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If you are concerned about the taste of tap water, chlorine, heavy metals such as lead or mercury, PFAS, nitrates, arsenic, pipe corrosion and limescale build-up, know that you are not alone. Millions of people are looking for healthy drinking water for their homes and family.

More and more people opt for an alternative to bottled water since it contains microplastics, it is expensive, terrible for the planet, and unhealthy.

Top 5 Bestseller Water Filter

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Finding the water filter that best suits your needs is difficult because many expensive and low-quality products are marketed.

This article is not a list of what has been considered the 10 best water filters in 2022; It is instead a short guide that will help you find the filter you need. You can also check our comparative guides.

Top 10 Best Water Filter Reviews

Huining Ceramic Dome Water Filter, Replacement Filter for Water Pre-Filtration

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A ceramic filtration system uses a natural or industrialized ceramic medium as the heart of the water filtration process. The ceramic filter cartridge processes water and removes contaminants through a network of pores. They can be gravity fed, under the sink, on your kitchen counter, in some cases used for an entire house or even for light industrial processes.

They are gravity filters that inside the mud can have several layers with different materials to increase filtration. Some may have silver added to remove bacteria from the water.

This filtration system tries to mimic part of the earth’s natural water purification process. Just as water from aquifers seeps through layers of rock on the earth’s surface when it is directed to streams, the water in a ceramic filter can be impregnated with other elements, such as activated carbon, silver etc. to remove more impurities.

Its porosity varies between 0.5 and 1 microns, so it can retain some bacteria, but not all.


  • It can be washable, some filters can have a manual or chemical cleaning process.
  • Its cartridge is sustainable, as it does not contain plastics in its composition.


  • The filtration speed is slow so it must be captured in a container.
  • It is a somewhat expensive cartridge compared to current solutions.

PUR PFM400H Faucet Water Filtration System, Horizontal, Chrome

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The filters or water purifiers to mount the mixer or kitchen faucet, their main advantage is that they are straightforward to install and require little maintenance since they do not require any modifications or drilling in your kitchen to install.

Typically there are two passes in the same cartridge, one of the sediments and the other of activated carbon; some variants include KDF or some resin to retain metals.

Unfortunately for countries like Mexico or Central and South America, they are not the best option to drink, since most countries’ quality is deficient. For this reason, such a small cartridge cannot with all the pollutants that our waters need. Our recommendation for these cartridges is to use them to rinse fruits or vegetables.


  • Easy assembly and change of cartridges.
  • You can use water without some impurities for washing food or cooking.


  • It is not reliable to drink in most Latin American countries.
  • The flavor is reduced a bit, but it can retain much of the water’s flavors.

Cool water jug Pitcher Water Filters Set Heat-Resistant Glass Jug House Filter

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This second product is very similar to the tap filter, it works with a cartridge that integrates sedimentation and activated carbon in the same cartridge, but it is tiny.

The design concept is simple. The water is poured to the top through a jug reservoir, passes through a cartridge containing a carbon filter, and flows into the jug by gravity.

The first time you use a water filter pitcher, you will need to soak the charcoal filter in water for at least 15 minutes. Some manufacturers recommend that you change the charcoal cartridge in your water jug ​​every 150 liters.

But it is the same case of the previous system, for our type of water it is insufficient to have only one activated carbon cartridge to eliminate all inorganic contaminants and microorganisms that the water may contain.


  • They are relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and portable.
  • It does not require an installation.
  • You can take these jugs with you to camping or outdoor activities.
  • You can put it in the refrigerator and have cold water.


  • Generally speaking, they are not as effective at removing most harmful contaminants.
  • The flavor is reduced a bit, but it can retain much of the water’s flavors.

Whirlpool Whispure WPT60B, True HEPA Air Purifier, Activated Carbon Advanced Anti-Bacteria

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Typically, they are placed on the kitchen sink side because they take the water that comes out of the tap through an attachment. This equipment works with the same steps as the first two: sediment filtration and activated carbon, but the volume of these is greater, so the cartridge replacement will be less frequently (4 to 6 months). They are good at removing chlorine, other organic chemicals, and can also retain small solid particles. But they remain unreliable in removing many of the mostly inorganic contaminants, such as arsenic, fluorides, and micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

These types of water filters are easy to install. It comes with a bypass valve that fits into the sink mixer, so it goes on top of the kitchen counter. It also already integrates its tap to serve the water.

These filters connect to most mixers in less than a minute. and no need to connect and disconnect. But most equipment uses a two-way valve so you can have filtered water. In other words, it has to act to change the direction of the water and make it pass through the purifier. Then return it to its position.


  • Easy to install and remove, without the use of sink or pipe drilling.
  • One of the most durable and space-saving household equipment.


  • The diverter valve must be operating.
  • It occupies a place on the kitchen deck.

Aquaboon Big Blue Coconut Shell Water Filter Cartridge

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The two-stage water purifier should be placed under the sink to obtain pure water for drinking or cooking only.

The first filter removes sediment smaller than 5 microns, and the second activated carbon cartridge removes some chemicals, organic compounds, such as herbicides, insecticides and pharmaceuticals. It also removes chlorine, chloramines. Unlike the previous system, there are already two separate steps and it gives the cartridges a longer life, we advise changing them every 6 to 8 months.

This system must be installed under your kitchen sink. It comes with a mounting bracket, and a cold water bypass is taken, the tap or faucet of the purifier is installed by making a hole in its sink or cover. It is independent of your mixer to serve the treated water.

So far we have not changed technology, it is still these two steps and with no protection against viruses, bacteria and organic elements.


  • It is installed under the sink, so it does not take up space in your kitchen.
  • It has more filter area and more activated carbon than previous systems, so it can last longer.


  • No protection against viruses, bacteria and inorganic compounds such as arsenic and fluorides.
  • The flavor is reduced a bit, but it can retain much of the water’s flavors.

Express Water Ultraviolet Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System – 6

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This system has three stages: cartridge to retain sediment smaller than 5 microns, activated carbon cartridge, the germicidal lamp of 1 or 2 gallons per minute.

In this equipment, we add a new element, the “ ultraviolet (UV) light lamp ”. Its function is to emit ultraviolet rays that enter through the cells of viruses and bacteria and destroy them, preventing them from reproducing in water and dying within seconds. But after failing, the corpses remain in the water.

UV water purifiers have a simple yet powerful purification process and UV rays kill 99.90% of microorganisms present in water.

The light bulb or bulb in the water purifier produces ultraviolet light, it must be replaced every year and kept on throughout its life. The bulb is covered by a quartz glass sleeve placed around the bulb, which blocks direct contact with water.

The UV water purifier requires electricity to operate and uses the same amount of energy as a 20-watt bulb.


  • It removes viruses and bacteria from the water, making it safer against gastrointestinal diseases.


  • UV purifiers do not remove inorganic contaminants.
  • Requires an electrical power outlet.

Nikken Waterfall 1 Filter Cartridge 13845 – Replacement for Gravity Water Filter Purifier

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This purifier also adds activated carbon (bacteriostatic) but unlike the previous ones, it incorporates stones that provide minerals, it delivers a pH of around 8.5. They then added a magnetic field to help reduce tartar buildup.

Your tank capacity is 1.32 gallons or 5 liters

Uses an activated carbon cartridge with silver, mineral stones (to alkalize the water) and a 1,200 gauss ring magnet Filter cartridge must be changed every 3 months. Mineral stones must be changed once a year.

The manufacturer mentions not to use it with water that is not microbiologically safe or of unknown quality without adequate. Disinfection before or after use in this product, as it does not have any bactericidal elements. Also, use only cold water, since it uses silver as a bacteriostatic element that prevents bacteria from growing on the equipment.


  • The manufacturer has honestly mentioned what it removes. In our opinion, it builds a lot of trust and speaks well of the company.
  • It does not need electrical power to function.


  • The filter must be filling manually with a jug.
  • It does not retain inorganic contaminants or bacteria.
  • It is somewhat difficult to wash.

IonTech Economic Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine IT-656 by IntelGadgets

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This equipment subjects drinking water to an “ionization” process. According to the manufacturers, the process, also called “electrolysis”, is carried out using negatively and positively charged electrodes. In the process, the water atoms give or receive electrons to the electrodes. The result is a chemical reaction that causes the water to become more acidic or alkaline. Tap water typically has a pH of around 7, or neutral; alkaline water has a pH greater than 7; acidic water, less than 7.

Companies say alkaline water has various benefits, ranging from giving you energy to counteracting the harmful effects of acidic foods you eat. Some scientists, however, say that there is no scientific study to support the marketing claims of alkaline ionized water companies.

Some plug directly into the mixer, but some models go under the sink. Alkaline water, which the companies say is ideal for drinking and cooking, comes out of one of the machines’ taps, while acidic water, which can be used for cleaning, comes out of another hole. The degree of alkalinity is adjustable. The machines have a built-in filter, but it is too small to remove most of the contaminants in Mexico and Latin America.


  • They are capable of reaching a pH of 10, without adding chemicals.
  • They produce acidic water that you can use for cleaning.


  • These kits can be the most expensive equipment on the market. Because some are marketed by multilevel, this type of marketing makes the equipment more costly for commissions. They are not that expensive.

iSpring RCC7AK-UV, NSF Certified, 75GPD 7-Stage Under Sink Reverse

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iSpring RCC7AK-UV purifiers use a semi-permeable membrane that helps separate contaminants from the water molecule. During the purification procedure, the system uses hydrostatic force, which pressurizes the membrane wall’s water.

So contaminants and microorganisms are trapped in it. This, in turn, helps you drink purified water.

UV purifiers are the most energy-efficient as they do not require an electrical connection to do their job.

However, a UV purifier’s membrane pores are larger than those of a reverse osmosis water purifier. Therefore, as mentioned above, it cannot remove the molecules of salts, dissolved metals or some inorganics and it does not fully improve the taste of the water.

UF (Ultrafiltration) is similar to the Reverse Osmosis water purification process, but UF Filters use membranes with larger pores.

Something delicious is that they can retain bacteria, viruses, cysts and other microorganisms from the water, without using radiation or a chemical.


  • It does not require electricity. UF water purifiers can work with standard water pressure in the pipeline.
  • It removes most of the water’s contaminants, making it the safest purifier up to this point.
  • They can purify even very dirty or cloudy water.
  • Fail-safe. Ultrafiltration purifiers will never fail, and they don’t give you impure water.
  • In case the UF is obstructing its flow by some solid, it can be easily cleaned to restore the water flow.
  • Most UF water purifiers can last up to ten years with proper care


  • It cannot be used with municipal waters that contain heavy metals and dissolved salts such as arsenic, cadmium and lead.
  • The flavor is much better than previous equipment, but it can retain some of the water’s flavors.

Express Water RO5DX Reverse Osmosis Filtration NSF Certified

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Reverse osmosis is one of the most advanced technologies in water purification. Many countries are using reverse osmosis to desalinate seawater to combat water scarcity in key locations. Currently, 44% of the desalination plants in operation are in the Middle East or North Africa.

However, as accessibility to water becomes more urgent due to climate change and the misuse of this resource, scientists expect that the salinization capacity will increase between 7% and 9% annually. All this through the use of reverse osmosis on a large scale.

Reverse osmosis has become a popular option for purifying water in homes. Additionally, many restaurants are using reverse osmosis to improve the quality and taste of their food by using osmosis water.

Unlike activated carbon filtration technology that uses adsorption to attract certain pollutants as if it were a magnet, reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane. Using a pump forces the water to pass through it, leaving all particles on the other side. They are swept by a continuous flow, which expels them from the system in constant cleaning.

We can say then that reverse osmosis is the safest purification system, since it eliminates practically any element that the water contains, from sediments, bacteria, heavy metals, fluorides, lead, arsenic since it filters at 0.01 microns. This removes 95% to 98% of the total dissolved solids TDS.


  • It eliminates traces of medicines in the water, more and more people throw expired medication into the water, so it is contaminated with chemical elements that can affect our body.
  • The cost of the system and its spare parts, being a proven and approved technology, is becoming more and more accessible to the pockets, so it is very good savings for families.


  • It requires a pump that raises the water pressure to a minimum of 30 pounds PSI, built-in or uses a home pressurizer.

Why Do You Need a Water Filter?

Tap water in North America and Europe is generally considered potable. However, this does not mean that it tastes good or that your tap water is healthy.


Bottled water is worse than tap water because, according to several studies, it contains microplastics. Additionally, bottled water can have the same contaminants found in plain water, such as PFAS, arsenic, or bacteria. Lastly, the processes of producing and disposing of water bottles are terrible for the environment.

To be sure that you drink healthy water, the best alternative is to have good quality and inexpensive water filter.

How Do You Install a Water Filter?

As already mentioned, there are many different types of water filters. Some, like the faucet and pitcher filters, are a breeze to install and use. Others, like those that go under the sink and those for the whole home. Have to be installed by a professional plumber, so the installation alone already costs hundreds of euros.

With TAPP you can trust that it will work because we provide adapters (free) for almost every faucet on the market.

How Does The Water Filter Work?

In the United States, the main certifying body is the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation, National Sanitation Foundation). Part of its mission is to ensure that consumers can safely purchase a water filter to meet pollutant removal requirements.

The certification process is not easy, and It is quite a challenge. Typically, it takes about a year to get NSF approval. Furthermore, if there is the slightest modification, the product must go through another approval process during and after this period. As a result, most of the market products today are at least 5-10 years old and out of date in terms of water filtration technology.

Thus, some companies such as TAPP and Berkey have chosen to turn to independent laboratories rather than NSF to innovate and make improvements in technology continually.

Learn more about the independent lab tests done on the TAPP 2 filter.


This last point has some controversy about whether it is healthy to drink water with very low or almost zero salt and mineral loads. We have not found studies that claim that drinking water with these characteristics is harmful to health. There are populations like in the Alps or in the Himalayas that drink meltwater (demineralized) without risk of life or consume bottled waters low in salts that the recognized brands sell us and that we have not gotten sick.

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