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The 10 Best Small Gas Grills

Best Small Gas Grills Review
Best Small Gas Grills Review

Happening to get a hold of the best small gas grill to fit in your tiny balconies, apartments, and terraces; we got you wholly covered!

The small gas grill means they are (almost) portable and lightweight to carry along anywhere you want, unlike the full-fledged gas grills that are comparatively oversized and somewhat overweight even to shake it.

But, expect the small gas grill to serve small-scale food. So, it would be working in the case of having only the family members or packed with few people’s parties.

Enjoy the taste made precisely from the full-fledged gas grill but have the best of the meals cooked in no time in a small capacity.

Find the best options delivered right in front of you varied by the size and the money to get a lock on the right one for you.

Equipped with the best in the line, these small gas grills hold the best grills out of remarkable brands known for the best performance.

Takes not enough of the space out of your already-limited patio, balcony, and apartment, including the rooftop.

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By the look and the design, we personally love the Weber 54060001 Q2200 that resembles an alien’s face (or the robotic one) in real.

Able to accommodate up to two to four persons per serving with having a spacious cooking space of over 280 sq. in. It burns up the stainless steel burners with 12,000 BTUs per hour with its single and adjustable knob to cook real fast.

Made the cooking grates with the cast iron and being porcelain-enameled where it would not stick to the meal while cooking even for an extended time. Imagine the meals contacting the grates, and it would finely cook with the crisp to enjoy the perfectly tasteful chewing experience.

Integrated with the built-in thermometer synced up with the electronic ignition telling you how much heat has built up, mostly when the lid is closed to make sure your juicy meals are well prepping up.

Attached are the double folding work tables that come with the convenience of storing the next series of the meal ready to go into the grill and prepping all the toppings without needing to bring the cut board which would eventually want you to require a separate table which is, of course, a total hassle for many when winding up.

Goes to having the dimensions when the lid is closed, and the tables are out to 15.5″ in height, 51.4″ to width, and 19.5″ to depth to get in the hold of a person to take it anywhere to get it placed.

The more uncomplicated assembly instructions after the purchase and readying for the party come with 3D interactive pieces of instructions through its free BILT app to download right on your smartphone.

The removable catch pan and colored lid in pure gray give the perfect combination to enjoy utilizing it every bit.


  • Spacious cooking area
  • Electronic ignition


  • Single burner
  • Assembly required

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It is NOT just a single piece of a gas grill, but a full-fledged one contains up to five adjustable burners collectively warming the grill to reach up to 71,000 BTUs to do the incredible cooking done in no time.

Having a total cooking area of around 930.8 sq. in. ensures the large gathering group is served in one go to ensure none is left hungry and waiting for their turn to hit.

Controlled with the battery-operated electronic ignition system ensures it goes with a more effortless and quick startup to reach the maximum heat rather quickly to start cooking meals of a different kind. No worries if you happen to have just two people to enjoy the ever-tasteful meals by lighting up the required burners to convert the gas from waste.

Constructed with the ever-lasting and full stainless steel and converted into igniting up with the natural gas by hooking up the kit to not just use as a fix-based gas grill but the portability to move around the backyard to prep your favorite grilled meals with the added convenience.

Made in China, the assembly required for KitchenAid 740-0781 is always at your service to prepare the BBQs, kebabs, hamburgers, etc.

Included with the temperature on the lid tells exactly how heated it has been to keep a tab to take out the specific meals before they get burnt due to the excessive heat.

All in all, it goes to be one of the best small gas grills you can own in your possession!

  • Comes assembled
  • Includes natural gas conversion kit
  • Battery-operated electronic ignition


  • A little high in the price

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For added convenience, this roll-away gas grill comes right from Cuisinart CGG-240 wheeled up to move around the backyard and in the home to keep it near you and store in the dedicated place anytime needing to hold it up.

Classed as the ideal portable gas grill comes with a built-in stand, enabling you to provide the added capacity like a large grill.

Go from grilling good vegetables to bread and pizza to meat and seafood of many kinds.

The cooking area consisted of a cast-iron grill surface that expanded to 240 sq. in. The double-wall stainless steel brings the heat to spread evenly to experience outstanding results to cook with the best taste.

A loop-based burner that emits over 15,000 BTUs made of stainless steel integrated on the panel and has porcelain-enameled cooking grates do not let the food stick when touching close to the burning levels. So, it is not always required to keep the food rolling to save from getting them burned as the overheating would add the crisp and crunchy effect on the outer side of the meals.

Compact design to the best for the more straightforward setup and transport, this grill measures from 44″ by 23″ to 21″ when folded AND 41″ x 23″ x 36″ at the time of fully open, making it super ideal for the decks, balconies, camping, patios, tailgating, and more.

Dual side shelves in the foldable form and made of stainless steel bring ample space to place the plates and the condiments and fold them back when not in use to converse the storage.

Awarded with 3-years of limited warranty gives you the peace of mind to replace whenever the issues hit this gas grill.

  • Roll-away wheels and the dedicated stand
  • Portable gas grill


  • The blowing breeze could extinguish the flame.

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Something really compact in size, this tabletop Giantex OP3243 does fit over a medium-sized dining table to serve you with the heated and warmed meals slipping right onto the plates without leaving the chair.

It got over two burners made exclusively with stainless steel to cook the best BBQ items in no time using the cooking surface of over 430 sq. in. that comes offering durability as well as convenience to clean off the waste after getting done cooking your favorite meals.

Dual push-and-turn ignition burners that lit up quicker than before and offer up to 20,000 BTUs that reach the maximum temperatures as quickly as possible with each burner being independently adjustable to keep lowering and high the flames.

It comes with foldable legs and a lockable lid to generate the increased steam to cook the vegetables that streamline the storage to place conveniently without taking much of it. So, set it conveniently over the dining table to enjoy the get-together to have access to warm and smokey meals served right on the plates.

Made for durability and lightweight plus safety, the CSA standard ensures it lives a longer life without inviting rust and twisting over time. Yes, it is so recommended to keep it away from getting wet as it would harm the long run.

  • Highly affordable
  • Best to small-sized parties


  • Do not let drip the grease

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Impressive design that does not perceive like a gas grill of its kind, this Cuisinart CGG-180 has a small cooking area of up to 160 sq. in. but why should we be concerned about it as we already opted for the small gas grill that does the perfect work.

Featuring one adjustable burner which takes the heat to hit around 5,500 BTUs that takes the twist to start the electric ignition system to match the predefined heat to gain the required temperature showing up on the gauge to control per the meals you have been cooking.

More than anyone, it goes as compact as the gas grill to take anywhere as it measures a size of 19″ x 11.5″ x 10″ when loaded at the stand.

As for the stand, the VersaStand, which goes to size of over 31.5″ in height, 16.5″ to width, and 16″ by length and weighs around 17 lbs (including the stand) to take it anywhere you go. Store into a car trunk or anywhere, the removable stand greatly converses the storage from the significant margin.

Enjoy a party of 4 to 6 people without any problem to grill the best BBQs in no time, and the telescoping stand comes with the right height to have the ideal cooking that holds the grill without vibration.

  • Comes with VersaStand
  • Compact design


  • Small cooking area

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There are actually a few of the notable brands that are known to be producing the high-end but the smaller-sized gas grills cooking the delicious meals for you.

Unlike the many small gas grills, the tabletop ones are indeed your best option to go with. Luckily, Cuisinart CGG-306 comes with the luxury of requiring no assembly that sets up and gets it ready to cook the stuff for you well under 10 minutes and that too, without needing the tool to tighten them up.

Double adjustable burners with the total heat-emitted power of 20,000 BTUs that came with the electronic ignition and the dedicated control knobs and wrapped the burners with the hard and pure stainless steel, each having 10,000 BTUs per hour’s heat to cook whatever you got instantly.

Designed the stainless steel grates to hold the larger cuts of the meat, increasing the performance, which is unbelievable to expect from such a compact and portable grill of this kind.

22 lbs in weight, this all stainless steel grill goes to be listed among the lightweight to get it seamlessly fit into the car without a problem. Include the locking cover, folding legs, and the carrying handle that makes it comfortable to carry along with you wherever you go.

Control the heat the way you want, and distribute the heat evenly to reach all the corners of the surface to cook even the largest cuts of meat without any hassle.

  • Dual adjustable burners
  • Stainless grates


  • Requires self-assembly

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Most of the party-goers would take it to justify the price Weber Orange 51190001 Q1200 tagged with, but for the price plus the design, we LOVE it personally.

The distinctive orange color made it unique to everyone’s eyesight and equipped with one single stainless steel burner that produces up to 8,500 BTUs per hour to heat 189 sq evenly. in. the whole cooking area.

The cooking grates are made of porcelain-enameled cast-iron along with the lid and the body is constructed with an aluminum lid the body lasts longer and could take you to light it up every single day without degrading the performance.

Start it up instantly; the electronic ignition system comes with the controllable infinite burner valve settings to adjust the heat according to the meals you are up for cooking.

Hold up the disposable LP cylinders from 14.1 oz to 16.4 oz (that does not come included with the purchase of this gas grill), so throw the cylinder the moment the gas wipes out.

Requires assembly, but that is not just a complex one to follow when you have the instructions to read through using the free BILT application installed on your smartphone. Follow them AND get done with it instantly.

The built-in thermometer installed upon the lid tells what temperature it is burning at, and it is good to serve up to two to three people at a time. Perfect for family use!

  • Unique color
  • Single but effective burner producing a lot of heat
  • Electronic ignition system


  • A little bit pricey

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Another one from Weber, namely Weber 50060001 Q1000 falls under the people’s choice according to the performance it delivers.

Equipped with a single stainless steel burner, which eventually produces up to 8,500 BTUs per hour to heat the entire 189 sq. in. of the cooking area for the perfect cooking.

With the cast-iron cooking grates with the aluminum lid and the body enameled with porcelain to preserve the grates, not lose the performance, and convert the meals from getting burned and ultimately giving the perfect juicy experience on that particular portion of the meal.

Fully assembled the moment it comes out of the box with the dimensions of the grill when the lid is closed to 14.5″ to height, 27″ by width, and 16.5″ to depth to place it conveniently on the tabletop as well as wherever you got the dedicated place for the seamless cooking.

Takes the push-button ignition system with the infinite control burner valve settings to adjust the heat to match the specific meals’ temperature.

Runs through liquid petroleum gas (LPG), which does not come with this grill’s purchase. Requires to get it preheated before cooking the meals for up to 10 to 15 minutes with the burner flaming at the higher end for quick results.

  • Fully assembled
  • Hooks up with disposable LPG tanker


  • Single burner gas grill

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Yet again, the portable gas grill named Coleman RoadTrip 285 sitting on the stand has over three adjustable burners to control the temperature per the requirement to collectively emit the heat of over 20,000 BTUs per hour to grill the entire 285 sq. in. cooking space to get anything and everything cooked instantly.

Integrated with a water pan, which catches the cooking grease without a problem to get it removed for the easier cleaning to make it ready for the next session in no time.

Double durable side tables to lie down the utensils and the sauces to prep things up next to the grill without a single hassle.

And the installed thermometer delivers the accurate temperature to monitor to ensure you have the right flame to cook what you got.

The InstaStart ignition system requires just a push-button for the matchless ignition to turn on this Coleman RoadTrip 285 gas grill right away.

It requires assembly before use; weighing around 52.58 lbs makes it somewhat heavier, but the integrated wheels help you transport it wherever you want without asking the external help to lift it in your hands.

Change the cast-iron grill grates from griddles to the stove (sold separately) to enjoy the variety of cooking the favorite meals out of this single gas grill.

  • 3 of the adjustable burners
  • Side tables placed on the sides
  • InstaStart ignition system


  • A bit pricey

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And here comes our last entrant out of the list, Char-Broil 240 is the perfect combination of the sleek, simple, and performance-rich gas grill holding over 240 sq. in. The cooking area eventually makes you take it along on the trip and do the small-sized parties right from the tabletop.

Comes included sturdy legs that sit nicely on the table with enough stability and even on the ground while carrying handles to transport it all along.

Installed with a lid-mounted temperature gauge to show you the power of heat and the painted porcelain body withstands all the heat not to get the meals to burn.

Hooks up 1 lb of propane tanks (not included with the purchase) to do the favorite meals to cook with added convenience.

Able to light up the grill to emit the heat over 9,500 BTUs to prep up the burgers and have Piezo ignition to turn on the grill rather quickly.

Weighs just around 28.2 lbs make it somewhat heavier, but that is not something a person could not lift it with ease. They do, and they actually can do it without a single problem!

  • Sturdy legs
  • Sits stabilized on the tabletop
  • Highly affordable


  • Does not the legs come off

Finish here! We are finished right here by listing the top 10 best small gas grills to fascinate the folks who love eating the juicy and their favorite meals to enjoy through all the bits.

Small in size, but this does not degrade the performance.

Means you have the excellent heat capable of cooking the best of your meals without an issue but yes, for the small-scaled gathering.

Use them for your dinner or prep up for the guests coming in; these small gas grills would never disappoint.

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