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Best Tire Inflator

A tire inflator can be very handy when you go out of town and decided to take a long journey.

Whether you’re a businessman, employee, or an ordinary person who loves long travels, a tire inflator is a must-have tool for you to enjoy your journey.

A tire inflator is a must, but choosing the best tire inflator that will work out best for you is a 100% necessity.

Experienced travelers never go for a long trip unless they have everything ready inside their car’s trunk and yes, this includes all the emergency tools that they might be needing along the way. A tire inflator fixes your flat tires, so you’ll never have to worry about calling for help in the middle of nowhere.

Top 10 Bestseller Tire Inflator

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How does this thing work?​

All you ever need to do is to attach the pin into the socket of the tire, set the desired pressure, press “on,” and it will automatically inflate the air into the flat tire.

Within a few minutes, your vehicle will be ready to continue the journey. Inflators don’t only fix tires, but beach balls and other inflatable products as well. Way to go for a perfect outing!

If the idea of owning one of these inflators sounds good to you, but you don’t know which to choose out of all the products available on the market, then read along. We will guide you and try to help you in your decision-making process.

Top 5 Best Tire Inflator Reviews

Different models of tire inflators are all over the market, so we took the time to trim them down to 5 tire inflators, which almost have the points or aspects we discussed above. Take a read, and pick the tire inflator that will work ultimately and optimally for you.

Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station

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Painted in the iconic colors of the established manufacturer, Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station makes a very strong first impression.

At the second look, the things do not look bad, either.

The device weighs only 6.1 pounds, which makes it perfect for long travels, and has a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

It comes packed with many different nozzle adapters that make the device suitable for a variety of household items.

​In addition, the length of the cords is not something to write home about. If you take this inflator on a trip, and you end up with a flat tire, you’d better have some extension cords with you.

Some users have been pointing out that the gauge is too small for comfortable use, but with the accuracy of +/- 3%, you won’t have any problem reading the pressure.

Aside from these few issues, the inflator performs exceptionally well. For a start, ASI300 features an automatic shut-off functionality, which stops pumping when the desired pressure is reached, and, frankly, makes all the complaints about the gauge a moot point.

The performance is great. The device can power up to 160PSI, which is ideal for the given price range. If you were to inflate the regular mid-size car tires, you would have to wait about 4 minutes per tire (flat to 35 PSI).

For a compressor of this size, these numbers are more than solid. It is also worth mentioning that the device operates smoothly and silently.

As for the content of the package, the ASI300 comes bundled with an extension nozzle, tire nozzle, and needle inflator that allow it to inflate anything ranging from balls and mattresses to bikes, and motorcycle tires. The build quality, on the other hand, is nowhere near from what you’d expect at ASI300’s price point.​

The device is riddled with an obvious fuse problem. That would not be too much of an issue if you could replace the fuse by yourself, but, instead, you have to send the inflator to the nearest service center. That can be a pretty lengthy process.


  • The device is very versatile
  • Good, fast, and silent performance
  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Portable design


  • Very unreliable fuse
  • The cords could not be longer


VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor

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Raw power and maneuverability – are the features that you can expect when you see VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor.

There are few inflators of this size that can cope with the strength that this guy packs.

The built-in LED light and quick inflation times make this device a good partner to have on long roads.

​Following the footsteps of the very successful 70P model, 85P does a lot of things to position itself as the ultimate air compressor for the people who spend a lot of time on the road.

First, the device can inflate the tires with the measurements up to 31 inches, which is more than enough for the regular cars, and dwells deep into the light truck territory.

Second, the compressor feels very sturdy and gives the impression that it can take a lot of bruising. Third, 85P has an inbuilt LED workspace light that enables operation even in the dark.

​The unit can power up to 60 PSI in each pump, which translates into some of the best fill rates on the market. For the tires with the 14-inch rim diameter, the fill rate is one minute at 15 to 30 PSI, and two minutes at 0 to 30 PSI.

The entire four-wheel set of big off-road tires can be inflated in under 20 minutes. For a device powered by a car battery, these numbers are great.

The noise levels are ok, but not spectacular. Consider that a price you have to pay for the sturdier build and more powerful motor.

The length of the cord of 10 feet allows comfortable use, no matter what tire you need to inflate. The 85P gauge does not have any advanced functions, but it’s precise and easy to read.

Although obviously meant for the trunk, 85P does not feature the most compact design out there, and the lack of a carry bag does not help this situation. Another thing that could be considered a drawback is that 85P can be operated only if the car’s engine is running.​

​The device has the highest ampere draw of 14.5 amperes. Such a draw can blow up a car’s fuse. Before you make any final verdict on the product, check your car’s power port rating. If you end up in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and try to inflate it, you may just jump from one trouble to another.


  • The device is built with performance in mind
  • Great fill rates
  • Sturdy build


  • Potential issues with the car fuse
  • Works only if the engine is running


Slime 40045 Home Tire Inflator

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Slime was always a powerhouse name in the world of tires.

Slime 40045 does a lot of good things to carry the weight of the well-established brand, and for the most part, it succeeds.

The famous manufacturer has done its best to equip the inflator with a package full of goodies that should make it more appealing to casual users.

​Let us start with the 40045’s main lure – the generous package the inflator is wrapped in. What you can find there? How about adapters that will allow you to inflate virtually anything.

Or the 1-feet rubber air hose, 6-feet power cord, and the 17-feet PVC air hose, that combined give you the impressive length of 24 feet? If you are buying your first inflator, this package will offer a lot of long-term value.

However, praising only the value of the package doesn’t do this inflator any justice. Although not spectacular, the 40045offers satisfying performances. The maximum air pressure is 150 PSI, which is more than enough to inflate 14-inch tires from 0-28 PSI in about for minutes.

Given the fact that the package is filled with high-flow accessories that are clearly meant for balls and mattresses, you probably shouldn’t try to go beyond that. The gauge is easy-to-read, precise and 100% accurate.

Another sign that 40045 is aimed at a casual audience that values the performance, but also the convenience is the inbuilt Whisper Soft technology that, by the words of the manufacturer, ensures silent and efficient operation. It is also worth noting that the inflator is very compact (10 x 6.75 x 9.13 inches), lightweight, and easy to maintain.

As for the build quality, Slime made no compromises here. This inflator is very robust and looks like it was built to last. Of course, only if you use it in short bursts.​

In the perfect condition and after only 10 minutes of continuous use, 40045needs to take a 10-minute break. That should be a clear signal that you should not put too much trust in this inflator in emergency situations.​


  • Great value for the money
  • Wide variety of different adapters
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good purchase for the first-time buyers


  • Very limiting 10-minute work span
  • The attachments take too long to unscrew


Kensun D1001 AC/DC Heavy Duty Multi-Function

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Calling a device “heavy-duty” can be considered nothing short of brave.

However, Kensun has done a great job in Kensun D1001 AC/DC Heavy Duty Multi-Function with enough power to make this name justified.

The air compressor has been tested on up to 31-inch tires and the gauge measures up to 250 PSI. The airflow is 11 liters per minute. All these numbers speak of a reliable and powerful product.

​If you looked beyond this obvious flaw, you would see that D1001 is a very reliable device that can easily compete with VIAIR P85. For example, this is yet another compressor that can easily tackle big 31-inch tires.

Even if you tried your luck with the 33-inch tires, you would manage to pump them up to 40 PSI, which is more than praiseworthy. The compressor works very fast, and if you are not inflating too many tires, you won’t even notice that the device needs to take a break.

Where Kensun D1001 manages to outshine VIAIR P85 is versatility. The compressor can operate under DC 12V or AC 110V. What that effectively means is that you can use D1001 both in your car and in front of your house. Although it costs a bit more than VIAIR’s product, this slight price gap will save you from buying another inflator solely for household use.

Although the package includes only three nozzle adapters, they will prove to be more than enough to inflate the usual suspects like basketballs, mattresses, lawnmowers, and camping equipment.

When you are on the road, the 9-feet cord will make sure that you can reach all of your vehicle’s tires. The rubber hose is of excellent quality, and it is clear that it can take a lot of stretching and torsion.​

​Where this device falls flat is its work span of only 10 minutes. Much like with i8000, if you pass this limit, you will have to make a 10-minute break.

Unlike i8000, however, this device aims much higher, so this drawback poses a much bigger problem. The fact that when overheated, Kensun D1001 starts smoking and almost bursts to flame doesn’t make this situation any better.


  • A powerful and versatile device
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • It can handle even the big, 33-inch tires


  • A 10-minute work span doesn’t exactly scream heavy-duty
  • The compressor may be stuck between two span


P.I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tire Inflator

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P.I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tire Inflator is a device that makes it very clear that it wants to break away from the traditional tire inflators. The best thing about it is that it almost gets away with it.

For a start, the package is very generous, and you will find a lot of goodies that justify the high price. Second, the inflator looks more like a latest-gen gaming console than an air compressor.

The build quality is great, and the device is made out of durable, high-impact plastic. So far, so good.

Besides that, P.I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tire Inflator does its job very well. Although the max pressure is not amongst the best on the market (only 150 PSI), you will be able to inflate a mid-sized tire in under 4 minutes.

The digital controls are straightforward and easy to use, and the bright LCD gauge that reads in 0.5-PSI increments will make sure that you have a clear picture of what is going on. However, in most cases, you will simply let the microprocessor-monitored shut-off functionality do the monitoring instead of you.

Another great thing about this digital inflator is the rechargeable battery that will allow you to take care of the tires, even if you are nowhere near the vehicle. Just make sure that the battery is always fully charged because you will not have too much use of the short power cord.

Since the P.I Auto Store is apparently casting a very wide net with this product (everyone from casual to high-end users), it should not be too much of a surprise that the inflator’s package is full of the broad-appeal additions.

Open the package, and you will find a beautiful carry bag, screw connector, inbuilt auxiliary LED light, many different nozzle adapters, and, surprisingly enough, even eight spare duct tapes.​

​The price of this model is higher than the price of any other entry on this list. Although the device tries very hard to justify that price tag, it is difficult to escape the feeling that, for a regular buyer who just wants to keep something in the trunk in the case of emergency, this whole package may feel underpowered and too excessive.


  • The inflator looks and feels great
  • The carry bag is always a nice thing to have
  • Very generous package


  • The whole package seems a bit gimmicky


Advantages of Tire Inflator

As mentioned before, a tire inflator is a multipurpose tool for your travel. It can inflate any inflatable products such as tires and balls. Some tire inflators come with a flashlight feature as well, which can be extra handy in case you have a flat tire during nighttime.

Like an air compressor, it can inflate your kid’s beach balls on the way to a particular beach outing. When you’re at home and your partner has a flat exercise ball while doing some sit-ups, then you can compress air to it as well.

Also, tire inflators don’t need to sweat you over by pumping, it works automatically on their own once you press the “on” button. It’s a piece of cake actually. You can save all your energy for driving to your destination. And that’s the power of tire inflators.

If still, these advantages seem to lack for you to be convinced that a tire inflator is a must-have tool for driving, try to look at the following advantages we made for you

Emergency Tire Repair

You might probably see all those pumps that are large in your garage, well you can’t bring them all along the road. Bringing a small, portable compressor that can be held in the back of your car will do you good. A tire inflator is useful during flat tire emergencies, they are handy and easy to carry.

You don’t need batteries to power them up, you can plug into your car’s DC power, and then it’s all set up ready to inflate your flat tire. Though it may take longer compared to larger air compressors, it’s the best tool you could ever have in emergency situations.

Household inflatable products emergency

As an emergency inflator for inflatable products at home, this can be extra reliable as well. If you have a kid who’s crying over some flat ball toys, then you don’t have to purchase meters and meters of the power cords from the garage all the way to your home, tire inflators can do the job for you.

It’s totally reliable when your wife or husband feels bad over a flat exercise ball and they can’t continue their stretching habits on it. All you need is the portable tire inflator for the expansion job for the exercise balls.

Tire inflators can be used with less hassle, you can apply this to sanding, spray guns, nail guns, and even when you decide to work upon your house’s roof. Everything is absolutely on the go with this portable inflator tool.

At Sandblasting Work

Workers who make use of nail and spray guns can make use of the tire inflators as well. Tire inflators can generate enough air to empower most air tools used in sandblasting. Though this can’t generate superior power compared to strong tools, it can come in handy and portable for sandblasting works.

Saves Money and Energy

Well if you’re traveling and got a flat tire, without a tire inflator you have no choice but to push your car all the way to the nearest gas station. It will surely cost you a lot of energy to do so. Also, gas stations nowadays charge for compressing air to your tire. So, with a tire inflator- you can definitely save money and energy.

So these are the emergency uses you can make benefit from using a portable tire inflator. As mentioned, there are many instances you can help with, once you have this tool. This does not require you to do anything but to just plug, attach, and press “on”. Easy as that and you can start benefiting from the various advantages and features we mentioned.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Moving to points that you should consider before buying the best inflator that will work out best for you and for your car. This will cover various aspects which are all important for you to successfully determine what tire inflator to buy.

It’ll be a slightly long read, but don’t worry we assure you that it is certainly worth it. You can’t just go ahead to the online market and purchase a tire inflator, there are a lot of features on these tools that you need to consider before deciding and acting out your tire inflator choice decisions.

A tire inflator will not only come in handy for travels but can also keep your inflatable products at home and at work taken care of with asking less energy from you. Here are the main points you should watch out for before deciding.

Air Pressure Gauge

The Gauge display is important since it helps you determine the air pressure level accumulated by your vehicle’s tires. The Air pressure gauge display will let you know whether the tires are not over or under filled with air.

Auto Inflate

This feature is something you should look for since it allows you to pre-set the amount of air pressure you want to go into your flat tire. You just have to press the “on” button then the flat tire will auto-inflate- absolutely handy!

Auto shut off

If the tire has an auto inflate, it should have an auto-shutoff. It means that when the tire inflator reaches the setup air pressure, it will automatically shut off. This is a useful feature since it can reduce the probability of over-inflation tire occurrence.

LED work light

Emergencies can take place at any given time. Expect, that it is possible that flat tires can occur at night time. It’s essential that you should look for a tire inflator that has a LED work light, so you can have a reliable light source as you work on your flat tire.

LED light can also help other car vehicles coming from both ways to spot that you are in the area. There’s nothing way to feel better than to have a light source at night while you go and try to inflate your flat tire with some air.

Long power cord

It is beneficial for you to have a tire inflator that has a long power cord 3-4 meters long is suggested so that it can reach any tire position that needs inflation. If the measure is in feet you should look for a 6-12 feet or longer range.

AC/DC compatible

We suggest for you look for a tire inflator that is AC/DC compatible. A DC-powered tire inflator can charge power from a cigarette lighter and the AC cord can suck power from any regular electrical outlet.

Though the choice highly depends on the user, we suggest you go for a DC-compatible powered tire inflator, since most cars have cigarette lighters, nowadays. But still, the choice will highly rely on you. Choose what’s more convenient and more accessible for you.

Adaptors for Inflatables

Adaptors are useful so you can inflate other objects such as balls, sofas, bike tires, and mattresses. Make sure you’ll look for a tire inflator that comes with various models of adaptors, so you can always make use of the most of it.

Fast inflation

If you can’t afford to delay, then make sure you look for a tire inflator that can do fast inflation to your vehicle’s flat tire. True it is that tire inflators will take longer compared to the large regular air compressor, there are models that can inflate tires faster compared to other products, and that is something you should keep an eye on.

Durable air hose

The usual hose lengths will range from 2 ft. to as much as 16 ft. for the larger models which can perform heavier duties. The hose diameter and length must be good since they can affect the tire inflator’s performance as well.

Carrying case or bag

Tire inflators are made handy, so you can either put them in your car’s trunk or behind the driver’s seat. It is advisable that you should aim to look for a tire inflator that comes with a safety case or bag. It will help you to store this tool safely and effectively.


The size of the compressor is very important. It determines how fast it can work to inflate a flat tire. The higher the PSI the compressor has, the stronger and faster it inflates. Watch out for models that have low PSI since they are made for inflating flat tires, they are the type of models which are only applicable for sports balls, bicycles tires, and the like.

Warning lights

This is another feature that is a must for all tire inflators out there. It is necessary that the tool you’re going to buy has warning lights since these are the kind of lights that are highly visible on the road. Take note that this is not the same as the LED work light feature mentioned earlier.

The weight of the tire inflators matter. Customers won’t go for it if not for this amazing feature which is, that it allows you to have an air compressor that is highly portable and handy in emergency situations.

Battery Powered

There are models of tire inflators that are powered by batteries. Cigarette lighters and electrical outlets are not necessary. The only thing that you have to watch out for is that you must keep your tire inflator’s battery fully charged before you proceed on your long travel.

Duty Cycle

In choosing the right and perfect duty cycle for your future tire inflator, look for a unit that has a 100% duty cycle, so you can use this tool without taking some cool-down period. Always bear in mind that you can’t work out a tire inflator continuously within 10 minutes. You have to cool it down for safety reasons.

So, how was it? Did you finally have the main points you should bear in mind before buying a tire inflator? If you already have, then good for you. Tire inflators should be safely used at any instance.


These are just some of the good things you’re about to have in your travel, once you have a handy tire inflator with you. It comes portable, reliable, durable, and does its job. Although these tire inflators may not be as powerful as the regular air compressors- it still has something to do in case of emergency.

Build safety and an easy way to get to your destination, choose the portable best tire inflator that has all the qualities and features you are looking for. Pick your choice, today!

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