Can Coffee Really Affect Your Health?

Adam Rich
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Who doesn’t love a great espresso or cup of Coffee? I know I gotta have my latte in the morning and a good cup of Dark roast mid-day or I am drained. But did you know how coffee can really affect your health? I know I didn’t until I compiled some information for this post. Feel free to share this handy Infographic I created too.

Ohh the irony in this all, ha ha.  I am writing this post as I sit in no place other than ……… Yes a coffee Shop!

Positive Ways Coffee Affects your Help

  1. Coffee prevents Alzheimer’s disease – Coffee has been observed to be significantly associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease: daily coffee consumption shows a 31 percent risk reduction.
  2. Coffee is good for your liver – Patients suffering from chronic liver diseases has shown a decreased risk of progression to cirrhosis, a decreasing in mortality rate and a better response to antiviral therapy on hepatitis C cases.
  3. Coffee may prevent depression – Researches show that women consuming two to three coffee cups per day had a 15% less of depression risk. Those who drink 4 or more cups showed a decreasing of 20%. This research even found a correlation between a lower suicide rate and coffee drinking.
  4. Coffee reduces risk of endometrial cancer – Researchers have gathered data on more than 456,000 women and have found that those drinking an average of 4 daily cups showed a 18% lower risk of developing endometrial cancer compared with women that drank less than a cup per day.
  5. Coffee could prevent type 2 diabetes – Chinese researchers may have found the reason why coffee consumption prevents diabetes. It looks like there are three compounds found in coffee that could stop the accumulation of hIAPP protein, which is linked with risk of type 2 diabetes.
  6. Coffee can help you burn fat – Coffee contains an element called chemical chlorogenic acid which is believed to quicken the handling of blood sugar and metabolism in the human body.

Negative Ways Coffee Affects your Help

  1. Coffee is a psychoactive – Coffee contains caffeine which is considered as a psychoactive drug that causes immediate effects on your brain. A high overdose of caffeine can cause auditory hallucinations.
  2. Coffee won’t help you sober up – This belief is due to the fact that caffeine makes you being more alert, giving a false sensation of sobering effect when you are drunk. A research combining caffeine and alcohol on mice shows that their learning abilities were not improved at all.
  3. Coffee could kill you (about 100 cups) – The lethal dose of powder caffeine is set between 10 a 20 grams and the average content of caffeine per cup of coffee is about 120 mg. Do the numbers.
  4. Coffee may raise your cholesterol – A receptor in the intestinal pathway which is critical to cholesterol regulation can be hijacked by a coffee cholesterol-elevating agent called cafestol.

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