Best Truck Tool Box

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Best Truck Tool Box

Trucks are always associated with hard work and you always use your truck for all kinds of jobs.

If you are a construction worker, contractor, or just a driver, you will always require a full and big collection of tools and you require a safe place to store them where they can stay well organized and easy to access whenever you needed.

The best truck tool box can work very well to keep your all tools well organized and safe.

​Truck drivers and owners have to be pretty versatile every time. Along with being a good driver, you also must be a good mechanic with little practical knowledge, and survivalist quality to be prepared for breakdowns or other problems. The best truck tool box will keep you going if you have been stuck in the middle of the road.

A truck tool box can solve so many types of problems related to your heavy and numerous tools.

There are so many factors to take into consideration while buying the best truck tool box that meets your every need. It should look stylish and it also should match the color of your truck paint.

There are various types of toolboxes that come in the market as well as on online web portals. They all are designed for different purposes and different truck models.

You will need to study a little as it comes in many different types, materials, and colors. We have shortlisted the best top 7 truck tool boxes. We have mentioned its features with pros and cons so that you can get an idea of which is the best truck tool box that meets your every need.​

Top 7 Bestsellers Truck Tool Box

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Top 7 Best Truck Tool Box Reviews

Buyers Products Poly All-Purpose Chest

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Buyers Products is the leading supplier of truck and trailer equipment. They are providing quality products and services since 1946.

One of the finest products is the all-purpose truck tool box chest-style. It is the most durable and waterproof tool box.

This tool box is made with high-density polyethylene with stainless steel hinges that secures and protects your valuable tools.

This model is low-profile chest mounts that floor of 6.5-foot or 8-foot trailers or pickup beds. This can be used in workshops and garages as well.​

There are some issues with this tool box that its male and female clasps don’t meet well so lid doesn’t fit tightly and appropriately. Another issue with this tool box is quite heavyweight so it could be uncomfortable to handle.

​Still, you should focus on its other benefits like the capacity of this toolbox is 6.3 cubic feet. This model comes in black elegant color and texture.

It is built-in carrying handles so that it will be very easy to lift, you can carry it easily if you want to move from one location to another.

Buyers Products Poly All-Purpose Chest style can be used in the mount to the floor of pickup beds, garages, and trailers.

It is made with rotationally molded material which makes it dent and rust-free. Its lid is made with a double wall that is tough and secure which makes the box last longer.​

It is waterproof and there are no chances of rainwater getting in if you want to wash your car, you can do it easily without putting off the box.​


  • Sturdy and most specious, you can store so many things all together
  • Built-in carrying handles to lift up easily and so easy to move
  • The double-wall lid is secure and tough that making tool box last longer


  • The lid doesn’t fit tightly and appropriately
  • Quite heavy in weight to handle


TMS Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage

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TMS tool box is made with aluminum and size is 49” that is wide and big enough that you can store your tool and some additional things too so you no need to find your bits and pieces every time when you really need it.

Measurement of this tool box is length 49”, Height 15” and width 15”.​ This tool box is ideal for any type of use; you may use it for ATVs, Job sites, Truck beds, Tool Boxes, Homes, Car, Trailer and etc.

It is built with a heavy-duty aluminum tread plate with bright finishing. Its heavy-duty hinges and weather-resistant door makes its superior quality.​

It is welded fully from all sides so that all the tools and other things can be safe inside. It is designed with heavy quality handles and kept on both sides so it can be easy for you to lift up.

Additionally, it comes with a lock and 2 keys so you can keep the box locked when not in use.​

There are some issues that have been noticed with this product which are also necessary to know. It is made with aluminum material but it is quite thin and can be damaged easily in transit.

Also, it is not built with the strong waterproof material and probably chances to get the rainwater in or if you will wash your truck.

​Still, if you want to have your all tools stored in a top-quality tool box, the TMS aluminum box can be your best choice, and it has plenty of storage and is built lightweight so you can move it hassle-free from one location to another.


  • Very spacious, allowing you to store a wide range of tools that you need every time
  • Handles are made with heavy-duty that can bear heavy loads while you lift u


  • It is made with little thin aluminum so it can be damaged easily


Lund/Tradesman 6120 16-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box

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Lund/Tradesman has 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-performance, functional, stylish, and protective automotive accessories for SUVs, vans, trucks, CUVs, and passenger cars. This model of toolbox is ideal to store so many tools all to gather.

This tool box fits most of the trucks. It is very well designed with a diamond tread finish which gives it a scratch-less and clean look and protects your tools from rust and water.

It is built with no-sag construction and very compact that fits in your truck easily.​

Measurement of the product is 16 inches in length, 21 inches in width, and 18 inches in height, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against workmanship and manufacturing defects.

There are some minor issues that have been found that the aluminum is quite thin so chances to get bent if any heavy tool bang with it. Another issue is that its lid doesn’t open 90 degrees so if you want to take out some heavy and big size of the tool, it can be quite difficult.

​Although, it has some great features which may attract you to buy. This tool box is electrostatically finished and water seal protected that doesn’t allow water and rust inside so that tools and other things can be protected every time.

This toolbox is beautifully designed with one single piece with a notched lid and a secured locking mechanism that protects your tool round the clock.

Trailer tongue truck boxes are an excellent solution for adding extra secure storage while not compromising your view of the road or the clean look of your vehicle.​


  • Made with sturdy material that offers last longer life
  • Diamond tread finish gives not only a great look but also offers a clean and scratches less exterior
  • Electrostatically finishes and water seal protected that ensures water and rustproof


  • The lid doesn’t open 90 degrees so it is hard to take out big things sometimes
  • Aluminum is quite thin


Dee Zee M207 Specialty Series Utility Box

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Dee Zee is famous for manufacturing its top quality products in utility boxes, this time they have launched Dee Zee M207 Specialty Series Utility Box which is a tough and durable perfect tool box for your ATVs.

Usually, you ride your ATV as a toy but sometimes it works hard as your truck. When you require bringing other supplies or tools to the trials or on the road, Dee Zee can be the perfect problem solver.​

So far, only one downside of this utility box is noticed that on heavy rain days, Dee Zee sign on the front leaks, and the latch pin also leaks

​Although, this is not a major issue and it can be overlooked easily as this tool box has other many features. It is constructed with non-rusting 0.56 Brite-Tread materials.

The Exterior has a protective and attractive gloss finish. It is designed with a lockable handle latch that keeps your tools secured from busy hands while you are not around.

With Dee Zee M207 Specialty Series Utility Box, you can operate it smoothly and conveniently. It is built with strong construction.

Like other bigger boxes, a crowned lid made with full-length hinges ensures a rugged and solid consider while their striker that is self-adjusting keeps it opening and closing as softly as glass.​

It comes with a lockable steel paddle handle latch; its body strength is superior because it bends internally. It comes with 2 convenient sizes so you may choose from according to your requirement and budget.

It is made in the United States and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.​


  • It comes with all mounting hardware so you do not require buying any additional hardware from the market
  • Sufficient space to store all types of tools other things
  • It fits almost all types of truck


  • In heavy rain, the Dee Zee sign on the front leaks, and the latch pin also leaks


UWS TBSM36 Side Mount Truck Box

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UWS TBSM36 is the perfect truck box that stores small parts, portable vehicle accessories, and tools. It is a versatile mounts toolbox that is designed very well.

Measurement is 36 inches which is a spacious design that you can store your entire requirement on the go. It fits most of the truck without cluttering extra space.​

The build quality of this truck box is exceptional. Made in the United States and UWS has used a high density of aluminum material that is dents and rust-resistant.

You can also store heavy and bigger size of tools without losing form. It is designed with a powerful gas brace that supports and opens its lid so you can access it easily. You will get 2 standoff brackets which improve safety.​

There is only one issue that has been noticed with this product. Since it is the best option to get it mounted to your truck but the manufacturer has not given any mounting hardware along with this package, you need to buy it additionally from the market. Moreover, some users have found it very short and small in size.

Although, TBSM36 is an incredible tool box as its elegant design and it is compatible with a wide range of trucks. It is very well made that will not rust after a few days of use.

If you want to have some extra space for your tools or other things but you don’t want to lose bed space, TBSM36 can be your best choice.


  • Handles are made with high-quality stainless steel that will not rust
  • It has dual struts for lifting; it is also constructed with fine quality steel
  • Lids are fully foamed for both types of material mounts, aluminum, and steel


  • While this is indeed a great tool box, you don’t get any mounting hardware shipped with it


Better Built 79211104 Crown Series Low Profile Crossover Tool Box

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Better Built is founded in 1989. Since then, it keeps manufacturing high-quality truck accessories. This company is famous for manufacturing various truck-related accessories.

Better Built 79211104 comes with two options of material, if you want to choose steel or aluminum, you may choose according to your requirement.

Better Built is also offering two options in powder-coated color whether white or black, you may choose the color as per your choice and as per the match of your truck paint.​

Better Built is designed so well that its latches are locking paddle handle is very easy to open and providing additional security. Its strikers are self-adjusting so you will never require adjusting.

The “Auto-lift” self-rising shock offers entry with single-handed into the truck tool box. This box is built with solid metal. The tub and lid are made fully corrosion-resistant. Diamond tread plate aluminum makes this product elegant.

The lid is weather sealed which protects it from the elements. The entire box comes in one single piece of the body.

Body edges with a smooth finish that protect from any injuries which may happen by accident. This tool box is lightweight yet sturdy so you can move it easily from one location to another.​

All in all, Better Built 79211104 can be your best choice as it is made with extremely high-quality material with spacious so that you can store it in bits and pieces.​


  • This tool box is available in two materials, Steel and Aluminum; you may choose either according to your requirement
  • Lightweight yet sturdy tool box that can be easy to move from one location to another
  • Fully welded seams make it a durable and waterproof tool box


  • Latches don’t work properly after some uses


Weather Guard 127502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box

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Weather Guard Saddle Boxes are the most popular truck storage option due to the ease of installation. It has a diamond plate pattern with a black ARMOR-TUF powder-coated finish that ensures longer life of the saddle box.

The height of this saddle box is 18.5 inches, width 20.25 inches,es and length 71.5 inches, and capacity 11.3 cu. Feet. The black color makes it elegant.

An extreme protection locking system protects against break-ins. It is a built-in full-weather seal that keeps moisture out even in extreme weather.

If you want to take your truck in heavy rain or if you want to wash your truck, there are no issues getting water in the saddle box.​

Overall this saddle box is perfect in features and benefits but the only issue that has been noticed is that so many consumers have received this box damaged and the box has scratches and dentin which the manufacturer has to focus.

​Although it offers so many benefits as this saddle box is built-in crimp-free heavy-duty mounting brackets for drill-free installation, you do not require to drill or any mechanic to install it that is the main plus point of all saddle boxes.

It is very well designed with an internal lock, latch linkage and gas spring that makes this box fully shielded against damage from shifting.

The lid cover opens full 90 degrees for easy access to tools so if you want to take out any heavy or bigger sized tool, you can easily access it.

If you feel that these all features are not enough, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty so this is the perfect tool box worth investing in for a longer period of time.


  • The lid cover opens full 90 degrees so it can be very easy to access tools out from the box
  • Built with an internal lock, latch linkage, and gas spring that guard shield against damage from shifting


  • So many users have received this box damaged and having dents and scratches on it


Best Truck Tool Box Buyer’s Guide

There are many reasons to buy a truck tool box. It can be very helpful when you are stuck on the road and you could not find any mechanic around.

The best truck tool box with very well-organized tools with an attractive and sturdy box can be easy to carry and very useful when you really need them.

The box can store so many bits and pieces inside so you do not have to find them every time in an emergency.

Above were the list of best truck tool box which we have short-listed according to our choice, it is not necessary to buy any of the above.

There are many other factors that you should take into consideration while purchasing the best truck tool box that meets your every need.

In the following section we have focused on such factors which you should read now. After going through these points, you would probably be sure which kind of truck tool box you should buy.

Various Types

There are various different types of tool boxes available in the market. They all will vary according to their attaching style to the truck. We have listed here some most common types of toolboxes that you can buy from.


​This type of tool box can be installed behind the truck. Such comes in the same size as the cab width and it has edges for resting on both sides of the bed.

It can be mounted on the backside and it has little space under it so you can store it additionally below it. This style is pretty simple and basic and can be a good option for those who want to save money.


This other style is called chest style which is also can be installed on the backside of the cab but this chest style sits directly on the floor of the truck.

The special benefit of the chest style is that it doesn’t block the view from the back window and it can be easy to look back for the driver. The only downside of the chest-style tool box is that it occupies a lot of floor space on the back of your vehicle.


​The side tool box can attach to the truck’s side rail on the backside. It can be attached to either side of the truck so you can have sufficient room for some extra storage. Additionally, it can be very easy to reach to tool whenever needed.

​This is one of the unique styles of tool box, it is made with a special box that can slide forth and back so you can move the box easily when you require it. This way it can be very easy to access as well.

Various Materials


​Aluminum is widely popular as it is durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant. Additionally, it is lightweight. In cost, it is a little higher than a plastic tool box but aluminum offer last longer.


If you are looking for something sturdy and heavy-duty tool box, steel can be your best choice. Steel material will give your exceptional strength, longevity, and durability.

Steel will be quite pricier but also will remain with you till long life. If you want to use a truck tool box for industrial or professional use, steel will be your smart choice.


This material of truck tool box usually use for domestic and casual use. The plastic tool box is not as durable as steel and plastic tool boxes but it is quite cheaper in price.

Various Colors

Like various types and various materials, the truck tool box comes in various colors as well. Truck owners can choose the color as per their choice. Usually, it comes in three basic colors finishing which we have mentioned below.


Most of the tool boxes come with a white powder-coated finishing, it looks clean and crisp. Moreover, it prevents corrosion and rust as well.


Black-colored tool boxes look professional and stylish. If you have rough use of tool box, this can be the best choice as it doesn’t get dirty like the white color.


​If you do not want to go with the white and black color, you may get tool boxes in various other bright colors which may match the paint of your truck. Bright colors are the first choice of those who are working in the construction field.


So, as you have gone through all the different types of truck tool boxes with their different features and benefits.

According to us, out of the above top 7 best truck tool boxes, we have carried out 2 best products, Dee Zee M207 Specialty Series Utility Box and so that you can narrow your selection by choosing one of them.​

Above was the information about the best truck tool box, you may have read the differences between the different tool boxes so that you can shortlist and narrow your options.

All in all, you will have to buy the best truck tool box which can stay organized, which can protect your bits and pieces, and which can last for a long period of time.

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