Things You Can Do with a Handheld Milk Frother

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Handheld Milk Frother

Handheld milk frothers are very versatile. You may think of lattes and cappuccinos when it comes to the best milk frothers, but there are many other great things you can do with a hand-held milk frother.

The summer is here, and you probably need new ideas for the kids or just to keep life rolling. Let’s look at all the great drinks and more you can make with a handheld milk frother.

Fruit Milkshake

A fruit milkshake is very simple to make with a handheld frother. There are many combinations you can choose from. You simply will pick one to two fruit juices that you enjoy and add cold milk and mix with the milk frother. Here are some recipes for great fruit milkshakes. You can get an idea of the measurements and pick your own kinds of juices if you would like.

Peach Orange Milkshake

 ¼ Organic Peach Juice

 ¼ Organic Lots of Pulp Orange Juice

 ½ Cup of Cold Organic Whole Milk


Pour all juices and milk into a large cup with a mixture of high sides. Put handheld milk frother into the combination. Turn the milk frother on and mix for one minute. Pour the mixture into a nice glass. Add ice if you want and some whipped cream on top, both items are optional.

Summer Frappe

If you are not into dairy, then the frappe may be more your style. The frappes are made with juice and mineral water. Although a milk frother is called a milk frother, it can be used with light liquids as well.

Cherry/Apple Frappe

✓ 2/4 organic cherry juice

✓ 1/4 organic apple juice

✓ 1/4 Italian Mineral water


In a large glass with high walls pour the juices and mineral water. Place the handheld milk frother into the juice mixture and turn it on. Mix thoroughly. Pour the drink into a smaller glass. You can add ice if you would like.

Almond Iced Latte

If you love coffee but do not want to have a warm drink in the summertime then the Iced Latte is the perfect drink to give you a pep in your step. The iced latte will cool you off too.

✓ ½ cup of coffee

✓ 1 cup of organic whole milk

✓ 2 teaspoons of real almond extract


Brew the freshest coffee you can buy and pour the ½ cup of coffee into a high walled glass. Pour the milk and almond extract into the glass. Place the milk frother into the glass and turn it on for about a minute. You can add sugar to taste. No more than two teaspoons. Pour the mixture into your favorite glass over ice. Enjoy.

Egg white Omelet

When watching your weight, an egg-white omelet is a perfect food to give you energy and not too many calories.

✓ 2 egg whites

✓ ¼ cup of onions

✓ ¼ cup of cheese

✓ 2 teaspoons of butter or olive oil or coconut oil

✓ Salt and pepper to taste


In a big bowl tap the eggs on the side and carefully allow the egg white to pour into the bowl while you pass the egg yolk from shell to shell. Dispose of the egg yolk or use it for a facial mask or condition your hair. In a medium-size, stainless steel frying pan put the butter or oil you want on medium heat. Cut up the onions into small pieces. Mix the cheese and onions into the egg whites.

Put the handheld frother into the egg white mixture and turn it on for about a minute. Pour the egg mixture into the pan. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the top. Allow the egg white to dry a little on the top. Watch so the bottom does not get too brown or burn. Then take a spatula, when the top is a little dry, and flip the egg white over. The egg white will cook fast.

Mix Oil and Vinegar Dressing

No salad is delicious without a great-tasting dressing. Forget the store-bought dressing full of preservatives. The fresh-made dressing is the way to go and a handheld milk frother can help you make the fresh dressing.

✓ 1/3 vinegar

✓ 2/3 olive oil

✓ Salt and vinegar to taste.


Pour oil and vinegar, salt and pepper into a high walled glass. Place the milk frother into the mixture and mix for about a minute. Pour the combination over salad or into a dressing container to set on your table.

Make sure after every use of the handheld frother you rinse the frother off immediately under the faucet.

Making any one of these great recipes is fun when you have a handheld milk frother.

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