New Ideas for A Green Small Business

Green Small Business
Green Small Business

As environmental concerns and actions ebb and flow, so too does the small business sector in the green community. No longer are consumers tricked by flashy advertising and green buzz words, now any business must step up with real transparency and vetted products to prove a green alliance. However, it is the small businesses, especially the brick and mortar locations, that are bringing green initiatives back to the forefront rather than being digitally removed online. Whether it is a business in the food service supply chain to paper goods and bags, these new ideas for a green small business may stoke your entrepreneurial flames to jump in and start saving the planet.

Starting and maintaining a yard and garden project takes space, time, and money. People may want to harvest fresh herbs, vegetables, and/or flowers but so many lifestyles just don’t seem to fit such a possibility. This is where a garden for small spaces business can become a viable company. It can offer people start-up planters custom fit to their personal space to easily attain beauty and organic food without the excessive labor, cost, and time associated with doing it themselves. This can be especially beneficial as the vertical garden movement continues to grow (literally).

There are many businesses that can place solar panels on the roof of residential or commercial spaces for ultimate energy efficiency. However, a small business that retrofits solar capability in and around the home could reap financial and environmental benefits as well. Either solar water heating systems, electrical grid backup, or pathway lighting, solar can be applied in many different ways, beyond roof placement.

More homes and companies alike are embracing a non-toxic cleaning crossover. So many homeowners and employees are becoming aware of such conditions as ‘sick building syndrome’ and other environmental health and safety concerns like VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). A small business that sells, educates, and possibly makes in-space visits to swap out toxic supplies for non-toxic choices takes all the guesswork out of consumers doing it themselves.

With so many electric vehicles (EV) taking to the road, a great idea for a clean-air green business is an EV moped, bike, or scooter rental company. Even though biking has notable benefits, not everyone wants or can do it. So, with the right setup, you could start a green small business that may have the potential to scale. Location is everything and offering safe, legal, EV transport at places like tourist attractions, local public parks, and even airports have shown to be an untapped market.

Creating an affordable green construction company is a challenge, yet demand increases yearly. If you build successful properties that mesh with or protect from nature you could be busy for a long time. The trends are rapidly growing which include green construction applications that may offer:

  • Smart thermostat control
  • Odorless, automated, in-home composting
  • Built-in automatic on/off smart LED lighting
  • Off-grid energy sourcing that may include solar, wind, or hydro
  • Bio-diversity protection that incorporates landscape with inhabitants
  • Climate adaptation such as elevated housing with a detachment floating capability

These new ideas for green a small business are some of the many ways you can jump in and be the entrepreneur that is the change. Sure, making money may be your survival (or ego) motivation but by putting such aside, you just may open yourself up to a whole new journey. One that dismisses greed and replaces it with a sense of Eco-friendly accomplishment.

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