mount

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The fixed shower head will give your shower a modern and stylish look. Mirrored and square in shape, this showerhead adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom. According to the manufacturer, the rectangular shape with 100 rubber nozzles offers extra full coverage, thanks to its 8-inch design. The nozzles are easy to clean, which allows you to remove mineral deposits that accumulate over time.

There are many users who are in awe of this product. As a result, they say they have been able to enjoy their showers ever since this unit was installed at their home.​

On the other hand, some say they’re worried about their water bills since the showerhead is leaking too much water.​

What to Consider When Choosing ShowerHead

These are some of the important considerations in shopping for a showerhead:

  • Spray Pattern— Showerheads with easy-to-adjust spray patterns would be ideal. The showerheads are available on the market offer three basic spray patterns: a broad pattern that mimics rain showers, a drenching pattern that is ideal for rinsing shampoo from the hair, and a sharp pattern that produces a fine mist. However, the more spray patterns that a showerhead has, the better as it would give you more options.
  • Ease of Installation— Installing a shower head with an adjustable wrench and plumber’s tape is the best method. The unit should also come with a set of instructions and a customer support number.
  • Height— It is a factor that applies to fixed showerheads. Check the website first before you buy a fixed showerhead so that you know the height and angle of the showerhead once it is installed.
  • Energy Saving— When it comes to saving water and money, WaterSense-certified showerheads are recommended. These are low-flow showerheads that use less water, saving you money in the long run.
  • Other Features— Modern showerheads come with wireless speakers, so you can listen to your music playlist while taking a shower. Models with LED lights can add a touch of class to your shower experience.

Diameter of Head

This is a very important factor since depending on its size different effects will occur.

Since tiny heads release more water, they are ideal for vigorous showers and energizing yourself.

With a larger diameter head, you will feel more relaxed because the water is falling more gently, massaging your body as it falls.

Flow Rate and Water Saving

The factors are different but related. Keep in mind how hard your water is when it enters your home, as if your water pressure is too low you will not be able to fully enjoy a sophisticated artichoke.

On the other hand, there are artichokes that facilitate water conservation and even energy efficiency, since they regulate the amount of water that passes through per minute, thus preventing water waste.

Number of Holes

An artichoke with more holes is generally better. There are those with 70 or more holes. More holes mean more distribution of water flow.

Depending on how the lever is turned, you can cover and uncover the holes on multifunction artichokes.

Functions (types of jet)

Current showerheads allow several types of jets, including:

  • Intense rain consists of circles of water of moderate-intensity, air, and water, ideal for washing the head.
  • There is nothing more relaxing than intermittent jets of water during a massage
  • The waterfall is one of the most popular and used since it is a constant flow of water with the same pressure.

Level of Lime in Your Area

The importance of this factor cannot be overstated. Leaving lime, chlorine, and other minerals accumulated in the artichoke over time is why it is important to select one that has an anti-limescale or antiscale system, which is simply a rubber coating in the holes that prevents sediment buildup.

It is even more important if the water in your area has a high level of lime because the multifunctional artichokes tend to break when accumulated with lime, so they are not a good option if you live in a calcareous region.

Material and Finishes

This factor depends a lot on the taste of the buyer and his budget. The artichokes can be made of plastic, chrome, or aged bronze or nickel, but the latter will cost more.

If your budget is limited, you can choose from chrome or plastic.


In most cases, this is applied to hand artichokes since they are the ones that can be moved from their original positions due to a flexo extender.

To ensure greater mobility, choose a showerhead whose flexo is greater than 1.50 meters.


Make sure you pick a model that can be easily disassembled when you need to clean or decalcify. Additionally, it should be corrosion-resistant and suitable for all types of cleaning products.


Additionally, this factor is also very comfortable to the buyer, since it refers to the shape of the artichoke and its extras, such as LED lights.

These can be round, square, oval, and can be combined with shower trays, platforms, and shower screens. In short, there are a lot of choices.


The price is the last but not least consideration. The number of features and functions that a showerhead offers will determine how effective it is. A clinic that performs chromotherapy, for example, will be a little more expensive than one that does not.


Here are 10 of the best shower heads you can find online or in your local home improvement store. Why don’t you start shopping for these units now and compare their features and prices? Putting in a new shower head will improve the experience of your family members in the shower area.

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