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Do you want whip your milk into the perfect thick cream? If that’s the case, then try Epica milk frother. Since it was invented it has really outdone the best other types of frothers in so many ways. With Epica milk frother; it’s automated, so most of the processes do not require manual input by the user. That makes it so unique from the normal frother. These and other features make the Epica milk frother a must have for anyone who wishes to whip milk.

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The milk frother has many distinct features which are the preference for any consumer. This type of milk frother has got a heating mechanism. The mechanism is not found in the common milk-shakes. So it saves time when it comes to transferring the milk to warm and back into the frother. It has a   scaled jar. A detachable base. Made of stainless steel. Large holding capacity and is insulated by a vacuum. The benefits of this features are explained in details as below.

Detachable base

With these features, it’s possible to separate the base and the carafe without altering any connections of the frothier. Many frother are designed in such a way that the cord to the socket and the carafe are permanently fixed, so for instance, if you want to pour your carafe content to some other place like a coffee cup. It means that you have to detach from the socket first. But with the Epica frother you just detach the carafe from the base and pour your content into another cup more easily.

Scaled Jar

The carafe is calibrated into divisions of equal dimensions, this is so beneficial when it comes to serving more than one person. Let’s say your family is made up of five people. The scale has 10 calibrations, rather than random approximations; you can serve each person with 2 units and it’s more of fairness. This helps families with cheeky kids.

Large holding capacity

Most of the shakes are usually made to hold milk for an individual. But what if you have the whole family to serve the foamy milk? or you were on a hike and it happens nobody else carried the shake?. With Epica, you should worry no more about that for it can hold a capacity large enough for more than 10 people hence no scrambling in the event of fewer milk foams.

Stainless steel

Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother

Almost all other shakes are made of plastic. A major problem with them is they are so sticky and pose a difficulty when washing. Epica Milk frother is made of stainless steel, this material has no effects of sticking and the dirt is wiped away easily during washing. For cleaner utensils, Epica grabs a number one spot and for the cases of packing milk maybe for children who are going for school is the most preferable as kids usually will not bother to keep the dish clean while playing. So it becomes easier to wash when they come back home after school.

Has a vacuum insulation

For the case of a normal shake, heat from the environment may warm the milk, or heat is lost from the milk, so it’s associated with inappropriate warming and cooling of the milk. But this is not the case with the Epica milk frother which is insulated by a vacuum preventing all possible convections hence maintaining the milk temperature.


Amazon being the most reliable shopping vendor, I would recommend anybody in need of the Epica milk frother to do a purchase from it. With its unlimited features, this price is fair and no other milk frother can be sold such a price. Also, you will enjoy the after sale services offered by Amazon: quick delivery, free return, free delivery and so many others. Also when purchasing the Epica milk frothier especially from Amazon, you are guaranteed a warranty of up to 2 years.


Customers who purchased the item from Amazon, most of them rated it a 5-star meaning that they found it helpful when they used it to make form for their milk. A customer by the name J. Miller on June 15, 2015, reviewed Epica milk frothier as outstanding, he said that the price of the commodity is way cheaper compared to the kind of form it produces. Another reviewer points out about the quietness of the frother, she also explains about its automatic timing mechanism which enables it to switch off once the froth has been formed completely.

Though most people review Epica as a God sent frother, some of them really criticises the product and a click gave it just a star rating, one customer explains about the Epica frother working really well for the first days then after a while it suddenly stopped working. He took the procedure to be refunded but all the time Epica always contacted him to make an apology and no money was refunded in his Amazon account. This really got him upset to an extent he rated it one star.

Drawbacks of Epica frother

Most customers prefer warming milk to a temperature of 100 degrees, in this way the bacteria that may be found in raw milk has been killed. But an Epica frother, the maximum temperature to which the mil can be warmed is 63 degrees, this may result to complications and health issues related to improperly warmed milk. So the best alternative is heating the milk first in an oven of your desired temperature and then transfer it into the frother and that is not the customer’s desire.

Epica frother has depicted more positive features than negative ones, and just a mere drawback cannot bar someone from enjoying the unlimited special features of the milk frother. The best of these features is that it’s automated and can switch off once the heating is complete, eliminating any cases of short-circuiting and even causing the milk to overheat. I would recommend anyone who wants to purchase a milk frother to prefer Epica milk frother than any other frother.

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