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Why look at mediocre steaming irons when you can get a great one with all the best features at an affordable price? Because of the wide variety of steam irons available in the market, you are no longer a slave to your price restrictions and can easily go for the best steam iron without compromising on quality and price.

After going through our steam iron reviews and buying guide, you would be able to get the best clothing iron that not only meets your requirements but also gives you a host of other advanced features like drip-free steaming, retractable cord, and a self-cleaning system. All this would be done by keeping your own personal requirements in mind since every steam iron user is different.

Top 5 Bestseller Steam Irons

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Different Kinds of Steam Irons Available

Conventional Steam Irons

In a conventional steam ironing system, a little amount of steam is released on the clothes when you iron them. As a result, the time spent in getting a perfectly ironed fabric is reduced and, at the same time, the creases in the clothes disappear quickly.

The modern conventional models come equipped with features such as self-cleaning, auto shutoff, vertical steaming, and steaming amount control. Even features like the ability to use the water directly delivered by the tap have been included in these conventional irons, thanks to a new filtering feature called an anti-calc valve.

It should be mentioned that these feature are not a luxury in modern conventional irons, they are the norm.

Steam Generator Irons

The best clothing irons fall under the category of the professional steam iron system and are for those people who have expensive clothes and want the very best results from their steam iron. There are two types of steam generator irons:

Non-pressurised Generator Irons

The steam generated by non-pressurised generator irons is almost twice of what is offered by conventional models. However, there is no pressure behind that steam.

Pressurised Generator Irons

Pressurised generator irons are the best-rated steam irons since they generate a lot of steam but with added pressure (5 bar inexpensive models) so that the steam can permeate the fabric that is being ironed. This gives crisp and wrinkle-free results.

Cordless Irons

A lot of users desire mobility from their steam iron system. They want the unit to be moveable from one place to another. With traditional irons, this was not possible since the movement was restricted to how long the power cord was. Now, however, there are cordless irons that do not come with a cord. They can be taken from one room to another easily and without any hassles.

They work using a technology similar to cordless phones – there is a charging base that comes with the steam iron and the cord is retractable. Common features of these cordless irons include temperature setting, multiple heat/steam settings, self-cleaning, vertical cleaning, and electronic/digital controls.

Top 10 Best Steam Irons by Wirecutter

Rowenta DW5280 1725 Focus Steam Iron

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This model by Rowenta is not just the highest-rated steam iron but is generally one of the best clothes irons available in the market. Here is a preview of its features and benefits:

  • 400 Soleplate – The 400 holes soleplate of this non-stick steam iron is patented and made from stainless steel. It is resistant to scratches.
  • 10 oz. Water Tank – The water tank holds enough water to generate an ample amount of steam and comes with an indicator.
  • Thermostat Knob – The product has a thermostat knob that can be adjusted for controlling the amount of heat.
  • Self-Cleaning – This model comes with a self-cleaning feature that ensures that loose deposits of minerals do not cause loss of steam.
  • Anti-Drip – The anti-drip technology enhances the safety of the steam iron by preventing spitting or leaks of water, no matter what the temperature may be.

Rowenta DW2070 Steam Iron

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This is another model from Rowenta that is easily the best clothes iron according to various steam iron reviews and that is because of the following amazing features:

  • 300 Rounded Soleplate – The uniquely designed soleplate of this model is rounded and has 300 micro steam vents. Because of the precision tip on the soleplate, the iron doesn’t get caught in snags.
  • Auto Shut-Off – If there has been a lack of movement for 8 minutes, this model shuts off on its own. The soleplate and sides shut off after 30 seconds. Combined with the variable steam control, this is quite a useful feature.
  • Self Cleaning – The steam chamber of the steam iron is always clean and free from blockages because of the self-cleaning function that flushes out all mineral deposits.
  • Anti-Calc – Anti-calc feature adds usability since water can be used in the iron directly from the tap. It would not cause any issues with this steam iron.

Black & Decker D2030 Steam Iron

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What a lot of steam iron reviews mention about this Black & Decker model is the fact that it comes with some unique and novel features that others don’t have:

  • Digital Display – The digital display of this steam iron has LCD display that allows the user to check their fabric settings and monitor the temperature. The display is quite small and right at the top. The iron also has auto shut off and motion sensitivity.
  • Fabric Guide – Not only are the standard specs available in this good clothes iron, such as auto off feature, stainless steel micro vents, auto clean and vertical steam, it also comes with a neat fabric guide at the bottom. This ensures that the right number is entered, depending on the fabric.
  • Long Cord – This is the next best thing to a cordless steam iron since the cord is around 8 feet long. It can pivot to 360 degrees.

Panasonic NI-E200T Steam Iron

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This model by Panasonic featured in most best steam irons reviews because of its affordable price and host of features:

  • Titanium Soleplate – The U-shaped titanium soleplate has a curved shape, with the vents located on the side for proper circulation of the steam. The curved plate allows the ironing to be smooth and fuss free, without any snags.
  • Temperature Control – The dial of this model allows the user to switch between 5 different fabric settings and is easy to operate.
  • Long Rotating Cord – The 360 degree cord is 8 feet long in this model, ample for easy movement over a large area.
  • 7 oz. Water Tank – The water tank can hold around 7 oz. of water but it’s the unique design that is the winner here. It is transparent which means that the user can easily check how much water is left.

Rowenta DW8080 Pro Steam Iron

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All the steam iron reviews reiterate that this model by Rowenta is in their top 10 steam irons list because of its professional nature:

  • 400 Soleplate – The soleplate made from stainless steel (polished) has 400 micro vents and expels steam at 1700W power which leads to great precision. There is also a precision tip.
  • 12.7 oz Water Tank – The water tank has an amazing capacity of 12.7 oz. with this model.
  • High-Pressure Steam Burst – The model has a variable steam feature and the steam comes out of the micro vents at high pressure, thereby ensuring that even thick fabrics can be steam ironed using this technology.
  • Anti-Drip, Auto Shut Off, and Self Cleaning – This steam iron also comes with all the features of other professional models like anti-drip, anti-calc, auto shut off (8 minutes), and self-cleaning.

BLACK+DECKER Allure Digital Professional Steam Iron

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This model by Black & Decker is a great clothes iron because of its simple and practical features:

  • Digital Display – Black & Decker understands the importance of digital displays in steam irons and this is why this model has an LCD display with backlighting that gives users accurate steam ironing results.
  • Steam Control Dial – The control dial of this model allows the user to control the amount of steam, depending on how thick or thin the garment/fabric may be. The amount of steam is displayed in the LCD screen.
  • Auto Cleaning – The auto-clean feature allows the iron to be unblocked by mineral deposits so that the steam can come out smoothly and clothes get a professional steam ironing result.
  • Fabric Guide – This model has a fabric guide right under the comfort grip handle for steam ironing different kinds of fabrics.

Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201 Steam Iron

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Sunbeam makes the best clothes iron for budget users who simply want a top steam iron minus any over-the-top expensive features.

  • Macro Holed Soleplate – Unlike other steam iron models, this one by Sunbeam comes with 15 macro holes that work just fine, given the pricing. These holes are located on the sides of the stainless steel soleplate.
  • Shot Steam and Vertical Steam – An interesting feature with this budget steam iron is the shot steam feature which would also allow users to perform vertical steaming. It works at an interval of 3 seconds.
  • Variable Steam – The variable steam feature has 4 different settings and because of the anti-drip feature in this steam iron, delicate fabrics can be ironed without getting ruined.
  • Dual Spray Mist – This is an interesting feature which allows users to spray a fine mist of steam on the clothes before they are being ironed.

Panasonic NI-W810CS Steam Iron

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This is a multi-directional iron by Panasonic that is loved in all steam irons reviews because it has some features that even top rated steam iron models haven’t even tried:

  • Elliptic Ceramic Soleplate – It is the elliptic shape of this model’s soleplate that makes it so amazing and multi-directional. Both the ends have precision tips to avoid snags, saving almost 25% time when you compare irons of other brands. The holes are big and located on the edge of the plate.
  • Adjustable Temperature and Steam Control – There are 5 settings available for temperature control in this iron and it also has a steam jet feature. The steam control feature comes with 4 settings for different types of fabrics.
  • Long Rotating Cord – The cord is 8 feet long with 360 degree rotation.
  • 6.75 oz. Water Tank – The water tank has a 6.75 oz. capacity and is light colored to check for water level.

Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam Iron

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This is a focus iron and the best steam irons reviews love its features because it caters specifically to those people who sew and design clothes.

  • 400 Soleplate – The soleplate is made from stainless steel and has 400 micro holes for even steaming. Thus, the iron glides quite smoothly over the fabric and generates a lot of steam as well.
  • Auto Steam – The steam is adjusted by the iron on its own, depending on how hot the soleplate is which is almost a professional feature in this iron.
  • 10 oz. Water Tank – The water tank can hold 10 oz. of water.
  • Steam Burst and Water Spray – There are separate buttons for getting water spray or a burst of steam on fabrics.
  • Long Pivoting Cord – The pivoting cord is long and 7 – 8 feet in length. It can rotate to 360 degrees.

T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Steam Iron

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This model is the best-rated steam iron for budget buyers because it comes with a host of features that are useful to users:

  • Ceramic Soleplate – The model lives up to its “Ultraglide” name because the soleplate easily smooths over fabrics with its micro and macro steam holes that are located along the sides and in the middle.
  • Extra Long 12 ft. Cord – The cord is extra long at 12 feet and doesn’t cause the iron to tip over because of the heel, where the cord can be wrapped securely.
  • 9 oz. Water Tank – The water tank can be filled with tap water (anti-calc feature) and stores around 9 oz.
  • Spray Mist and Burst Steam – There are two buttons on the top for getting water spray or a burst of steam on fabrics. The model also comes with anti-drip and auto shut-off features.

Top 3 Rated Cordless Steam Irons

Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Steam Iron

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This is another cordless best clothes iron by Panasonic that offers amazing maneuverability with its features:

  • Curved Soleplate With Multi-sized Holes – The soleplate of this iron is curved and the holes are located along the edge. There are indentations along the holes so that the air pockets can be trapped.
  • Microprocessor Temperature Control – Instead of traditional temperature control technology, this cordless steam iron has a microprocessor with a light indicator which controls the temperature.
  • Detachable 5 oz. Water Tank – A small button is provided for detaching the 5 oz. water tank and refilling the steam iron when needed.
  • 6 ft. Retractable Cord With Charging Base – The unit has a 6 feet retractable cord along with the charging base. The powering up takes around 120 to 180 seconds and the auto shut off feature kicks in at 10 minutes.

Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless Steam Iron

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Most steam iron reviews of this tiny little iron were surprised at how it packs a wallop in that little a body. Here are some of the best features of this cordless steam iron by Panasonic:

  • Multi Directional – Panasonic proves why it produces the best cordless steam irons – with this elliptical soleplate iron with pointed tips on each end for avoiding snags while ironing fabrics. The steam vents are right along the edge of the soleplate.
  • 6 ft. Retractable Cord With Charging Base – The base has a light indicator which blinks when the iron is ready to be used. There is also a 6 feet retractable cord with this model. It usually takes about 10 to 30 seconds to heat up.
  • Detachable 4 oz. Water Tank – The model is completely mobile with its 4 oz. detachable water tank and 10 minutes of auto shut off feature.

Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless Steam Iron

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The top rated steam irons of the cordless variety are all by Panasonic and this is the one that even professionals use.

  • Double Point Multi Directional Soleplate – This model by Panasonic has an elliptical soleplate iron with pointed tips on each end. This is used to avoid snagging when the fabric is ironed. The steam vents are right along the edge of the soleplate and have indentations to trap air pockets.
  • Detachable 4 oz. Water Tank – The water tank can store 4 oz. water and is detachable. This model is particularly good for steam ironing large fabrics like tablecloths and drapes.
  • Chargeable Base With Retractable Cord – Like most cordless irons, this too comes with a charging base where the user has to let the iron sit for a few minutes until it gets heated up. The cord is retractable in this model.

Top 3 Rated Professional Steam Generator Irons

Rowenta DG84 Steam Generator IronPro

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This is another professional steam generating iron that achieves flying colours during rowenta iron comparison because of the following features:

  • Continuous High Pressure Steam – The device offers continuous high pressure steam at almost 90g/min to ensure that ironing time is almost cut in half. Because of the power and amount of steam, wrinkles from the thickest of fabrics can be smoothed out in no time.
  • 400 Soleplate – The soleplate is made from stainless steel and has 400 microholes to ensure even distribution of steam. The shape of the soleplate is ergonomic with precision tip to avoid any snags.
  • 33 oz. Water Tank – The water tank has a capacity of 33 oz. to offers 90 minutes of continuous steam ironing.
  • 1800W Power – With 1800W of power, the iron heats up remarkably quickly, making it one of the best clothes irons in the market.

DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact Pro Steam Generator Iron

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This model is a bit different from other steam generator irons, as mentioned in steamed irons reviews because DeLonghi has focussed on craftsmanship to create this iron.

  • Double Boiler Feature – This technology in the iron is patented and is created using a superalloy at the bottom and stainless steel at the top. The boiler can hold 33 oz. of water to ensure 1 ½ hours of continuous ironing.
  • Aluminum Soleplate – While most units have stainless steel or even ceramic soleplates, this device has an aluminum soleplate with a satin finish that works quite smoothly over fabrics.
  • Steam Control – There are switches at the top where the amount of steam can be controlled by the user and pressurized steaming is delivered at 3.5 bar. The indicator light goes on and off to indicate when the steam is ready.

Rowenta DG5030 Pro Steam Generator Iron

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This model is one of the best clothes irons for professionals who need steam on demand. It cuts steam ironing time in half with the following features:

  • 33 oz. Water Tank – The massive water tank is professional grade and holds 33 oz. of water which ensures that constant steam is generated by this iron. Continuous steaming can be achieved for close to 1 ½ hours with this iron.
  • On Demand Steam – The handle trigger can be used for generating steam on demand and because of the 1750W power, reviews of steam irons Rowenta DG5030 show that users are able to get 3x more steam using this iron.
  • Extra Long 12 ft. Cord – There is a compact base with a 6 ft. cord for delivering the water to the device and the power cord is extra long at 12 feet.

Top 10 Best Steam Iron Brands

1. Rowenta

Rowenta was one of the first brands that launched an innovative temperature control iron that paved the way for the company being known for its amazing steam iron technology.

Products Manufactured: Rowenta manufactures not just steam irons but also travel irons, vacuum cleaners and ironing boards. They have amazing steam generator irons that have continuous fill technology. They also manufacture garment fabric steamers.

Compact Irons: All the Rowenta steam iron reviews commend the brand for its beautifully designed irons that are compact enough to fit anywhere. People who find other steam irons too heavy would love their ergonomic design.

Specifically Made For Fashion Designers: Rowenta has created a line of models that cater specifically to those people who sew their curtains and clothes. The added satin provides smooth operation during steam ironing.

Best Steam Iron Models by Rowenta: Rowenta DW5080 Focus Steam, Rowenta DW2070 Steam Iron and Rowenta DG5030 Pro Steam Generator Iron are some models by Rowenta that stand out when you compare rowenta irons.

2. Black & Decker

Black & Decker not only manufactures steam irons but also classic irons and digital irons. They make a number of household appliances for power tools and home cleaning as well.

Digital Iron Feature: What all black decker steam iron reviews mention about this brand is their innovation in the digital arena. They have some top steam irons that come with a digital screen which is extremely helpful to users.

Extra Large Soleplate: The brand manufactures irons with extra large soleplate (usually made from stainless steel) so that bigger fabrics can be easily steamed in less time.
Power Indicator – Because of the digital nature of their models, a power indicator light is provided. It blinks when the iron is heated up and ready to use.

Best Steam Iron Models by Black & Decker: The best Black & Decker steam iron models include Black & Decker D2630 Steam Iron, Black & Decker D2030 Steam Iron and Black & Decker D3030 Allure.

3. Panasonic

Most of Panasonic steam iron reviews commend the brand on their advanced features and beautifully designed iron models. Panasonic has a number of products to offer, including steam irons and other home appliances.

Cordless Steam Irons: Panasonic has established itself as the last word in cordless steam irons, so much so that most users cannot imagine going back to traditional irons. Their cordless steam irons compromise on no feature and add maneuverability and mobility to their models.

Multi Directional Soleplates: An interesting feature introduced by Panasonic is the elliptical soleplate that makes their iron multi-directional. Both ends of the soleplate have precision tips so that ironing time is cut down and no snags are encountered on the way.

Best Steam Iron Models by Panasonic: Panasonic NI-W810CS Steam Iron, Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless Steam Iron and Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Steam Iron are some of the best models from this brand.

4. Sunbeam

Most Sunbeam steam iron reviews are by people who want something affordable and within budget. The brand offers just that and packs in a number of features to ensure that the users get the best experience.

Macro Holes with Indentations: The affordably priced Sunbeam irons don’t have microholes like certain high end models. Instead, they have macro holes with indentations so that the steam can be trapped in the pockets.

Non Stick Soleplate: Unlike the stainless steel, ceramic and even aluminum soleplates offered by other brands, Sunbeam provides non-stick soleplate with its steam irons. This is a great feature for delicate garments.

Steam Shot: A button controlled steam shot feature is also offered by Sunbeam steam iron models, along with anti-drip and anti-calc.

Best Models: Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201 Steam Iron, Sunbeam GCSBCL-317-000 Steam Iron With Nonstick Soleplate, and Sunbeam GCSBTR-100 Travel Iron are some of the top models by this brand.

5. T Fal

As mentioned by most of T Fal steam iron reviews, the brand is known for its marvellous customer service. The manual tends to be a bit complicated for average users and the customer service helps everyone to get the best experience from T-Fal products.

Lightweight and Compact Irons: The steam irons manufactured by T-Fal are extremely lightweight and compact, and can be used by people who cannot lift heavy irons or don’t have much storage space.

Large Water Tank: The water tanks of T-Fal irons are typically large and have a great capacity to ensure that continuous refilling is not necessary.

3 Way Auto Shut Off: The irons from T-Fal shut off automatically if they have been left idle for too long.

Best Steam Iron Models by T-Fal: The T-Fal FV4495 Ultra Glide Steam Iron, T-Fal FV4476UO Ultra Glide Steam Iron, and T-Fal FV3756 Prima Ultra Glide Steam Iron are some of the top models by this brand.

6. DeLonghi

This brand manages to balance price with features, and as such, it has a number of iron models – some for budget home use, some for commercial use and others for professional use. The best thing about DeLonghi steam irons, as per DeLonghi steam iron reviews, is the efficiency of advanced features with higher end models.

Powerful Iron: Most models by DeLonghi pack quite a punch in the small and compact body, and come equipped with 1750 – 1800W power. This ensures that the steam iron heats up quickly but thanks to the auto-shut off feature, it switches off if left idle for too long.

Professional Steam Generator Irons: DeLonghi has a great professional steam generator model that features in most people’s top 10 irons list.

Best Steam Iron Models by DeLonghi: DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact Pro Steam Generator Iron, DeLonghi 1750W Ceramic and Stainless Steel Soleplate Steam Iron, and DeLonghi FXN 25AG Steam Iron are some of the best models by the brand.

7. Hamilton Beach

It’s the little details in the construction and designing of Hamilton Beach irons that make a world of difference and ensure that most of the Hamilton Beach steam iron reviews are positive.

Full Featured Irons – Their irons have all the features combined like retractable cords, non-stick soleplate, auto shut off, dry steaming, lightweight body, and compact size. All these features are ideal for even the nit-pickiest of home users.

Affordable Pricing – Despite a host of features, Hamilton Beach irons never become too expensive for users. They stay in the range of budget users who wish to have an assortment of basic features, complete with easy use and quick ironing.

Best Steam Iron Models by Hamilton Beach – Hamilton Beach Durathon 19901 Steam Iron, Hamilton Beach 10092 Travel Iron cum Steamer, and Hamilton Beach HIR200R Dry/Steam Iron are some of the best models by this brand.

8. Oliso

Oliso is not a brand for home use and almost all Oliso steam iron reviews are by professional users who desire advanced features from their steam iron and patented technology.

iTouch Technology – Oliso has patented a technology called iTouch for their irons which ensures that there is no need to lift or lower the iron on to the board. With a simple touch to the handle, the iron lowers itself and lifts itself back up again on release. This auto-lift technology is one of its kind.

3 Way Steam – The steam irons by Oliso come with 3 way steaming capability for thorough steam ironing.

Best Steam Iron Models By Oliso – The three top models by Oliso include Oliso TG-1100 Smart Iron with iTouch, Oliso TG-1050 Smart Iron with Continuous Steam Burst and iTouch, and Oliso TG-1600 Smart Iron with 12” Cord and 30 minute Auto Shut-off.

9. Reliable

Reliable is a brand that chiefly makes irons for home use. Thus, all Reliable steam iron reviews mention that the irons of this brand come without bells and whistles. They just have the features that everyone needs for regular home use.

Comfortable 20 Hours Weekly Use – Reliable has a special class of home use irons that are meant to be used for the clothes and fabrics of an entire family. As such, they give 20 hours of comfortable ironing experience that is continuous. The home use irons are made from plastic and get heated pretty quickly.

Commercial Series – The commercial series of Reliable irons fairs better during prolonged use and also comes with unique features like anti-drip, anti-calc, two heating elements, and temperature control.

Best Steam Iron Models by Reliable – Reliable Sensa 200DS, Reliable I400 Professional Ironing Station and Reliable Maven 100IS Home Steam Iron are some of their best models.

10. Russell Hobbs

Like various steam iron companies, Russell Hobbs is a veteran brand that caters to both budget users and professional consumers. Here are some great things about this brand, according to Russell Hobbs steam iron reviews:

Precision Point – The irons have a precision tip that is extra sharp to ensure that not only are snags avoided but the iron can easily reach the hard to iron places on the fabric, particularly clothes.

Great Power and Steam Performance – Steam performance is impressive with this brand and professional models come with as much as 2400W of power.

Auto Shut Off – Auto shut off ensures that when the iron is idle for too long, it automatically powers off and doesn’t burn a hole in clothes.

Easy Fill – Easy fill technology is offered with a few models of Russell Hobbs.

Best Steam Iron Models by Russell Hobbs – Best models include Russell Hobbs 18618-56 Steam Iron with Easy Store & Pour and Russell Hobbs IR5000 Easy Fill Steam Iron.

Factors & Features To Consider

Safety Features and Factors

You should always make safety features your top priority when you choose a steam iron. This is because an iron is a device that runs on electricity and a steam iron has the added hazard of scalding or burning off your fabrics if you are not careful. Thankfully, all the steam iron brands understand this requirement of their customers and put in some safety features that prevent any accidents and problems.

Here are two vital safety features found in modern and top steam irons – anti drip and auto shut off. These are both essential features to look for in steam iron reviews –

Anti-drip – This feature ensures that there is no spillage or leakage by controlling the steam vents and preventing water from dripping. Thanks to this feature, the iron doesn’t leak, even when it is operated at low temperatures.

Auto-shut off – If the iron is idle, gets knocked over or is not being used, the auto shut off feature shuts it down to prevent burnt clothes and overheating. In-home models, it is usually under 10 minutes while higher-end models made for sewing have the auto shut off kick in at 30 minutes.

Usage and Maintenance Features and Factors

The manual is a good place to start for finding out the best ways to maintain your iron and ensure a long life. A lot depends on how the iron is used and how the features are being utilized as well.

Anti-scale – Limescale can get deposited on the steam iron and with this function, it is continuously removed and there is no need to use special products for the same. This feature also goes by the name “Anti Calc”.

Capacity – A normal steam iron can hold a set amount of water which would decide how long the unit can be used before the tank is refilled. Usually, home steam irons have a capacity of under 10 oz. while steam generator irons have a capacity of as much as 33 oz.

Self-cleaning system – The vents of the iron can sometimes get mineral deposits and this feature helps to flush those out. Most irons come with a self-cleaning function but there is another option for models that don’t have it. The burst steam function can be used for cleaning the vents in such models.

Convenient controls – The controls of the steam iron should be simple to understand with fabric guides, easy to read temperature dial and convenient placement of the buttons at the front. Some models come with indicator lights that blink when the iron is ready to be used.

The cord of the steam iron has one extremely simple function – it makes the iron as mobile as possible. Of course, there are cordless models out there are well but apart from Panasonic, no other brand has nailed down the concept of cordless irons. The cord should ideally be long enough so that big fabrics can be easily ironed without any obstructions. However, if you are used to just steaming and pressing clothes, you don’t need the extra-long cord feature.

Here are the two important factors to watch out for in this area – cord length and retractable cord.

Cord length – Long cords can be around 8 feet and extra long cords are usually around 12 feet to ensure that the iron is maneuvered easily. Some models have a spooling feature in the handle of their iron to ensure that the cord doesn’t cause any mishaps.

Retractable cord – A retractable cord can be retracted and spools around the handle or base unit when released, depending on the steam iron type. It is most common with cordless irons from higher-end brands.

The quality and efficiency of the soleplate decides how good the steam iron would be. As such, this factor should be carefully considered before going for an iron, particularly cheaper models where brands tend to skimp in this area. The most expensive models would have a ceramic soleplate because it is simply the best and comes with all the great features. Some soleplates have a satin finish on top of them for improved smoothness.

The soleplate should glide easily on top of the fabric and its shape should be ergonomic so as to prevent any snagging of clothes. It should smooth over wrinkles effortlessly and not get stuck. There are 4 common kinds of soleplates available – aluminum, ceramic, nonstick, and stainless steel.

Aluminium – Aluminum soleplates are basic in nature and found in the cheapest of steam irons. They are a bit difficult to clean and extremely prone to scratches, so you have to be careful while using them.

Ceramic – Ceramic soleplates are loved in all steam iron reviews because they are of the best quality and distribute the steam evenly, leading to wrinkle-free results.

Non-stick Coated – These are scratch-proof and easy to clean, plus they don’t stick to the fabric. The non-stick coating is also common in affordable irons.

Stainless steel – This is the most commonly used soleplate material for medium-budget steam irons. However, you have to be careful while ironing over buttons with these because they are prone to scratches. Some stainless steel soleplates have scratch-resistant capability.

There are a number of steam related features in steam irons that allow you to control the amount of steam and shoot a burst of steam on fabrics. Professional and commercial users need higher steam output. An important factor is steam output. Other factors include steam shot, vertical steam and steam gauge.

Steam output – Steam output is measured in grams/min and higher it is, the shorter ironing time would be. In case of pressurised steam generators, it is measured in bars. In non-pressurised models, the average output is around 80 to 108 g/min and the same in pressurised generators is 100 to 120 g/min with 3 to 5 bars of pressure.

Steam shot and Burst-Of-Steam Button – With this feature, a shot of steam can be delivered on to the fabric for wrinkles that are particularly stubborn. It can be activated using a burst of steam button and is measured in grams/min.

Vertical steam – If the fabric or clothes are hanging, this feature would help to steam them without laying them out on the iron board. It makes the steam iron act exactly like a steamer for steaming clothes.

Steam gauge – The arrow of the steam gauge allows steam adjustment, depending on the fabric, and also has a shutting-off feature.

High wattage ensures that heating up is quick and performance is improved of the steam iron. It is a much-desired feature in best steam irons reviews of higher-end models. On average, home users do not need upwards of 1800W to get great and efficient results. So, if that is your purpose, you don’t need to spend extra just to get higher wattage.

Anything less than 1000W is too less because your iron will keep cooling quickly and you would have to set it aside to allow it to heat up again. This can be a tiring process. Another thing is that if the wattage is too low, the iron might not be able to deal with thicker fabrics and tough wrinkles because it simply doesn’t have the power in it.

If the wattage is appropriate for the purpose, it would take you less time to iron clothes. If you try to be stingy in this area and think that lower wattage irons will save you power, you would be spending twice the time on every fabric, negating all the benefits and adding to the hassles.

Water-Related Features and Factors

The water is held in a water tank or water reservoir that comes with the storage iron. It can be attached to the iron and this is common practice for most home use steam irons. For professional users and higher capacity models, the water tank is detachable from the iron for ease of use. Some models are designed in such a way that the water tank is transparent. An inlet with a cover is provided for you to fill the water. Continuous fill technology ensures that you save time during refills.

Removable Water Reservoir – This convenient feature allows the water tank to be detached for easy filling under the tap without carrying the entire unit. If the capacity of the water reservoir is more, you would be thankful for this feature.

Transparent Water Reservoir – A transparent water tank ensures that it is easy to see when the water is up to the maximum level. Some water tanks are not just transparent but also come with readings and markings.

Water fill-hole Cover – This is the cover of the inlet through which water is filled into the steam iron.

Continuous Fill – This feature is there for the ease of the user. There is no need to turn off the steam iron or reheat it before filling the tank, it can be done continuously. It also saves a lot of time.

Tips on Choosing the Best Steam Iron

Here are some tips to keep in mind while going through steam irons reviews to buy the best clothes iron:

Keep Your Common Clothing Fabrics In Mind – If you use natural fabrics such as cotton or linen or want to buy the steam iron for pressing denim and other hard fabrics, look for a steam iron that would come with a spray and steam burst feature to take care of pesky wrinkles. For wool, you would need a steam iron with a dry ironing feature. Thus, keep your requirements in mind when you choose a steam iron.

Try It Out Before Buying – The iron should be easy to lift for you and must have a comfortable feel in your hand. This is why you should try it out before you decide to purchase it. You might make your purchase online but you can walk into a store and test drive it in advance. Also, look for the positioning of buttons and whether they are convenient for you to use.

Take A Look At Available Features – If there are many advanced features that you will not use, why invest in such iron and pay the extra money? Only go for features that would be useful to you.

Read The Manual – The manual can often be extremely complicated for certain models. You should be able to understand how your ironworks and how individual controls would be used. Also, the manual can prevent mishaps in the future by letting you know about essential maintenance pointers like using tap water vs. distilled water.

Read The Reviews – Finally, read the reviews of the iron thoroughly and then make a decision. You can have a shortlist of steam irons or compare steam irons using our list before you make the purchase.

If the iron has an anti-calc feature, you can simply use tap water for filling up the water tank. Otherwise, you would have to use distilled water. As a note of caution, people should use distilled water if they live in areas where the water is extremely hard as this can lead to calcification in the best of steam irons, despite the anti-calc feature.

The soleplate of the iron should be occasionally cleaned to ensure that the vents are not getting blocked. Also, if clothes have starch on them, particularly natural fabrics, they can cause the soleplate to become unclean. It is best to consult the manual of the steam iron for more details about this point. The steam burst feature is quite helpful in this respect.

Watch this quick video guide that easily explains how to clean a steam iron:

A lot of steam irons have a feature called “vertical steaming” which is there to press hanging fabrics in the upright position. So, this feature should be looked for while going through reviews of best clothes irons, especially if you would be steam ironing curtains.

The first solution is to shell out some extra bucks and get a steam iron with anti-drip feature. Another solution is to stop steaming clothes on low temperatures. Delicate clothes should be pressed first. After steam ironing the clothes, the reservoir should be emptied so that it doesn’t leak the next time it is used. This also ensures that the soleplate doesn’t get any drip marks.

Where to Buy Best Steam Iron?

While looking for the best steam irons to buy, you have a number of options to go for. Some people check out their local stores or manufacturers websites for best-selling irons but a better option is going for online stores. Here’s why:

Manufacturer Warranty – Online stores like Amazon have products being sold by manufacturers. These are authentic and branded products are sometimes sold by the company itself. As such, they come with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Better Variety – Online stores have an amazing variety of irons and you can also compare the best-rated clothes iron by different brands and find one that suits your budget and your requirements. In physical stores, you have to know what you want to buy but such a restriction doesn’t exist online.

Customer Reviews and Ratings – Online stores have ratings and reviews from customers who are certified buyers of the products. These reviews will let you know about the pros and cons of buying the product.

Discounts and Sales – Ultimately, online stores are the hub of amazing sales and discounts on a continuous basis. You will not only find the best iron to buy but could actually get your hands on the best cheap steam iron with the help of their discount.

Making the Decision

Ironing is a chore that not many people enjoy. However, choosing a good iron can at least add some efficiency in the equation and ensure that the job is finished quickly.

Are you waiting to find out about the best iron to buy for ironing clothes? There is no such thing as one great have-it-all device because there are different irons out there for different requirements. Home users need something different from commercial and professional users. Thus, when you make your decision, keep your personal requirements in mind.

Make a list of steam irons that seem to be the best to you and then, check out our steam iron reviews. You can also use our detailed review list for pros and cons of some top models of steam irons. Don’t forget that you can choose to go for a great iron and treat it as an investment or you can go for a cheap one and be forced to replace it in a couple of years.

Also trust the top brands for a reliable steam iron that wouldn’t disappoint you. These brands have spent years perfecting the steam ironing technology and even have some patented features.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to your favorite online store right now and buy your chosen steam iron on a discount, with the assurance that your homework will pay off.

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