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In the year 2015, estimates showed that Millennials (born between the 1980s and 2000) drank 42 percent of all wine found in the US. Also, the same research shows that young people are thirstier drinking an average of 3.1 glasses compared to 2.4 glasses of generation X and 1.9 of generation. The total market for wine in the same year was highest than elsewhere. And the love for wine among the young is on the rise.

Top 5 Bestseller Wine Decanters

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Wine (red or white wine), regardless of the age, when it is exposed to air, enhances the flavor. Exposure to the air boosts the taste by softening astringent tannins making the fruit and floral flavor come out better. While pouring your wine directly to the glass from your bottle will still aerate it, a decanter will even expose a large portion to the air. By swirling, you achieve even better results.

Factors to Consider

Wine Type

Some wines usually take longer to decant than others. For instance, full-bodied red wines contain a high percentage of tannins and will require a decanter with a wide base. Consider a medium-sized decanter for a medium-bodied red wine and a small-medium sized decanter for light-bodied red wines. A small chilled decanter works best with white and rose wines.


A lot of the wine decanters are made from Crystal glass. You will still find those that are acrylic.


You can choose from a short, tall, wider base to think necked. Aside from the wine type, consider the users and uses. Any design of wine can work provided you use them exclusively for wine purposes. However, if you plan for your children to use with other drinks, get those that are short with comfortable grip handles.


It is possible to see any sediment with a clear glass decanter. A clear decanter would also be a necessity when it comes to serving water with fruit slices so your guests can see clearly what the water contains. Everyone has their preferences.


Get a decanter that can hold a whole bottle of wine. That way, there can be no spillage, and the wine will be sufficiently aerated eliminating the tannins taste. A glass of wine that is not properly exposed to the air renders it cheap.

Wine decanters are not just for aerating your wine. They also contain that much-need aesthetic element. That implies the looks may be as important as all the other features.

The market is awash with wine decanters that you would be spoilt for choice. As such, we made it our responsibility to research the various decanters on the market to make your shopping simple. We’ve prepared reviews of what we believe are the best wine decanters on the market currently.

Top 10 Best Wine Decanters

Bormioli Rocco Loto Wine Decanter

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Bormioli Rocco Group is a leading glassmaker in Italy, and their glasses meet and exceed the stands of the glass. And for a long time, they’ve demonstration exceptional innovativeness in their design of their products. They boast of the top quality Bormioli Rocco Wine Decanter.

While the capacity of your wine decanter may not be a big deal, you need enough volume for a full standard bottle of wine. You will find some small-sized decanters that cannot even fit a 750 ml and leave enough space for aeration. Bormioli wine decanter measures 1.5L sufficient to fit almost 2 bottles of wine and still oxygenate it adequately for a fantastic taste and flavor.

You must be aware that once you open your bottle of wine, exposing to the air for a long time makes it lose the original taste. This wine decanter comes with an airtight stopper that helps to seal your wine when storing. As such, the decanter still acts an airtight sealer for your wine for future consumption. So, you will no longer pour your wine down the drain once you’ve opened the bottle. That way, you can take your wine at your pace and at any time.

Bormioli decanter is fully sturdy glass that will serve you a lifetime. There will be no scratches or chippings common with other decanters. The design to will enhance the outlook of your tabletop for those who love class.

Worried about these of cleaning this decanter? Worry no more as Bormioli decanter is dishwasher safe. By using a clean decanter, you can be sure that will boost your appetite for wine even further.
Gifts are a symbol of value that will attach to other people, and everybody likes it when they feel there is somebody who appreciates them. If you were stuck on the gift to present on a special occasion, Bormioli decanter will rekindle your love for them.


  • Large capacity
  • Elegant
  • Sturdy glass


  • Poor packaging

Mimi’s & Fifi’s Best Wine Aerator Decanter for Red Wine

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For an oenophile or those who understand much about wine and go testing different types, then here is a good companion for you. Mimi’s & Fifi’s Wine Aerator Decanter should be your best bet when exploring the world of wine. It is a quality product, and you will not go wrong with it.

If you’ve been using traditional methods of decanting your wine, it can be annoying to wait for the old decanter to take an eternity. You can now decant your wine and drink instantly without having to wait. With this decanter, you will realize the aroma and sweet taste of wine that you’ve missed for a long time.

Oxygenating your wine with Mimi’s & Fifi’s Wine Aerator Decanter is a breeze, and there is no better way of experience than owning it. With this decanter, your young red wine, that sour taste of tannins will no longer be a problem. You will get nothing but tantalizing and smooth tasty wine with this decanter.
You can try it yourself. Sip your red wine without decanting and then pour another glass after aerating. The difference is evident. If you are a fun of wine tasting parties, you can be sure that every drop of wine will no longer be the same.

Maybe you have considered getting a gift for a wine lover. Let them know that you value them whenever they sip excellent tasting wine. Mimi’s & Fifi’s Wine Aerator Decanter is made from acrylic material and looks classy. It comes with a pretty gift box that will not disappoint.

Accompanying this decanter is a no-drip stand that will ensure that you aerate and serve your wine without any mess. As such, you will no longer need to worry about clearing the spillages when enjoying your wine. Even when in the outdoor, you should feel free to enjoy your wine. Mimi’s & Fifi’s Wine Decanter comes with an elegant carrying pouch that for transporting your decanter anywhere you want.

And the best part, Mimi’s & Fifi’s Wine Aerator Decanter features a filter that traps the sediment in your wine ensuring that you have the smoothest wine for the first time. You will not find such a unique feature anywhere else.
The quality of this decanter is unmatched. It comes backed with a lifetime guarantee. As such, you can return it anytime for a replacement or refund.


  • Sediment filter
  • Elegant
  • No-drip stand
  • Carrying pouch


  • Lacks instructions

James Scott Crystal Liquor Whiskey & Wine Decanter

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Known for their quality products in the kitchen and dining category, James Scott is among the few leaders in their category. James Scott Wine Decanter has made it to the list of the top choices for very good reasons.

James Scott wine decanter exhibits an outstanding look that will boost the appearance of your tabletop. This design has been passed from the past generation to the modern generation with remarkable improvements for the best experience. With this decanter, you will enjoy your wine in a more classic manner that speaks volume of your true personality. This decanter is made from clear crystal glass construction that adds elegance and style to it.

The decanter measures 10.75′ tall and has a capacity of 750 ml perfect for a decanting a standard bottle of wine. James Scott wine decanter will let your wine breathe for that delicious taste and a savory flavor.
With the crystal glass, this decanter is sturdy and will only require slight care. Just ensure that you don’t ram it very hard on to the tabletop when washing or when serving and you will serve wine from it for a lifetime. The decanter features a glass stopper aimed to block air from getting inside.

Even more, cleaning a wine decanter has never been that easy. Simply get some warm water and soap and give it a thorough hand wash. You don’t want to have the taste of soap in your adorable wine. As such right after cleaning, you can hand dry your wine decanter by simply using a dry soft cloth.
Whether it is in the drinks cabinet or on the countertop, James Scott decanter will surely impress your guest. Besides using it to aerate your wine, this decanter offers more. If you are planning a family get-together, this should be a perfect vessel for your juice. There is no better technique of enjoying a drink with or without friends than with this functional decanter.


  • Sturdy crystal glass
  • Simple cleaning
  • Elegant


  • 24% lead

Bella Vino Wine Decanter and Aerator

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For wine enthusiasts, you already know that wine taking is usually a special moment for you. Wine taking experience is that moment when you break away from the usual sources of irritation be in your own world sitting in a quiet. It will be tastier when you invite your friend (s) over. But there is no way you can enjoy your wine if you have not aerated it properly. Nobody likes the astringent taste of tannins in their red or white wine. And that is where a wine decanter comes in.

Bella Vino Wine decanter and aerator will allow you to decanter even that cheap wine, and the taste will be notable. As you pour your wine, the oxygenation will boost not only the taste but also the smell. If you haven’t looked at the reviews of the best home fragrances, read it here. Upon decanting, you will achieve a smoother wine that will definitely taste a lot better.

The name of this decanter derives from two Latin words Bella (beautiful) and Vino (wine). As such, the full name suggests the beautiful style of the decanter and luscious wine that results from having it for aeration of your wine. Bella Vino exhibits a classic design with a wide bottom. That helps to increase the surface area so your wine can get optimum air for a delicious and tantalizing wine. Besides, the wide base will boost the stability of decanter such that it does not tip even when you have your wine inside.

Bella Vino wine decanter can hold a standard full bottle of 750ml of wine and still leave enough breathing. The small size is not a flaw as decanter should not only focus on the size only. The base should be your major concern. And thanks to the small size, you can comfortably fit it your fridge.
What’s more, veterans and beginners alike will find it simple to use this decanter. And the best part, if you don’t understand a thing, there is an easy to use instruction book for that. I shouldn’t take you long to be able to decant wine like a pro with that guide.

Cleaning the decanter is simple. With warm water and soap, you are sure to have your wine decanter shinning. To enhance you cleaning, we recommend that you get a small brush that can fit the opening.

Besides, the wine taking should be effortless and seamless. Don’t give those bulky and flimsy wine decanters a space to spoil your wine party. Bella Vino is made from a lead-free crystal that renders it safe for use by humans. Besides, the crystal material makes it lightweight such that you can handle it for a mess-free serving of your wine. As a result, forget about dripping or leakages to your table as you serve your wine.

Bella Vino wine decanter is designed to impress and can be a huge boost to your décor. As such, it will definitely enhance the mood on any occasion including those special parties. So, you can never go wrong with Bella Vino as a gift for a friend on their special day, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion.
You are sure to be 100% satisfied by this wine decanter and aerator. However, if you think that for one reason or another it does not meet your needs, you can ask for a fully hassle-free refund.


  • Functional
  • Elegant and classy
  • Sturdy
  • Wide base for proper aeration


  • Not for large-sized bottles

Crystal Wine Decanter by HiCoup

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Rated highly on Amazon and attracting numerous positive customer reviews, Crystal Wine Decanter combines beauty and sophistication. With HiCoup decanter, serving your wine just went to another level.

Crystal Wine Decanter exhibits a lovely modern design that will allow you to serve your red wine in a fashionable manner. There are no perfect adjectives to describe this functional decanter. If you have any occasion, whether it is a friends gathering, a wedding or a moment with your loved one, this elegant decanter will add glamor to your table.

Made of lead-free crystal, you need to serve your wine with the peace of mind. With HiCoup, you can be sure that you will be serving your wine from safe equipment that will not expose you to any dangers. The decanter has a capacity of 800 ml, which is enough to aerate a full bottle or wine.
What’s more, this decanter is versatile and has numerous applications. Apart from just aerating your wine to boost the taste, you can have it for almost any gathering. For example, you can have it for serving your juice or water for your guests. As such, there is no excuse why you should not grab one for yourself.
HiCoup wine decanter comes in a unique design, and if you are familiar with the musical instrument, Lyre, then you can imagine how it looks. Well, apart from just impressing, the shape makes it one of the simplest decanters to use. Featuring on each end are openings with one of them being larger. You simply pour your wine in the wider opening. The openings on both ends ensure that your wine gets sufficiently aerated.

The decanter ensures that the wine settles in such a way that it remains balanced for maximum stability to prevent tipping. When serving, you pour your wine into your glass from the narrow end. You need to spare your table cloth the wine stains with this non-messy decanter. HiCoup decanter design offers a comfortable grip on the wide opening neck so you can pour with leakages and drips.

Probably you are hunting for a beautiful gift to offer somebody on a special day. Whether it’s Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s day, HiCoup wine decanter is the gift that has been eluding your mind. You can be sure they will appreciate your gift as their bottle of wine will no longer be the same.
What’s more, HiCoup trust the quality of their product. As such, they are confident enough to back this decanter with a free lifetime warranty. In the case of a breakage or if you don’t fall in love with it, you can ask for a replacement or refund.


  • Classic
  • Simple to use
  • Lead-free crystal (safe)
  • Versatile


  • Works as designed

Wine Enthusiast Vivid Wine Decanter

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If you have been drinking wine without a decanter, you don’t know how much you have missed. Wine acquires an excellent flavor and taste when aerated, and a wine decanter is a must-have item in your house if you want to take your wine moment a notch higher. Wine Enthusiast Wine Decanter is a perfect combination of beauty and perfection.

This decanter features a wide base that provides enough surface area to ensure that your wine gets fully oxygenated for the best flavor. With a cheap bottle of wine, the difference will be significant. What’s more, the base is not only wide but also flat. That ensures that it remains stable on the table and does not tip.

Your health matters and Wine Enthusiast Decanter has you as a priority. Lead can pose a lot of health issues when ingested. Made of lead-free crystal, you can have your wine without worry that this decanter will pose any healthy dangers to you.
Looks do matter, and for those who wish to impress, Wine Enthusiast suits you better. It comes in a classy look that is a true definition of class and sophistication. There is no better feeling like the wine elevating your status to a different class.

When enjoying your wine especially with your love, it needs to be a memorable experience. As such, the weight and design of the decanter are of importance. The lead-free crystal material construction makes it easy to hold for an effortless and hassle-free pouring of wine.

Also, this is not the kind of flimsy glasses you will find on the market. The glass is thick enough to withstand minor bumping on the countertop or table. With great care, you can be sure this decanter will be a lifetime investment.

Besides, Wine Enthusiast decanter is easy to wash. With soap and water, you can have it clean in seconds. To make your cleaning simple, we recommend that you order a cleaning brush. Your cleaning is not complete if you leave soapy water inside. An upside downs stand will help eliminate the remaining water after washing to prevent your wine from tasting soap.
For those of us who like to issue gifts to our loved ones and friends, you can never go wrong with Wine Enthusiast. The elegant design is simply amazing.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Safe (lead-free)
  • Wide base for aeration
  • Classic


  • Relatively narrow neck for last drops

Le Chateau Wine Decanter, Lead-free Crystal

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There is no better feeling like enjoying your wine after a long day at work or even on a free weekend. That experience becomes even better when it is a party with a friend or your buddies. But nothing can beat the flavor of wine when it is properly aerated. However, not every wine decanter works as expected. Le Chateau Wine Decanter will take your wine moment a notch higher.

Your health is paramount, and that is why you need a decanter whose priority is the consumers’ wellbeing. Lead is a very dangerous metal and when ingested, may result in serious complications in your body. Le Chateau Wine Decanter is pure lead-free crystal. It is robust enough not to break easily. There should be no worries as this decanter is safe.

Your wine needs space to boost the flavor. You cannot achieve that when your wine is still the air-restricted bottle. Pour it in appealing crystal wine decanter, and as it swivels, it gets entirely originated for the enhanced aroma and taste.
Aside from just aerating your wine to enhance the taste and aroma, La Chateau offers more. For those of us who love to impress, this decanter is a perfect definition of beauty. It will transform the appearance while at the same time boosting your drinking experience.

The volume should not be a primary consideration when buying your wine decanter. Provided your full bottle of wine gets sufficient surface area for maximum air, then that decanter is okay. Do not be tempted to wish away La Chateau decanter because it has a volume of 750ml. Once you have poured your wine, it will occupy the widest diameter from the base leaving enough space for optimum oxygenation. So, by insisting on volume alone, you will be overlooking many facets.

Using some wine decanters can be disappointing following the mess that is left behind after serving your drink. You can avoid the frustrations by using a decanter that was designed with you in mind. La Chateau decanter features a slanted spout that even after serving your wine, there will be no spills and drips on your countertop or table. So, you can spare your table cloth all the stains that come with wines.

Cleaning this decanter is simple. With just soap and water, you can get sparkling clean. To reach to the base of the decanter, you can consider getting a brush for that purpose as it might be difficult to reach your hand to the bottom. Besides, it dries very fast, unlike others that will keep you waiting.

Wine doesn’t know the age. It doesn’t matter who it is. If you have somebody that you value much and are on the search for a great gift, don’t you think they will love La Chateau? Grab one of these decanters; wrap it nicely to remind them that you think about them.
Although this decanter is mainly aimed for use with red wine, you can elevate your wine experience regardless of the type with this top-notch wine decanter.


  • No spills or dripping
  • Designed enhances maximum aeration
  • Safe material
  • Quality and sturdy


  • Not flaws worth noting

Vinomaster Red Wine Aerator Pourer Decanter

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Giving your wine time to breathe is not new. And that is especially true when you have a less expensive wine. Forget about that traditional decanter that you needed to give time for your wine to get aerated. With Vinomaster Red Wine Aerator and Decanter, you can enjoy your wine instantly.

Oxygenating wine with Vinomaster pourer decanter is a child’s play. Open the top of your wine bottle. Then attach the Vinomaster aerator to the bottle opening. Once it is in place, pour your wine into the glass. The wine gets oxygenated as it flows through the dispenser into your glass. The taste and the aroma will no longer be the safe as the aeration boost the flavor. Sit down and sip your enhanced quality wine like a boss.

Most of the aerators on the market are detached from the wine bottle. That can at times be stressing as it requires much effort. Vinomaster breaks away from the traditional. If you attach the decanter directly to the bottle and pour the amount you need. Thanks to the leak guard, there are no spillages or drops. That ensures that you enjoy every drop of your precious wine. Besides, the innovative design ensures that you will no longer have to deal with messes common with other decanters.

What’s more, if you looks are your thing, then this elegantly designed decanter will enhance the esthetic appearance. Stored in a fridge, on the counter in a bar or when you have a party with your friends, its design is good at impressing.

Vinomaster will help you store your red wine for later use. That is possible with the unique wine bottle stopper that comes with the decanter. The solid metal stopper features a rubber ring that will seal the bottle tightly such very minimal or no air can get into the bottle. As a result, your wine does not come into contact with the when in storage ensuring that your wine retains the original taste. That way, you can take the amount you want and keep the rest safely for another day and long time use.

The occasion doesn’t matter. If you have a special person that you want to appreciate with a gift on their special day, look no further. Vinomaster wine decanter should be top on your list of gifts the person loves wine. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or a wedding, this decanter comes with an excellent packaging that will not let you down.
As a sign of confidence in the quality of the product they offer, Vinomaster backs this decanter with a lifetime warranty.


  • Attaches directly to wine bottle
  • No mess
  • Elegant design
  • Classy bottle stopper


  • Perfect for the price

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Don’t you hate it when you take the first sip of your wine or to be met by the astringent taste of tannins? If you want to boost the taste of a mediocre wine, you need a decanter that does what it was designed to do.

Menu Winebreather Carafe is not just any other decanter, but it stands out in its own way. With it, you will no longer waste your wine down the drain upon taking your wine for the first day. Quality wine does not cost pocket change, and if you cannot enjoy it the next day, it beats the logic. Also, you don’t need to over-drink your wine during dinner time in the fear that it won’t taste the same way a few days after. You need to be able to store it so you can take it at your pace without losing the original taste.

Menu Winebreather comes in an elegant yet classic design that will add to the appearance of your home. For those of us who like being associated with only the best, this decanter is your choice. With it, you will achieve a feeling of class and sophistication. You can never go wrong with this decanter as it a real eye-catcher.
As you already know, for the best aeration, a decanter needs to have a wide base. Menu Winebreather depicts a broad base that ensures that your wine gains sufficient air for the best taste. Also, the wide base ensures your decanter remains stable on the counter or table even when transferring the wine. Besides, the stylish decanter has a stopper that keeps the contents safe away from any contamination once you have completed decanting.

Even if you are a beginner in wine affairs, you will find Menu Winebreather Carafe very simple to use. Decanting wine with this decanter is a one-step process that anybody can do. Remove the stopper from your bottle of wine and press the decanter on the top of it. After that, invert it so that the wine pours down slowly.

That action ensures that your wine is oxidized as it flows giving it a sweet flavor. One nice thing about this decanter is that it allows you to return the wine back to the bottle by flipping it back without any spillages. Also, you can comfortably serve your wine from the decanter without worrying about any mess. Besides, it is easier and much better to carry it with your bottle and serve it with your friends from the original bottle so they can appreciate the label.
Menu Winebreather Carafe works best for those who want to aerate young wine. Older wines and those with sediments need to be decanted using the traditional ways. That is because the sediments contained in them may get mixed in the wine.


  • Stylish
  • Simple one-step decanting
  • Fast oxidization
  • Improves taste


  • Best for young wine

Vintorio Wine Aerating Pourer and Decanter Spout

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If you are a lover of wine, you already know that wine needs exposure to the air to have a great taste. But often than not, when using the traditional decanters, the process can take an eternity. However, that is not enough excuse to take bad wine. You need a decanter that expedites the process so you can focus on the pleasure of taking wine in its best flavor.

Vintoria wine aerator and decanter is what you’ve been missing. Do you want to take your wine instantly? That is possible with this decanter. Vintoria aerator pourer features a wide chamber that and an extensive air intake system that lets in the air in to mix with your wine the sufficient air for a great flavor.

Is your concern about the safety of the material used in making this aerator? Then that is sort. Vintoria is made of FDA approved materials that will not pose any risks to your health. As such, you can enjoy your wine with the peace of mind.
What’s more, this wine pourer comes with a tapered and ribbed rubber stopper that serves as a leak-free seal to fit any bottle of wine you purchase. Besides, the acrylic pouring nozzle has a furrow and slanted to ensure that your pour drink without a mess. And once you have poured your wine, there is still no drop that will fall on the countertop or your table. As such, you will no longer stain your tablecloth from wine stains. Also, you will not go through hell cleaning.
Impression matters and particularly it comes to those people who believe they are classic. The fabulous design will contribute to the outlook of your home and still boost your wine drinking experience.

You need a wine aerator you can clean with ease. Most manufacturers will warn you against cleaning wine decanters in a dishwasher. Cleaning Vintoria wine aerator and decanter should be a breeze. To get it clean, twist the acrylic spout to detach it from the regulator and rinse in warm water. That way, there can be no build-up of wine scaling inside.

To find a company that exhibits unrelenting confidence in their products can be daunting. That is undoubtedly a symbol of top quality. Vintoria backs this aerator with a lifetime money back guarantee on every purchase. That should give you sufficient reason to buy this wine decanter.

Do you have somebody special and close to your heart and they are lovers of wine? Probably you were looking for a gift you could offer a sign that you value them a lot. Vintoria aerator and decanter is your perfect gift for them.
If you are a wine fanatic, there is no way you can miss this in your home. You no longer need to waste time before you drink your wine. This stylish wine decanter should be your solution to simply your wine experience. The quality of Vintoria will only blow you away.


  • Top quality
  • Simple to clean
  • No annoying leakages
  • Classy design


  • Works as intended


Although it is still possible to take wine without decanting, the significant changes that result from aerating it cannot be underestimated. The result is not only the pleasant taste and flavor of your wine but also how simple the whole process becomes. Plus, it speaks more of class and luxury something everybody loves. We know you’ll like the handpicked choices we have for you. Pick one and take your wine drinking a notch higher.

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